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Search. The ever growing list of modo tutorial videos (eglomot!) Here is the link to my database version (this is a WIP, please let me know about any improvements you would like to see).

The ever growing list of modo tutorial videos (eglomot!)

I thought I might share my list of modo related (or modo-applicable) tutorial videos that I found on the web, both freely available or "buyable". I know that "google is your friend" (not!) , but I tried to accompany each entry with a short info, that, at least for me, tells me what to expect from the video. Modo Facial Rig Morph Tutorial. Brian Vowles - 3D Artist. Tor Frick on Gumroad. Modo Advanced: Drone Ship. Tutorials – Heavypoly. 360 degree video MODO to YouTube test. Gothenburg Sweden 1612 posts I wanted to learn more about how to produce 360 degree video using MODO 901 and put it up on YouTube.

360 degree video MODO to YouTube test

This is a simple test scene and for speed I didn't use the best possible settings. This post is a mix of WIP, Tutorial and Gallery I think ;) Edit: For some reason the 360 function didn't show up when played through the Gallery link.Watch it on YouTube: watch 360 degree videos, you'll need the latest version of Chrome, Opera or Firefox on your computer. On mobile, use the latest version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS. Steps:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ModoShortcuts. Floating WindowsHide/LockModelingNavigationViewportCameraPopupsSelectionSnappingToolsWorkplane Floating Windows top Hide/Lock Viewport Camera.


Professional CG Tutorials for VFX & Animation. Nautilus shell 3D model process. Tip: Subsurface Scattering for a Skin Shader. Skin Test. Another Modo Skin experiment with another model I had put together some time ago.

Skin Test

I wanted to share my findings with you. It seemed that my previous attempts were still missing the shadow scatter that is needed for believable skin. Shadow scatter is the slight scattering of red at the edge of the shadows. This scattering effect tends to happen at points of higher value contrast. The other thing I was struggling with, is that my skin still tended to look like plastic. Thanks. Sentinel Skin Transition Effect - Tuts+ 3D & Motion Graphics Tutorial. Modo Replicators in Illustration Pack.

Untitled. Mesh Fusion modelling in Modo 901. In this part 1 of making 508 I go through the process of making a mesh fusion mesh, with modelling individual objects for slicing, subtracting, intersecting and adding.

Mesh Fusion modelling in Modo 901

Modo 901 is a game changer with every aspect of the VFX timeline deeply embedded within a very good-looking package. The ease and robustness allowed within Modo 901 makes modelling very intricate models a breeze. There are few tricks i have used in “embracing” the mesh with new objects that allow contouring over the hard to duplicate shapes. Weird can't select items bug? Lowpoly trees and Rock displacement. Blend shader using Group Mask / render buckets issue / long render time. Hi all,

Blend shader using Group Mask / render buckets issue / long render time

Group Masks. Although Group Masks are covered relatively well in the modo documentation, often users are still confused as to what they are, and to what the differences are with hitting "m" on polygons, vs creating a mask by itself.

Group Masks

I feel this is because of how they are explained. Generally they are just explained by showing the power of what they can do, and how to use them, but often users have trouble differentiating them from Layer Groups, or in the end, just understanding what they are. Your source for everything MODO. Support for Digital and Video Artists.

Untitled. ETEREA Swiss Knife 2.0 - Updated January 26, 2015. Update January 26, 2015 • Small Fix — I have included the last version of a script by Gianni Soldati aka Jeegrobot (“”).

ETEREA Swiss Knife 2.0 - Updated January 26, 2015

Copy-paste what Gianni said: “I added just one line but it is important because it reset the cube commmand before launching it. Without this line sometimes the joined shapes is segmented”. Update January 18, 2014 • Small Fix — I have included the last version of a script by Ylaz (“”), which works slightly different. Update December 26, 2013 • Small Fix — Including a new version of "PerfectCircle". Update December 23, 2013 • Version 2.0 — Icons are defined using the new 'Grid' structure introduced in 701. . — Now you can open the tools in two ways: as a Popover (simple CLICK on icon in top Toolbar) or as a Floating Window (press ALT at the same time) Resources. RealFlow Particles and Meshes into Modo TutorialComputer Graphics. RealFlow Fluid Dimension Tutorial by Josh Clos 3.16K Views0 Likes RealFlow Fluid Dimension Tutorial by Josh Clos Here is a start to finish look at how Josh Clos created entry for the Fluid Dimension Challenge by Next Limit Realflow and Maxon Cinema 4D.

RealFlow Particles and Meshes into Modo TutorialComputer Graphics

This tutorial takes you step... 3D Modeling Tips in Blender 1.60K Views0 Likes 3D Modeling Tips in Blender In this video, learn different tips that started out doing 3d modeling. 3D Modeling Tips in Blender, 3D Modeling Tips, Blender Tutorial, Blender, 3d, 2d, tutorials, cg, modeling, tex... Camera Tracking in Cinema 4D 2.14K Views0 Likes Camera Tracking in Cinema 4D Let's dig into one of the new features in Cinema 4D R16, the camera tracker. Breakdown of Space Pyramid Rise in RealFlow. Your source for everything MODO. Replicator enhancements. I use the replicators a lot and love them but there are a few things I would like to see added/changed: - More uniform distribution of points by surface generator.

Replicator enhancements

If I place a surface generator on the surface of a sphere and give it an equal average and minimum spacing I get the following: The spread isn't uniform by any means. How to use transform map? Untitled. Untitled. Building a tree with replicators. London 862 posts Here's a quick overview as to how I used replication to make a complex tree.The first thing is to decide where you want the replicator to take over.Below you can see the green polys, these are points at which the branches are the same diameter.It is important to keep this constant as your branches will start at this size so that they will fit exactly.These green polys are in a separate mesh layer and will make the source points.The trunk is built to fit.

Next I make my prototype branch. You can see the ring of highlighted points they come from one ofthe same polys the same polys as the sourcepoints so that the fit is assured.Note the positioning of this first loop it is centered on the origin and then dropped a small bit downon the Y axis so we don't get a gap. There's nothing for it to build the rest of the branch the hard way!

Not too bad though this only took an hour to build and another hour to UV. Here you see the replicators in place. Daily modo Tips Archive. ModoTips 0100. Furry trees a quick tutorial. Here's a quick tutorial in building furry trees.I though to do a tricky one a Rowan tree. Here's my Ref. and a close up of the leaves.