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Unconventional War's Mission is to disseminate the truth, bring like-minded people together, and ensure that people know they are not alone and that there is hope for saving our great nation from financial and economic ruin.

Does History repeat itself?. The idea of libertarian free will is… | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Nov, 2022 | Medium. The idea of libertarian free will is not a new phenomenon. The idea is that individuals can make their own decisions and act on them without any external coercion. This theory can be seen in the works of John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and David Hume. History repeats itself examples, in this case, are very easy to find. If you look at the history of communism, it is almost identical to what you see with libertarian free will theory today.

In both cases, people are told that they can do what they want without any consequences because there is no government to enforce rules and regulations on them. But when these ideologies are put into practice, it becomes clear that there are always consequences for one’s actions — even if those consequences are not imposed by an outside entity such as a government or other authority figure. The UNCONVENTIONAL WAR is a conflict that occurs when the existing social order of society is disrupted by a new political ideology, typically from the lower classes. Innocence Lost - Hello Fellow Patriots: In the Jewish extent of important holidays, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year’s, and Yom Kippur, the day of redemption, faith, and charity are the big two, that every observant Jew should stop and reflect thereon. As I write this blog entry on America’s sacred day of reflection, I reflect with and on so many emotions within my being.

I am: HumbledAngryFull of RegretsA bit Hopeless and ResignedLacking the Faith I Once had in my Fellow Man In Reflection I need to reflect on the meaning of 9-11. America, in its righteous anger, went after those that would wish to bring us to heal. America is in transition America is in transition. Yet, I know they were wrong, I feel it in my bones. America has been blessed with great leaders when we need them. Intellectual freedom, political freedom, physical freedom, and most of all economic freedom have the power of an atom bomb. Lately, we’ve largely been responsible for our own undoing, there is no question about that.

How true. What You Can’t See Doesn’t Matter—At least they hope so! - Today’s article is a bit of a manifesto. It seeks to be a compact primer on the “big picture.” It covers a lot of ground with a minimum of detail to hold your attention and to get across a complicated subject in an understandable way. Everything we talk about could be put into a flow chart to better help you see and understand relationships between the pieces that by themselves don’t reveal their dastardly intent. I hope you stick with me for a moment as you get a graduate-level course in six minutes of reading. To understand the political big picture, we can comfortably divide the country into three distinct groups: Insiders—the 1/100th of 1 percent of America’s population who understand what all the moving pieces mean and both drive and control the narratives the rest of us hear. Authors Note: I will be criticized for throwing out a set of unknown numbers.

For those unaware of what the Great Reset is, educate yourself quickly. This is the war being fought today, here in America. Patriot. Honor… Has America Lost All Honor PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID:11755269. Honor… Has America Lost All Honor? 1plus1equals2.comHistory is replete with massive failures of leadership and finger-pointing that always follow major military or political debacles. We often point out that the lens of history is frequently not resolved into sharp focus for a long time. This is going to be an exception. This massive failure to lead is on the scale of a Neville Chamberlain and his famous “Peace in our Time” quote. That’s not hyperbole. If Something Requires Subsidization, It’s Probably a Bad Idea | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Nov, 2022 | Medium.

Our government and those of different nations mutilate financial business sectors and market influences through deliberate control, guidelines, and strategy choices. Market intervention as often as possible fills respectable needs, all too habitually with depressing or exorbitant outcomes. We should begin with an overall assertion to get everybody in total agreement. To unrestricted economy perfectionists, market mixing is what is going on which is not entirely settled by anything aside from the free powers of the organic market. By that definition, unrestricted economies are limited. Market distortions likewise imply any impedance that fundamentally influences costs and, at times, risk-taking and resource portion. State-run governments are the wellspring of most market twists, including guidelines, appropriations, assessments, and duties.

The level of endowment expected to achieve this fantasy is stunning. Where Have All the Workers Gone? - Hello Fellow Patriots: Welcome back! Today, I am going to focus on four main concepts that together could explain how our chickens have indeed come home to roost: 1. Through the adoption of Globalism, which is as much about socialism as it is about economics, we have changed who we are at our very core, introducing socialism and the expansion of government into everything. 2.

And, oh by the way…we’ve stopped producing things! Who thought that would be a good decision? 3. 4. Check Out Our Blog A Divided Nation and the Brite White Line of Truth In the past, we’ve discussed Globalism as more or less a standalone issue. But their collective failure paved the way for what faces us at the moment. Together all of the above relentlessly grinds away at both the many uneducated and suggestive minds and those that think “fairness” is something that can be legislated or manifested out of thin air. Check Out Our Blog Symbolism and the Democratic Party A.

