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We are a full-service digital marketing company that cares about your users and data. We deliver inspiring, eye-catching designs and measurable campaigns that connect with target audiences, boost online marketing and encourage business growth. We can help you meet your needs across a range of full-service online marketing services.

6 ways to choose your social media topics that fuel your blog - Zuplic. Social media is an continuously evolving trend of the entire digital marketing sphere.

6 ways to choose your social media topics that fuel your blog - Zuplic

Social media which is also called as “World of Mouth” is a platform that amplifies your “word of mouth”. Previously, the only way of sharing a business information was through the actual word of mouth in your local area either face to face or via telephone. But today social media is changing the marketing landscape as with its power one can easily share information virally to many friends at once. But what kind of information you can actually share on social media? Coming up with the content ideas is probably the hardest part of social media marketing. 5 ways to create your content drive more targeted traffic - Zuplic. The landscape of SEO is prone to changes and being a digital marketer you ought to accept those alterations with warm hands.

5 ways to create your content drive more targeted traffic - Zuplic

According to the research by Haymaker, 85% of clicks resulting from a search are from the organic listings rather than paid ads. And in another study by Low Blow, it is stated that 86% of web searchers trust organic listings more than the PPC sponsored ads. Hence, the frequent changes in search engine algorithms demand equal modifications in your SEO strategies as well in order to maintain the rankings and traffic. Unlike PPC, SEO strategies are more dependent upon content. The results are more affected by the way keywords are scattered in your content, quality of your backlinks, metadata etc. 5 benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency - Zuplic. How does online reviews help your local SEO? - Zuplic. Why Reviews are important?

How does online reviews help your local SEO? - Zuplic

Reviews have become a massive part of a web. There is no surprise in the fact that the best organic listings in Google are taken by businesses with good reviews. Look at the screenshot below for the best restaurants in London. After this, the next organic results are mainly from online review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Time and so on. It’s surprising that only a couple of actual restaurant sites can make it onto the first SERP. People need reassurance for their actions and these reviews provide them with that confirmation. 5 Best CSS Frameworks for Responsive Web Design - Zuplic. Think about the last couple of years when there were not many technical advancements for front-end developers.

5 Best CSS Frameworks for Responsive Web Design - Zuplic

One had to code hundreds of lines of CSS just to come up with a single website skeleton. Also, don’t forget the time spent in making separate layouts for different screen sizes and devices. Not only this, fixing a simple cross-browser compatibility issue used to take hours. But today everything has been simplified with the advent of CSS frameworks, Using HTML and CSS frameworks you can easily accelerate your web design and development works. Good front-end design frameworks are a real time saver as they provide you with the tools help to build a website from scratch. Best practices to design an interesting and engaging 404 error page - Zuplic. Lead Generation Tips: How to handle Inbound sales Calls - Zuplic.

Answering a call is pretty simple.

Lead Generation Tips: How to handle Inbound sales Calls - Zuplic

Yet, in the corporate world, less than 30% of businesses score a passing grade in handling their inbound sales calls. When a prospect calls you, it means he has already made his research and is interested in doing business with you. But just because it is an inbound call, it doesn’t mean the deal will close. The outcome is determined by how well the call is handled by your sales representative. And failing to follow the best practices in this area is quite costly. That’s the reason you need to do everything you can to put your best foot forward to close the deal on the call. 5 ways to develop a cross channel brand consistency - Zuplic. In the digital world, a consistent brand image is crucial for business.

5 ways to develop a cross channel brand consistency - Zuplic

It is the presentation of who you are as a business that also evokes the audience to make some predictable responses. When visitors find a different content on different platforms where you are present, It’s hard for them to understand what exactly you are offering. A consistent brand representation makes them feel comfortable and familiar. 5 ways to develop a cross channel brand consistency - Zuplic. 5 Most effective call to action techniques that converts - Zuplic. Google Map Marketing to boost your local sales - Zuplic. 7 factors to consider while choosing the best hosting for Wordpress - Zuplic. How Data analytics help retail businesses to stay ahead? - Zuplic.

The world of online retail is progressing exponentially.

