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Metamental doc (metadocumentaire : documentaire sur le genre documentaire) We Choose the Moon (mission Apollo 11) The First Men on the Moon (mission Apollo 11) How Much Is Left? (déclin des ressources) Blood Sugar (diabète Californie) Oregon Timeweb (Chrolologie Oregon) Little by Little (ecole Califormie / Tanzanie) Guernica, pintura de guerra (Picasso, Espagne) Chiloé Stories (Chili) The Bali Temple Explorer. Reacting to Climate Change. 2009 - 2050 : le réchauffement climatique à hauteur d'homme. Le Kurdistan d'Irak, dernier refuge des chrétiens persécutés. Pole of Inaccessibility (Corona Chine) Quand j'étais petit... (APEC) American Urbex (Exploration batiments désafectés, USA)

Departures (Los Angeles) From the age of the Native Americans, through the birth of Arroyo Culture and Chicano activism, to the DIY ethos of today, Highland Park has always been a laboratory for new and emerging ideas on what it means to be an Angeleno.

Departures (Los Angeles)

Numerous factors - including location and geography - created conditions that allowed the area to become one of the preeminent cultural and social centers of the West. One can argue that Los Angeles came of age in Highland Park, with artists, writers and intellectuals such as Charles Lummis creating the vocabulary on which we now rely when we try to explain what Los Angeles was and could be. The creation of the Arroyo Seco Parkway and the channelization of the Arroyo Seco changed the character of the neighborhood. I Am Los Angeles (personnalités qui font Los Angeles, USA)