B. C. D. A. B. C. D. E. You Reap What You Sow: A. Where Have All the Workers Gone? - If Something Requires Subsidization, It’s Probably a Bad Idea - Our government and those of other countries distort financial markets and market forces through intentional manipulation, regulations, and policy decisions. Market Interventions frequently serve seemingly noble purposes, all too frequently with disastrous or costly results. Let’s start with a general statement to get everyone on the same page.

From Investopedia: To free-market purists, market distortion is any situation in which prices are determined by anything except the unfettered forces of supply and demand. By that definition, truly free markets are scarce. Market distortion also means any interference that significantly affects prices and, in some cases, risk-taking and asset allocation. Adam Smith, the great Scottish Economist, and Philosopher who created the Invisible Hand theory that gave us our most important theories of self-interest would be positively aghast at what we’ve done to his economic theories. Now, Democrats have latched on to a new priority…Climate Change. Why Russia Won’t Use Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine - I have always felt compelled to stand up to bullies, tyrants, pretenders, and those who take advantage of others who can’t or won’t fight back.

It’s that way when I look at Putin. Putin has mastered the art of the stare-down. His malevolent glance has been known to make people physically sick. With his love of theatre, like the huge table, he sits at with his visitors sitting twenty feet away and in a room of such opulence, you must believe that Putin thinks of himself as some kind of demi-god. An early belief in his own exceptionalism defines Putin. In Russia’s second invasion of Chechnya, Russia blew up an apartment building there causing widespread loss of life. And attack with terror he did. Putin is a self-educated scholar of Russian history and a true believer that an Imperial Russia’s return is not a fantasy but an inevitable certainty.

Even though he has retained his communist party card, it may be for his nostalgia for when the West trembled at what the Soviet Union might do. Why Putin Welcomed War?. This is a fascinating subject that… | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Medium. This is a fascinating subject that merits investigating. The motivation behind why Putin welcomed war, as the title recommends, is because he needs to demonstrate that his political way of thinking is better than the Western majority rules government. He has confidence in the force of “might make right” and figures that it will make Russia a superior country. The following are eight rarely talked about hypotheses on why the conflict in Ukraine is occurring. 1. Since Putin can 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The Russian leader’s underlying point was to overwhelm Ukraine and oust its administration, finishing for good its desire to join the Western coalition NATO.

What Putin has started; the West should end. We are at a reflection point. Differential Diagnosis - None of us live long enough to understand long history. Most of us are reactive rather than proactive. Every once in a while, as a direct result of not understanding history, we get our just comeuppance. If we are lucky, maybe we are only embarrassed or suffer a minor reversal for our hubris. Sometimes, we aren’t so lucky and things we love like the ideas, places, and people that are so important to us get injured or worse. Let’s start with the premise that people and countries hold many of the same attributes in common. I feel this in my bones. In medicine, you hear the term Differential Diagnosis used when the best medical minds try to figure out the root cause of an ailment to be able to arrive at the correct treatment protocol.

There are three possibilities facing us today: 1. In talking with people, I find a lot of folks are frequently ignorant of current events. Our country is perilously close to one or more of these or other actions being taken. Remember the 1976 movie Network? A Divided Nation and Brite White Line of Truth by 1 Plus 1 Equals2. Does America Have an Endpoint? - It’s been a great ride. When you just focus on the accomplishments of our nation, the broadly shared wealth, opportunity, and well-being created, you just won’t find another story to rival America’s. Today, I won’t utter one word of derision or explain away any faults we have had along the way.

We’ve done that in virtually every previous installment as balance; anyway, our mistakes are hammered into us by our detractors. Today, I will articulate what the world has to lose without the America that was vs. our nation in transition. America’s Accomplishments What has America given the rest of the world that it would not likely have save for our existence? 1. America’s Special Sauce Anyone who doubts America’s unique strengths and foundation must be uneducated. 1.The encouragement of nuclear families. America as the Bedrock Anchor of the World We give up our world responsibilities at our peril.

Is it Inevitable that Our Country Must Fall? So, here’s the big question. God Bless America! Does America Have an Endpoint? - The Fourth World - In modern history, First World nations are described as mostly democratic/capitalist countries that are politically aligned with NATO and the United States. Second World nations refer to Communist countries politically aligned with the now-defunct Soviet Union, now Russia. Lastly, Third World nations are other countries that failed to choose a political side. Now, we see the birth of the Fourth World, a morphing of the First, Second, and Third-world countries into a new worldwide alignment. It is centered around Populist theories like Climate Change, Marxism, and a mishmash of pop culture.

