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I Thought You Were Never Coming Home - StumbleUpon. Thursday Humor - StumbleUpon. 155 Funny Signs - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Unreasonable Faith - StumbleUpon. The Art of Clean Up - Wall to Watch - StumbleUpon. Thanksgiving as a kid VS Thanksgiving as an adult - The Oatmeal - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Electroboutique Present A Twisted Take On Consumerism And Technology. Invisible Message Re-appropriating the vernacular of the digital world and twisting it so it becomes a distorted, grotesque funhouse mirror reflection of both function and aesthetic is exactly what Russian artists Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev (aka Electroboutique) aim to do.

Electroboutique Present A Twisted Take On Consumerism And Technology

Their current pop-up exhibition at the Science Museum in London (on view till 14th February 2012) features beautifully crafted electrical products that, at first blush, seem all too familiar—iProducts, LED displays, flat screen TVs—but there’s something wrong with them. They’ve become enlarged, deformed, bent out of shape, melted like Dalí’s clocks or broken by an unseen hand. A Human-Sized Pin Toy, for Cheeky Interactions - - StumbleUpon. Premium Funny: Reverse Trick or Treating - StumbleUpon. 21 Scathingly Witty Insults By Famous People: Pics, Videos, Links, News - StumbleUpon. I swear to God this is what they must be doing. Best wedding pictures ever... scroll down - mlkshk - StumbleUpon.

Wait, is this real?

best wedding pictures ever... scroll down - mlkshk - StumbleUpon

What I don't get is... who was taking the pictures? Why didn't he help? I'm no expert, but it would appear that perhaps your cameraman set you up? 69 Funny Facebook Default Picture Collection. The 8 Stages of Staying Up All Night - StumbleUpon.