How Data analytics help retail businesses to stay ahead? - Zuplic

One can find a number of online e-commerce websites dealing in the same category. All with the same goal of making new customers every day, retaining existing customers and making more business out of each deal. Thus the competition is getting fierce day by day and to withstand this, a business must offer the customers what they are looking for and that too at the right prices. Moreover, they need to ensure the right customer experience. In order to achieve these goals, many businesses have adopted data analytics in their business strategies. 5 growth lessons to make your business a brand - Zuplic. Top 5 marketing automation tools for your small business - Zuplic. Do you know there exist around 28 million small businesses in the US alone?

Top 5 marketing automation tools for your small business - Zuplic

With a huge number like this, every business owner is looking for a competitive edge in the market. For no surprise today, we are in a whole new era and there is no way that we could afford ignoring the Internet. So, to get your leg up on the competition, you need a sound online marketing plan in place from day one. A strategy that leverage the benefits of social media, uses search engine marketing to drive traffic and makes good use of marketing advancements is what you need to get success online. Unfortunately, business owners have only 24 hours in a day and completing every minute task in this span of time is almost impossible. Web design checklist that clients should provide their web agency - Zuplic. How to start a coupon or daily deal website? - Zuplic. Today, there are many websites which are generating good revenue with the concept of daily deals.

How to start a coupon or daily deal website? - Zuplic

Andrew Mason (Groupon founder) introduced this deal-of-the-day concept at first in 2008 and after that, it has become a global phenomenon. After a long span of 10 years, it has not lost its sheen and entrepreneurs are still investing in this coupons business. However, coupon sites are not a new term on the internet. The Internet is already littered with these money-saving websites. 5 mobile marketing metrics that matters the most - Zuplic. 4 reasons why social media marketing is must for your small business - Zuplic. 5 strategies to help you win your next guest post - Zuplic. 5 modern UX design trends for 2020 - Zuplic. Let’s face this reality – In today’s competitive digital world the most important part of a website is user experience.

5 modern UX design trends for 2020 - Zuplic

A smooth user experience is the only key that helps you stay relevant in the market and brings you the customers you desire for. No matter what efforts you put in your search engine marketing, if visitors can’t find their way around your website, they are most likely to navigate from your website to never come back. But as we all know, it’s not easy to simply sit and make a UX design from scratch. To design a user-friendly website, one must learn the various aspect of general web design. Luckily, the web is exhausted with useful and commonly used UX and UI design practices. 5 modern logo design trends to expect in 2020 - Zuplic. 5 amazing SEO tools to try in 2020 for free - Zuplic. E-Commerce checkout champions to boost your sales - Zuplic. 5 questions to ask when choosing a new e-commerce platform - Zuplic. Essential tips for marketing to millennials! - Zuplic. Things to consider when picking up a CMS for business - Zuplic.

CMS world is getting crowded day by day. Choosing a single CMS that perfectly matches your business needs is a tough row to hoe. The selection criteria entirely depend upon what you expect that system to do and what is your future anticipation from the system. It is much like anything you shop around for anything. You definitely don’t add items that you don’t require though there are lots of eye candies out there. On the contrary, you can’t neglect some necessary things to complete your desired wishlist. Establishing an online business involves much key consideration, and CMS selection is one of the crucial decisions that business owners need to make.

Here we will look into a few critical considerations of choosing the right CMS for your business project. Essential marketing strategies to turn your B2B startup into Success! - Zuplic. Initiating a business is exhilarating. We all are very excited at the beginning. But unfortunately, “start it, and people will come” strategy doesn’t fit much here. And the success stories of startups that we hear more often are the result of their years of hard work and dedication which usually remains behind the scene. Simply put, startup business establishment and its marketing is a tough nut to crack, and it becomes even more challenging when you are short of resources whether in time or money. Most Promising Web Design Trends for Startups! - Zuplic. Changes and evolution are the constant companions of digital workplace whether it is web development or the giant web design space. These days, every online business requires a website as a proof of its online presence even when it doesn’t sell anything online.

A well-designed website works as a 24*7 online salesman for your brand. But, where a website can be a powerful tool to help you market your business, it can also hurt as well. Never forget that your audience, just like you, view your online brand many times a day. They can easily differentiate a poor quality production website with a better one. Amazing Tools for Designers To Transform Their Workflow - Zuplic. Essential web design software Adobe Photoshop: Well, we won’t take much bragging about photoshop as everyone here knows what photoshop can do in web designing.

