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What Is Hemstitching? Modest Clothing! Sew your own modest dresses, women's clothing, prom dresses: a review site. Liturgical Dressing. By Regina Doman used with permission Most of us are familiar with the common North American phenomenon of Clutter.

Liturgical Dressing

I would guess that many of us have homes afflicted with this malady in various forms, including Toy Clutter, Photograph Album Clutter, Sewing Clutter, and even Book Clutter. Another type is Clothing Clutter. Lily Abello's Sewing Resource Guide. Jen's Links. Threads magazine. NMSL list. Microscope Threads. Dateline: 10/21/00 Is there a difference in quality among the various brands of sewing thread on the market?

Microscope Threads

When you are having problems with your sewing machine, after you've been asked if you changed the machine needle, the next question is very often, "Are you using a good quality sewing thread? " Fabric ID. Silk Silk !

Fabric ID

This is the fabric that makes its own statement. Say “silk” to someone and what do they visualize?


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