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Lessons for Minecraft. In case having actual lesson plans ideas that support the standards isn’t enough, here you will find helpful videos, articles, and resources to show what is happening in actual classrooms across the world!

Lessons for Minecraft



Creativity and Innovation Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes Create original works as a means of personal or group expression Use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues Identify trends and forecast possibilities. Resources. MinecraftEdu. 20 incredibly interesting maps they never showed us at school. Now you’ll get a better understanding of our world.

20 incredibly interesting maps they never showed us at school

What’s the point of inventing brand new stuff if old things work just as well? Maps, for instance, are a bit like ancient infographics. You can simply select the criteria, choose the color and there you go! Your visual database of the world is ready. TOP TEN PICTURE BOOKS TO INTRODUCE UNITS OF STUDY by Kari Allen. Whenever I started a new unit or inquiry with my second grade students, I always found a picture book that became a way in, a gateway if you will.


I used the books as a broad introduction before we got into the nitty-gritty details. As our studies continued, I would share more picture books that expanded upon on our group knowledge. Reading Online. Our lesson plans are written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices and are aligned to state and national standards.

Reading Online

Choose from hundreds of topics and strategies. Library Displays: Mad Libs! Library Displays: Graphic Novels in the Classroom and Beyond. By Kristen Johnson Kristen is a Library Technician at the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Library Displays: Graphic Novels in the Classroom and Beyond

She has kindly shared this dramatic display to promote the Graphic Novels in her collection. For the Hesitant Teacher: Leveraging the Power of Minecraft. If there’s any video game that has successfully made its way into the classroom, it’s Minecraft.

For the Hesitant Teacher: Leveraging the Power of Minecraft

There’s a small subset of teachers using all kinds of digital games in interesting ways, but the blockbuster hit Minecraft and its educational counterpart MinecraftEDU have reached much wider audiences. But getting started with MinecraftEDU can be intimidating for teachers who don’t consider themselves “gamers” and aren’t sure how to harness the engagement and excitement of Minecraft.

Luckily, there’s a robust and global Minecraft teacher community to supply tips, support and even lesson plans. Teachers who already use Minecraft in the classroom love it because of the flexibility it offers — almost any subject can be taught with a little creativity. List of Reading Strategies: 8 Tips to Reach Every Reader. Unfortunately, getting kids to become book lovers can be a real challenge.

List of Reading Strategies: 8 Tips to Reach Every Reader

Reaching every reader starts with helping students find their keenest interests, introducing them to any and all materials available on the topic, and finding new ways to present material. Substitute Teacher Folder Makeover. Step by Step: Designing Personalized Learning Experiences For Students. The phrase “personalized learning” gets tossed around a lot in education circles.

Step by Step: Designing Personalized Learning Experiences For Students

Sometimes it’s used in the context of educational technology tools that offer lessons keyed to the academic level of individual students. What is Genius Hour? - Genius Hour. Wikipedia Flipped Classroom. Get Flipped Infographic. Lesson Plan 2: Local History Scavenger Hunt. Reading Tracker. Teaching critical thinking. High Tech High - Project Based Learning Today's Machines. Author: Aaron Commerson, Nicole Tempel Grade level, subjects: 9th grade humanities and math/science.

High Tech High - Project Based Learning Today's Machines

How to Breathe Life into History. This how-to article accompanies the feature "This Old School: Students Reenact History. " Many students, particularly young ones, have an abstract view of history. Putting artifacts in their hands and giving them characters, chores, language, and events to reenact adds a three-dimensional aspect to the textbook page, injecting knowledge with empathy and understanding. Make the local historical society your home away from home. Top 10 Lesson Plan Template Forms and Websites. Websites with Printable Lesson Templates, Forms and Planning Guidance Revamp your lessons this winter.

If you're looking for some fresh lesson templates, printable forms and organizational tools, these ten websites provide great tools to help you in your planning. The variety of templates range from simple fill-in-the-blank forms created by other teachers for a variety of lesson planning needs to more sophisticated Web 2.0 lesson templates with interactive help, state and national standards alignment, collaboration, and more extensive planners. I like experimenting with new ways to approach lesson planning. The Question Game: A Playful Way To Teach Critical Thinking. The Question Game by Sophie Wrobel, The Question Game: A Playful Way To Teach Critical Thinking Big idea: Teaching kids to ask smart questions on their own A four-year-old asks on average about 400 questions per day, and an adult hardly asks any.

Our school system is structured around rewards for regurgitating the right answer, and not asking smart questions – in fact, it discourages asking questions. 10 Things You Can Do In (About) 10 Minutes For A Better Classroom. When the school year begins, teachers spend a lot of time getting the classroom ready, planning lessons, and getting to know his/her students. The following list includes 20 ideas that you may not have thought of that can help produce a successful classroom. Each item takes no longer than an hour and can make a big difference throughout the year. 1. 14 Bloom's Taxonomy Posters For Teachers. 14 Brilliant Bloom’s Taxonomy Posters For Teachers. How to Use Wild Hog Questions in the Classroom. Eighty percent of what we do as learning engineers is ask questions.

Lesson Plan Databases. The Flipped Classroom. Three (Common Core) Justifications for Binge Listening To Serial. Posted by Jessica Keigan on Tuesday, 12/30/2014 A teacher friend asked me this weekend if I had started planning for next semester, which totally interrupted my fantasy of being a woman of leisure. Truth be told, though, January 5th is fast approaching. The teenagers will expect me to be well rested and prepared for our second semester adventures in learning.

It’s a good thing that I, like most teachers, never really stop planning. Every conversation, book reading, TV binge watching session has the potential to yield seeds for a great lesson. Inquiry-Based Learning. Planboard — Lesson planning made easy for teachers and educators. Lesson Planning. Tips for Teachers Who Wish to Use YouTube in Classroom. How the Flipped Classroom Is Radically Transforming Learning. Editor's Note:Posts about the flipped class on The Daily Riff beginning in January 2011 have generated over 240,000 views to-date - thanks contributors and readers . . . Daniel Pink's Think Tank: Flip-thinking – the new buzz word sweeping the US.

The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture. Due to Khan Academy’s popularity, the idea of the flipped classroom has gained press and credibility within education circles. Briefly, the Flipped Classroom as described by Jonathan Martin is: Flip your instruction so that students watch and listen to your lectures… for homework, and then use your precious class-time for what previously, often, was done in homework: tackling difficult problems, working in groups, researching, collaborating, crafting and creating. Classrooms become laboratories or studios, and yet content delivery is preserved.

An Updated Digital Differentiation Model. Ten months ago I published a Digital Differentiation model on this blog. Educational Leadership:Giving Students Meaningful Work:Making Group Work Productive. Why Flunking Exams Is Actually a Good Thing. Photo. Reading Like A Historian.

The Brain: Teaching Modules.


10 Teaching Practices Every 21st Century Teacher should Do. Teaching is not only a job but is a way of life.It is a sublime task one can ever be entrusted with. Teachers educate generations of learners and in their hands lays the faith of any nation. How to flip the classroom. Teens and Technology. Learning Theory - What are the established learning theories?