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Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is an overuse injury of the wrist extensors.

Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy

Pain is felt either at rest, while gripping, twisting, lifting, or when extending the wrist. It can be caused by racket sports, or strenuous everyday activities that involve twisting the forearm repetitively. Tennis elbow is most commonly seen in people between the ages of 30 and 60, and is equally common between men and women. Dominic Volunteers at the Kidney March. Conditions Profile: Plantar Fasciitis. Conditions Profile: Achilles Tendonopathy.

Proud Sponsor of Remax Family Fun Day. Conditions Profile: Golfer’s Elbow. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Whiplash, also known as cervical strain, is a soft tissue injury of the neck.

Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy

It occurs when the neck has been vigorously jammed, rotated, flexed, or extended. Pain can occur anywhere from the base of the skull to the shoulder area. In sports, whiplash can occur when an athlete falls on their neck or head. Outside of sports, the most common cause of whiplash is a motor vehicle accident. Encompass Sports Therapy Charitable Giving 2015. The team at Encompass Sports Therapy is dedicated to raising awareness and donating time and funds to great causes.

Encompass Sports Therapy Charitable Giving 2015

In the past year, we’ve supported charitable events benefiting organizations like the Kidney Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, the Alberta Children’s Hospital, and the Calgary Marathon Society. This year, Encompass Sports Therapy has selected one local and one international charity to receive ongoing donations and support throughout the year. For 2015, we are proud to support Inn From the Cold and Opportunity International. Please read on to see how each organization has made a valuable difference in the field of poverty intervention and prevention. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Official Sports Therapy Providers for the Calgary Marathon. Encompass Sports Therapy is proud to announce that members of our team will once again be the official providers of Active Release Techniques (ART) and Graston Technique at the 2015 Scotiabank Calgary Marathon.

Official Sports Therapy Providers for the Calgary Marathon

We will be onsite Sunday, May 31st, providing treatment to help runners and participants have a safe and healthy run and recovery. The Calgary Marathon is the premiere event of the Calgary Marathon Society and it includes a race for every age and ability; the 50km ultra marathon, the 42.2km marathon, the 21.1km half marathon, the 10km, the 5km walk and run, and the kids marathon. There are just a few weeks left to register for both the race events as well as the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Shockwave Recommended for Achilles Injuries. Encompass Provides Treatment at Calgary Marathon. Announcing the Official Partnership between Encompass Sports Therapy and Calgary Sport & Social Club. We are proud to announce the official partnership between Encompass Sports Therapy and the Calgary Sport and Social Club (CSSC) for 2015/2016.

Announcing the Official Partnership between Encompass Sports Therapy and Calgary Sport & Social Club

This partnership makes Encompass Sports Therapy the exclusive preferred sports therapy clinic for CSSC players and participants. The CSSC, established in 1996, has become the city’s leading provider of adult, co-ed, multi sport experiences. The CSSC has grown to host over 4,900 teams each year, serving more than 93,000 Calgarians. Encompass Now Offers Kinesio Taping. Kinesio Taping is a therapeutic taping technique that uses elastic tape to enhance the function of different physiologic tissues and systems.

Encompass Now Offers Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape is a technique that can be combined with other therapies including acupuncture, Active Release, and electrical modalities. The tape can be worn for extended periods of time with continued therapeutic benefit between clinical visits. Kinesio Taping can relax overused muscles or facilitate inhibited muscles in order to restore muscle balance or exert postural influence. It also provides proprioceptive correction by signalling to the brain, via skin receptors, information about normal tension on target tissues, and can offer dynamic stability to target tissues. If you are looking for Kinesio Taping in Calgary, both of our chiropractors are fully certified. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Stretching to Help Prevent Back Pain. An exercise program designed to stretch and strengthen your back and core muscles can help you heal from acute back pain, and help prevent recurrence.

Stretching to Help Prevent Back Pain

This advice comes from a new article published by the Harvard Medical School. (The full article is available HERE). Stretching and strengthening will lead to stronger, more flexible muscles that are less prone to future injury! Tight muscles restrict joint mobility, which increases the likelihood of sprains and strains. Encompass now offers Direct Billing to Sun Life, Great West Life, Manulife, and more! Introducing our Newest Team Member! 2016 Partnership between Encompass Sports Therapy and Breakaway Racing Cycle Club. Encompass Sports Therapy is proud to announce our partnership with Breakaway Racing Cycle Club, trade named Peloton Racing powered by Exterra GeoScience, for the 2016 season.

2016 Partnership between Encompass Sports Therapy and Breakaway Racing Cycle Club

Founded in 2014, Breakaway Racing Cycle Club is a Calgary-based, non-profit, competitive amateur cycling club with over 20 members. The team trains for and competes in local and regional road cycling, cyclocross, and multi-sport events, achieving high results including podium finishes at the 2015 Provincial Criterium and Provincial Time Trials. Vitamin D: Its Role in Good Health and Sources to Obtain It.

Vitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin” because of our skin’s natural ability to produce the vitamin with exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Vitamin D: Its Role in Good Health and Sources to Obtain It

However, in Canada and other northern climates, research states that sun exposure may be insufficient to produce adequate levels of vitamin D. As a result, much attention from the research community and dieticians has recently been paid to the topic of vitamin D maintenance and supplementation. Clinic Donation for Adopted Family in Fort McMurray. Encompass Set to be Official Exclusive Sports Therapy Providers at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, Once Again! It’s that time of year again… On Sunday, May 29, 2016 an estimated 15 000 people will gather at Stampede Park to participate in six different events included in the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, hosted by the Calgary Marathon Society.

Encompass Set to be Official Exclusive Sports Therapy Providers at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, Once Again!

