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7 Easy Steps to Heavenly Ribs. Mathematically Correct Breakfast. It is not hard to cut a bagel into two equal halves which are linked like two links of a chain.

Mathematically Correct Breakfast

To start, you must visualize four key points. Center the bagel at the origin, circling the Z axis. A is the highest point above the +X axis. B is where the +Y axis enters the bagel. C is the lowest point below the -X axis. These sharpie markings on the bagel are just to help visualize the geometry and the points. The line ABCDA, which goes smoothly through all four key points, is the cut line.

The red line is like the black line but is rotated 180 degrees (around Z or through the hole). After being cut, the two halves can be moved but are still linked together, each passing through the hole of the other. If you visualize the key points and a smooth curve connecting them, you do not need to draw on the bagel. If your cut is neat, the two halves are congruent. 15 Ways to Naturally Colour & Flavour White Chocolate. Creating desserts with dark and white chocolate is great, but sometimes you may get bored with the restricted choice of colours.

Since my recent post about the simple chocolate painting technique I’ve felt the urge to find methods to dye chocolate so I could paint more elaborate pictures. The difficulty is that chocolate doesn’t mix well with regular liquid food colouring, so I decided to go with powder alternatives instead, some of them homemade. I refrained from using artificial food colouring. It’s not that I condemn it because of fear of health risks – It’s rather because I like being challenged. The fact that I, erm, don’t have access to artificial colouring powder might count as a reason as well. I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting and came up with 15 ways to colour and flavour white chocolate naturally. In all the examples here, I melted regular white chocolate in block form, mixed it with the corresponding powder and let it harden in a silicone mold. What Do 300 Calorie Meals Look Like? Breakfast Meals English Muffin Breakfast – 394 Calories 1 whole wheat English muffin 2 pats low fat butter 1 hard boiled egg 1/2 cup of fruit 8 oz fruit juice 8 oz water Cereal – 300 Calories 1 cup of cereal 8 oz 2% milk 1 banana 1 coffee or tea Oatmeal – 345 Calories 1 cup (cooked) oatmeal with raisins ½ cup of fruit 1 cup coffee or tea 1 small banana Scrambled eggs – 360 Calories 2 scrambled eggs 2 strips of turkey bacon 1 piece whole wheat toast 1 pat of low fat butter 1 coffee or tea 8 oz water Lunches Baked potato – 305 Calories 1 medium baked potato 2 tablespoons sour cream 2 tablespoons salsa 1 cup sliced melon 12 oz water Roasted Veg. 3 cups mixed greens 1 cup sweet potato 1 cup eggplant 1 cup red bell pepper 3 Tbs lite honey mustard Soup – 350 Calories 1 bowl of soup 1 small tossed salad 2 tablespoons reduced fat oil and vinegar dressing 12 oz water 4 saltine crackers Chicken Salad – 350 Calories.

What Do 300 Calorie Meals Look Like?

Make Decorative Lattice Top & Pie Edges: {How-To & Tips. Here’s a lovely assortment of ideas showing how to make decorative tops for pies and tips for handling the pastry.

Make Decorative Lattice Top & Pie Edges: {How-To & Tips

There are also some good ideas for edgings added to the bottom of the page. I found them in my vintage recipe scrapbook and although they’re oldies, they are goodies! Make this pretty lattice by twisting 3/4-inch pastry strips and lining them up across top. Place other strips diagonally, twisting them as you weave. Lower crust is folded over strips and crimped to guard juice. It’s as easy as it looks to crimp this attractive edge. Here’s something dainty that’s simple in the making. Use tip of teaspoon to make this fancy decoration.

When in a rush, top a cherry pie with a spiral twist. Results will be a beautiful, golden-brown edge if protected with aluminum foil for part of baking. For uniform strips, you can make yourself a cardboard guide. How to Marble Royal Icing. If you’ve tried cookies like these before you know how simple they are to make, and if you haven’t, you’re about to find out just how easy they are to create.

How to Marble Royal Icing

It’s called marbling, feathering or swirling, which is basically when one or more colors of icing are applied to a base coat of icing, and then a toothpick, cake tester, pin or skewer is dragged through the icing to create a marbled or swirly effect. Each combination of colors creates another look. Just by changing the way you set up your lines and drag the toothpick, completely different designs emerge.

You can incorporate the swirled icing into your design, like these feathered cookie friends: How to Make Marbled, Swirled or Feathered Decorated Cookies If you’d like to try the marbled effect, the most important thing for your success is the consistency of the icing. Once you have your cookies baked and icing made, it’s time to begin by piping your outline. Fill or flood your cookie with royal icing right away. Happy marbling! Xo, p.s. 5 Essential Make-from-Scratch Foods for your Health and Budget — Simple Mom.

50 Ways to Never Waste Food Again - Planet Green. Egg Watchers: the egg timer that entertains you.