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Romany Gypsy

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The Romany Language & Culture. Romani people. Recent Romani wagon in Grandborough (Grandbourough Fields Road is a popular spot for travelling people) The Romani are a diasporic ethnicity of Indian origin, living mostly in Europe and the Americas.[26][27] Romani are widely known among Anglophonic people by the exonym "Gypsies" (or Gipsies) and also as Romany, Romanies, Romanis, Roma or Roms.

Romani people

In their own language, Romani, they are known collectively as Romane or Rromane (depending on the dialect). [citation needed] Romani are widely dispersed, with their largest concentrated populations in Europe — especially Central and Eastern Europe and Anatolia, the Iberian Kale and Southern France. They originated in India and arrived in Mid-West Asia, then Europe, at least 1000 years ago,[28] either separating from the Dom people or, at least, having a similar history;[29] the ancestors of both the Romani and the Dom left North India sometime between the sixth and eleventh century.[28]