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Gnomon on Livestream. The Sentinel. Creators/Directors: Adam Floeck and Nate Swinehart Writer: Adrian Hunt Executive Producer: Jeremy Morris, ROYGBIV Producer: Sarah Kambara Composer: Alex Previty The world as we know it is gone.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel is the story of a diverse set of people coping with their inner turmoils as well as with the physical obstructions before them, each trying to find their place in a world that constantly changes and pulls people apart. After their first collaboration on a short animated film called Legacy, Adam and Nate were eager to explore the possibility of another collaboration.

How To Use Color To Prove Your Point, From A Data Viz Expert. When working with large amounts of data, precision is key.

How To Use Color To Prove Your Point, From A Data Viz Expert

The same is true of the art of data visualization: size, shape, shade, hue–the tiniest details of a visualization can radically alter how information is perceived and understood. The anatomy of caricature: 15 top tips. Alliance Studio. Freelance How To's with Anne Pogoda. I think they had found my portfolio through CGSociety and liked the portraits, and that is how I came to write a few tutorials for them.

Freelance How To's with Anne Pogoda

In an industry where a freelance lifestyle is a reality for many, how do you keep looking for the next gig? Are there any tips you can give our readers for being able to consistently find work? I started looking for clients/ freelance when I was still attending art academy, studying design. I had actually started doing that because I had very little money, then quickly saw it as a chance to build up a client base for when I had graduated. Overall I would say it takes about 2 years to build up a sufficient client base for freelancing.

Also, about finding work there is always the question of what is currently „trend“ within certain target groups. The companies that seek concept art, promo art and illustration may be looking for something completely different, and this is why they might not contact you if you only do one specific thing. 99U - Empowering the Creative Community. You searched for category/global. GLOW PRODUCTION. ZombieSmith - ZombieSmith. 6 of the most inspiring portfolios. If your design portfolio needs a bit of work, take a look at these brilliant examples to help you showcase your work in the best possible way. 01.

6 of the most inspiring portfolios

Lance Wyman For graphic designer and illustrator Rejane Dal Bello, Lance Wyman's portfolio is the pick of the bunch. FMX: FMX 2016 Livestream. The FMX 2016 is over.

FMX: FMX 2016 Livestream

Thanks for watching! Dig into our achives and indulge in some of FMX 2016's best lectures! Tuesday, April 26, König-Karl-Halle, 14:00 - 15:00:The Present and Future of Virtual Reality Neil Schneider (The ITA), Simon Benson (SCE WWS), Daniel O'Brien (HTC), Alon Melchner (Wakingapp), Dr Michael Madary (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Dr. Proboolean + Dynamesh hardsurface workflow tutorial. This is a process for creating hardsurface game assets, automating the highpoly and lowpoly stages as much as possible.

Proboolean + Dynamesh hardsurface workflow tutorial

Using this technique the artist can spend more time focusing on form design, less time on tedious operations relating to subdivision or optimization. I've been doing this for a couple weeks and received enough questions that it seemed worth writing down and sharing. Special thanks to Robert Deleanu, Ethan Hiley, Pedro Amorim, and Hans Palm for providing many ideas and tips that went into this structure. I. 11 things they didn't teach you at design school. Design school is great.

11 things they didn't teach you at design school

It gives you the opportunity to develop as a designer, illustrator, website builder or artist – giving you preparation for your career in the real world and the beginnings of a design portfolio. But it can't teach you everything. With that in mind, we've talked to some successful creative professionals and gleaned what they wished they knew when they were at art college – giving you a headstart on your course mates. 01. Your diploma won't get you a job. Five reasons to believe Jesus rose from the dead - Prev Random Five reasons to believe Jesus rose from the dead More Comics Good advice vs good news The Great Exchange is really really great.

Five reasons to believe Jesus rose from the dead -

3D Concepting Tips From Gurmukh Bhasin. Gurmukh Bhasin is about to start a new class this week, Vehicle Concepting.

3D Concepting Tips From Gurmukh Bhasin

To help give you a sense of what a class with Gurmukh is like we grabbed a few clips from his previous course. You can check them out below. One of the important and very cool parts of these classes are that they are live. They are not pre-recorded. You can literally press a button and talk directly to Gurmukh, get his advice, his opinion as you'll see in the videos below. The other really important element is that these classes are about your work. Nesskain: As promised here my little serie of... - Christopher Wright on Vimeo. Leticia Reinaldo Gillett's Portfolio. Dor Shamir. "MONOMYTH" Animated Short and Art Book by Randy Bishop. Weekly Top 10. CGSociety takes a look back at our top 10 news posts, vfx breakdowns and trailers over the last week.

Weekly Top 10

Terra's sketchbook. Will Terry online video lessons. Tor Frick - 3D artist/Art Director. The Warchief – Fan Art: Real-time. More images... high-polyClick here to view the original image of 1920x1040px. Click here to view the original image of 1800x1310px. Click here to view the original image of 1359x909px. Click here to view the original image of 1920x603px. Click here to view the original image of 1920x1633px. Click here to view the original image of 1920x1805px. Brock Samson. Raul Tavares. Index. Fabio Bautista.