But we have to add this to my list at no. 1 because of its position of the market leader as a web design software. So about Photoshop: It’s an incredible software that can help you with any design project, not just web design. Here you can quickly adjust any aspect of an image. So when we have an overview of Photoshop, it’s easy to understand GIMP. Color Wheel: Ruby vs. Python - Zuplic. The Core: Ruby is build on the web framework Ruby on Rails while Python on Django web framework. This is much where most of the difference lies.The web framework of Ruby allows to do little magical tricks in comparison to Python.Ruby’s framework design is infinitely flexible and empowering in comparison to Python one.Python language is easy for the programmers to learn and the developers can easily find the bugs in it unlike Ruby. Security Tips for the Bloggers - Zuplic. UX Design Tips to Boost Conversion Rate - Zuplic. “User Experience is the key to customer’s heart.” The development and designing fields are broad and vague terms.

Whenever a designer says – “I am a UX/UI designer”, then you probably don’t get the same thing which you had discussed in the web scenario, as there are number of various responsibilities which get compromised under the UX/UI ‘Umbrella, term designer.’ How a Website design can ruin your SEO - Zuplic. SEO tactics you must know in 2016 - Zuplic. There are many websites which fail due to improper use of SEO tactics. People who succeed with SEO, do following things very well: First, they identify the right SEO techniques that drive them traffic.Second, they put all their efforts into executing and scaling those techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative, it helps in bringing the customers from the website by doing organic searches. Understanding the SEO tactics saves your lots of time from the traditional advertising and cold calling which are less efficient and not so much useful. According to a report around 70% of the users prefer the SEO results which means it offers better return on Investment (ROI). Tips to Reduce your Website Bounce Rate - Zuplic. Now the question is “How to Reduce the Bounce Rate”? INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE WEB DESIGN AND COLOR PSYCHOLOGY - Zuplic. A Colour is a very first thing which catches the eyes of customers and helps them to recognise the brand. UI/UX Design & Development Company India - Zuplic. We have worked with some of the top performing brands within a diverse group of industry.

While serving our global clientele, we have developed an experience in fabricating interfaces for the world of tomorrow. Our proficiency in the realm and our sync with latest technology updates, design trends and knowledge leads us to create conversion driven pixel perfect designs. User interactions on your digital presence is the ultimate key to generate potential revenue opportunities.

Public Relations - Zuplic. Cheap Responsive Design - Zuplic. Print Media & Graphic Design Company India - Zuplic. Print Media Even in this modern-day and age the prowess of print media stays relevant to the times. The power of print might seem stunted within the mix of social media and digital inclined world but it is still an essential medium to communicate your message to a diverse audience.

However, despite the age of the printing industry is more than a century, there seems to be an absence of information and resources when it comes to print. It is still hard to get the mixture of speed, budget, quality of the print, quality of paper, colour accuracy in juxtaposition to your needs from the print right. With the times, printing has evolved too. We deliver all the necessary print essentials that a business needs to flourish and connect to its potential consumers.

Fashion Illustration Company India - Zuplic. Zuplic provides assertive and aesthetically pleasing illustrations fabricated by a team of industry-grade artists. It is extremely necessary to produce something fresh, new and contemporary as the world of art keeps evolving. We focus to create crisp, captivative and direct illustrations that draw attention in this fast-moving world.

Full Service Branding Company India. Brand Strategy Brand strategies lay a foundation for the approach and engagement with your potential clientele. Every business needs one. WordPress , All CMS & Custom Packages India - Zuplic. Landing Page - Action page to convert internet traffic into leads - Digital Heptagon. Making of a good landing page Now that we know the role of the landing page in digital marketing let us read about how to create a flawless and effective landing page. There are some key elements for a good landing page. Headline. Wordpress v/s Joomla - Digital Heptagon. Germinate a Website and enhance it's visibility - Digital Heptagon. Online Marketing: key to success - Digital Heptagon. Synopsis on SEO - Digital Heptagon. Types of Marketing - Digital Heptagon. Drive sales through Affiliate Marketing - Digital Heptagon. ‎Email Marketing Services - Digital Heptagon. Pay Per Click Marketing Company India - Digital Heptagon. Startup marketing Company India - Digital Heptagon.

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