Encompass Sports Therapy is pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year, members of our chiropractic and physiotherapy team will be onsite as the official sports therapy providers to participants of the Calgary Marathon. This year, however, our team has been invited to work exclusively with the events’ elite athletes; those who have qualified for elite status and will compete for a place on the podium for each of the respective events taking place on race-day. As such, the Encompass Sports Therapy team will be stationed in the Elite Runners’ Lounge, offering race-day therapies including Active Release Techniques and Graston technique to those athletes who are finishing at the front of the pack.

Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Sciatica Treatment in Calgary. If you are suffering from Sciatica in Calgary, and looking for sciatica treatment, we can help! Our Calgary chiropractors and physiotherapist are trained in several techniques that help with sciatica treatment. Active Release, Graston, IMS, adjusting, and rehab are all important, depending on the cause of your sciatica. Sciatic pain occurs when something compresses the sciatic nerve, which sends pain down one or both legs. There are three different “types” of sciatica that require slightly different sciatica treatments. Autumn Harvest Produce Versus Pumpkin-Spiced Treats. As the weather turns cooler and the leaves begin to fall, many people indulge in all sorts of seasonal pumpkin-spiced drinks and treats.

While some of these goodies do contain real pumpkin, a great source of vitamins A and C, most rely on nutrient-devoid sugary syrups to imitate the taste. Why not look beyond sugary pumpkin-spiced fare and enjoy other healthy, economical, and easy to prepare autumn harvest produce instead? Sweet Potato: This sweet vegetable is full of vitamin A, C, and B6 as well as manganese, and copper. It has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and works to regulate blood sugar in the body. Donation to the Calgary Food Bank. IT Band Causes and Treatments. Chiropractic care and workplace injuries. Chiropractic care could help reduce employee time out of workplace after an injury.

A study published in the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation shows that seeking chiropractic care first after a workplace injury can reduce the time spent out of work. The Ontario-based study analyzed over 5,500 injured workers and found that, when a chiropractor was sought as the first healthcare provider for back pain, the length of workers’ compensation was drastically lower. According to Dr. Darrell J Wade, CEO of Newfoundland and Labrador Chiropractic Association, a majority of workplace injuries involve joints and muscles, therefore, seeking chiropractic treatment initially makes the most sense. Physiotherapy Can Help Treat Headaches.

Can physiotherapy cure headaches? An article by Brendon Samson suggests that, as headaches are primarily a sign of upper neck region dysfunction, physiotherapy could be an alternative to medicated control of headaches. Of the three primary types of headaches, tension-type, migraine and cervicogenic, physiotherapy has shown the most results when treating cervicogenic. Some signs of cervicogenic headaches include one-sided pain that is worsened by neck movements and located at the base of the skull.

If you are unsure about the type of headaches you experience, a physiotherapist can perform specific tests to differentiate a migraine from a headache. If you fit into this category or are still unsure of the cause of your headaches, why not seek a physiotherapy consultation to find out if there is a non-medicated cure or control for your pain! Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. With many articles stating the benefits and pitfalls of hydrating, Robert Sallis, medical director of the Ironman World Championships, sheds light on the truth about hydration.

As a professional who has encountered numerous dehydration cases, Sallis says that the cause of this is the “heap of misinformation on hydration.” Proper hydration plays an integral role in the mental and physical performance of the body, but overhydrating can at worst lead to hyponatremia. Nanci Guest, sports dietitian and PhD at the University of Toronto, has worked with some of Canada’s top athletes. The Medical Benefits of Acupuncture. Encompass The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. Acupuncture for Osteoarthritis. 3 Massive Rehabilitation Exercises for Lower Back Pain. Graston for Post-Surgical Scarring. Hydration for Headaches. Laser for Fractures. Massage for Relaxation, Stress Relief and Therapy. 3 Great Exercises for Healthy Knees. 4 tips to relieving back pain. Benefits of Shockwave Therapy. The top 5 reasons to get adjusted by a chiropractor. Physical therapy treatment for teens with scoliosis.

5 Questions to ask your Chiropractor before starting treatment. Choosing the Best Chiropractor in Calgary. Get more out of your work outs with a sports massage. Golf Injuries: Common But Preventable. Chiropractic Care and Injury Prevention. The Medical Benefits of Acupuncture. Chiropractic services for an improved quality of life in seniors. Graston Technique: what is it and how does it work?

The ART of Active Release Techniques. Forget the Opioids – Try Chiropractic Care. Physiotherapy as an Alternative for Knee Surgery. Do you suffer from Arthritis? Sitting – the new smoking! Do you suffer from shoulder pain? 5 Exercises to correct bad posture. Do you have bad posture? Have you been in an automobile accident? Laser Therapy. Shockwave Therapy. Massage Therapy. Acupuncture: Is it right for you?

Chiropractic Care Can Assist an Aging Population. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Healthy Way. Tips to Avoid Snow Shoveling-related Injuries. Staying Hydrated in the Winter Months. How to Fix Sore Wrists: Simple Wrist Exercises for Recovery. Magnesium: Do you need to be taking it? Pain Management: Moving Away from Prescription Medication. Welcome, Dr. Linsay Sunderland. How Shockwave Therapy Works. How do I know if I’ve gotten a concussion? Cupping in Calgary. Guest Blogger – Keith Donaghy, Registered Psychologist.

Treating and Managing Wrist Pain. Guest Blogger – Mike Mongeau, Certified Health Coach. Chiropractors - Physiotherapists - Massage Therapists Calgary. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. SW Calgary Chiropractor. Direct Billing. Booking & Billing. Virtual Appointments. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Active Release Techniques. Calgary Physiotherapist SW. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Encompass Calgary Sports Therapy. Custom Orthotics. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. Shockwave Therapy. SW Calgary Physiotherapists. Massage Therapy. Kinesio Taping. Laser Therapy.