All of these lead us to a new kind of Secular Humanism implementing a theory of basic minimum existence for all, and an end to its arch-enemy…Individualism. Let’s explore the well warn path of one country’s birth to maturity cycle as illustrative of what the future may hold for us: Life evolves. Three things contributed to the downfall of the British Empire: 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. Their motto? Allan J. Talking Heads, Sound Bites, and American Pie. The Buffalo Shootings – The Story Behind the Story - Hello Fellow Patriots: Saturday’s mass shooting event is a tragedy. The even greater tragedy was that it was both foreseeable and preventable; but not in the manner you might think.

I’ve been searching for a pithy comment that embodies the senseless war we have created in this country to no avail. That war serves a political interest for some, I suggest, in particular, the Democratic Party. First, let’s start with what we know about Saturday’s events: 1. Check this Out – Where Have All the Workers Gone? These are the facts. Let’s deal right off the bat with something that highlights how absurd we’ve gotten, and in the process how we create the kind of societal pressures and reactions that we should abhor. There is real anger in this country. Look at the stillborn product of their efforts. Check this Out – A Divided Nation and the Brite White Line of Truth Mass Immigration is exacerbating racial frictions and will hurt those on the bottom more than at the top; at least for the short term.

War Warning - Hello Fellow Patriots: Last week we focused on the China threat from an economic and political perspective. This week, we’ll attempt to peer into the mind of President Xi and forecast his intentions; not an easy task. It’s difficult for peace-loving Americans to believe other nations covet what we possess and do more than just look on from a distance. We should take the lesson of Putin’s War in Ukraine as proof positive that there are those despotic leaders who are willing to set about a path of conquering other nations in the 21st Century. Freedom-loving people never want war. That luxury no longer exists and the likelihood of a conventional first strike at one of our outposts all over the world is more likely than you might imagine. With this caveat, let’s begin. “A nation that is unprepared for war holding a belief in the goodwill of nations, will find itself at war anyway.” China is the most dependent nation on earth in matters of trade.

The topic of this article is “War Warning.” Washington is Running Out of Your Money to Spend - Hello Fellow Patriots: Democrat leadership is frantic. But not for the reasons you may have heard. The just-passed Inflation Reduction Act is one of the largest revenue-raising bills ever passed. Slated to raise $725 Billion over ten years through raising the corporate minimum tax to 15%, Billions for assumed Prescription Drug pricing reforms, and $128 Billion through enhanced IRS enforcement. The promised $300 Billion debt reduction is a farce and will never happen. That’s the public face of this very misleading bill. Let me share with you some of those mysterious moving pieces I’m always talking about. Issue I: The National Debt now stands at naat about $31 Trillion and rising fast. Issue II: Interest on the National Debt is swamping us. Issue III: Entitlements. Issue IV: The number of working Americans is not growing commensurate with our population. Issue V: The world is becoming ever more competitive.

Issue VI: The US is in an expensive proxy war with Russia. Takeaways: Allan J. Infidel by 1 Plus 1 Equals2. Unconventional war for a direct democracy country | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Sep, 2022 | Medium. Infidel by 1 Plus 1 Equals2. Unconventional war for a direct democracy country | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Sep, 2022 | Medium. The Supreme Court. What is going on with five to four… | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Medium. There be Monsters - America’s Tyrant Sees Himself above the Constitution? | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Aug, 2022 | Medium. Political Narratives Divide Us (that’s what they want)! - The Grand Strategy of Identity Politics -

Laboratory One and “Former Persons” | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Jul, 2022 | Medium. A Living Wage? - Talking Heads, Sound Bites, and American Pie - The Buffalo Shootings. The Buffalo Shootings. Our hearts break for the ten… | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Jun, 2022 | Medium. There Be Monsters. There be Monsters - The Buffalo Shootings - The Story Behind the Story - A Divided Nation and Brite White Line of Truth by 1 Plus 1 Equals2. Where Have All the Workers Gone? -

A Divided Nation and the Brite White Line of Truth - The Absent Worker. This blog will focus on four primary… | by 1Plus1Equals2 | May, 2022 | Medium. The Supreme Court. What is going on with five to four… | by 1Plus1Equals2 | Apr, 2022 | Medium.