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The Broccoli Tree. LAIKA. Dani Clode Design. Yasuo Kuniyoshi, a Modernist Often Overlooked, Gets a Smithsonian Retrospective. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects. Photomicrography Competition | Nikon’s Small World. 'Homage to Arras': One of Syvlie Facon's Most Unique Evening Gowns.

Bram Ramon. Tutoriais ‹ Juliana Le Pine Sculptures. Stefan Draschan – / Stefan Draschan, Mommsengasse 6773, A-1040 Wien. Photographer Alan McFadyen takes perfect picture of a kingfisher diving. A photographer who used to watch kingfishers as a boy with his grandfather spent six years and took 720,000 photos trying to get the perfect shot of the bird in memory of his late relative. Alan McFadyen, 46, was taken by his grandfather Robert Murray to see the kingfisher nesting spot at the beautiful lakeside location near Kirkcudbright, Scotland, 40 years ago. As he grew up, Mr McFadyen never forgot his boyhood visits and so when he took up photography six years ago, he decided to make the spot the focus of his attention, taking hundreds of photos per day trying to capture a kingfisher's flawless dive. Scroll down for video The perfect shot: Mr McFadyen spent six years and took 720,000 photos before he was able to capture the kingfisher's flawless dive Since the kingfisher nest was flooded each year by the tidal water, Mr McFadyen dug a hole in the bank and filled it with clay to make a more sustainable nest for the birds.

Kingfisher dives into water at 25mph speed for his lunch Loaded: 0% How to Paint with Smoke: 7 Steps. Billwurtz. Jack Hill Artwork: just do it | Original Mixed Media | Humor Art. Redeye | The photography network. Home - National Portrait Gallery. Age 10 to 60 – through Make-up & Photography | Gems Sty. Vogue Paris had a very interesting editorial featuring a series of photographs of the 20-years-old model Eniko Mihalik portrayed in the age of 10, 20, … 50, 60 respectively. It’s quite amazing how the overall look can be so malleable, achieved (perhaps not so) simply with tricks of the trade like hairdo, facial expression, make-up, photography angles, etc.

At 10, a certain wide-eyed innocence with a strong suggestion on bare-chestedness, half-exposed teeth (make them seem smaller and less full-grown), very light make-up, looking almost fresh out of a swimming pool or something. At 20, a rather typical high-school/college girl first getting acquainted with mascara and lip-gloss; expressions of youth with straight hair, painted finger nails and fun accessories (ring); there is a sense of eagerness and anticipation in the expression. [via Miss at la Playa]

A Chinese designer has created fashionable face masks from $700 sneakers. The fountain of youth is a forest. Trees cast off years and grant health and cheer, or so transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson claimed in his 1836 essay “Nature.” “In the woods,” he wrote, “I feel that nothing can befall me [. . .] which nature cannot repair.” Indeed, research shows that trees really do have healing powers. For one thing, they release antimicrobial essential oils, called phytoncides, that protect trees from germs and have a host of health benefits for people. The oils boost mood and immune system function; reduce blood pressure, heart rate, stress, anxiety, and confusion; improve sleep and creativity; and may even help fight cancer and depression.

These and other impressive benefits of forest medicine are catalogued by physician Qing Li, chairman of the Japanese Society for Forest Medicine, in his upcoming book Forest Bathing, out in April 2018. Li’s personal interest in tree therapy is rooted in a trip he took to the forest in 1988. I am a scientist, not a poet. See. BLACK 2.0 - The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material – Culture Hustle. IMPORTANT!!!! We are so sorry - the demand for Black 2.0 has been so huge Stuart and his friends have completely exhausted the raw materials they need to make the paint. It’s going to take another 4 weeks for more paint to be ready to dispatch! It is all made by hand by a small team in Stuart’s studio and it does take time. It’s not all bad news though, there is another batch of Black 2.0 on the horizon so: If you order today, and you are willing to wait we will dispatch your Black 2.0 on 3rd June (or quicker if we can!) Thanks for your patience and support and we’re sorry for the huge wait!

This is the most pigmented, flattest, mattest, black acrylic paint in the world. It has been developed in close collaboration with thousands of artists from all over the world. The first version of BLACK was created by artist Stuart Semple in close collaboration with color chemists, specialists from the cosmetics industry and architectural coatings experts. *Except Anish Kapoor #ShareTheBlack.

Vanta black. Just call it the dark ages. The latest controversy in the art world is a furor over the darkest material ever created. In 2014, Surrey NanoSystems announced that it had created Vantablack, a "forest" of nanotubes that can be grown on an aluminum base. It is the darkest material ever, absorbing so much light that it can fool the eye into seeing a smooth surface on a crumpled sheet of aluminum foil, something like this: It's really neat, but many artists are furious that the exclusive rights to use the ultra-black material in art have been given to Anish Kapoor a sculptor.

Surrey NanoSystems is restricting the use of Vantablack in art, but not other areas, citing the difficulty of actually using the material, and their basic desire not to deal with the customs headache of exporting it from the UK. Vantablack is not a paint or a pigment, as Surrey NanoSystems points out in their FAQ's : Vantablack is generally not suitable for use in art due to the way in which it's made. Chad Michael Ward – Photographer + Filmmaker | Los Angeles, CA. Home | David Bayo. Houseofmat. Who is Harris Burdick? Harris Burdick's pictures have inspired many individuals over the years.

Ordinarily, it is younger people, writing for the first time, who create Burdick stories. However, on at least one occasion, the author was someone who'd been exercising his prodigious imagination as a storyteller for many years. It is not only writers who have been inspired by the Burdick pictures. The animators at Gilbert Design didn't exactly have a solution for the mystery of "The Seven Chairs" or "Uninvited Guests", but they did have an idea about what happened next. Click on an animation below to see their version. Recently, two young musical theater artists (composer Chris Miller and lyricist Nathan Tysen) created songs inspired by Burdick's pictures.

Ways of seeing john berger 5.7. Kit Williams & Eleyne Williams :: Gallery. Futuracha Pro. Pop Culture Typography. Eric Geusz. Rainbow City Skyline Made with Melted Crayons by Zenspire Designs. School of Motion. Paintings - Darren Reid : Contemporary realist paintings. Stefan Draschan – / Stefan Draschan, Mommsengasse 6773, A-1040 Wien. A Perfect Photo of a Kingfisher, 720K Pictures in the Making.

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