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Web 2.0 Tools and Applications - Go2web20. Download FREE Mp3 Songs or Softwares or Ringtones,Games,Ebooks& almost anything -just search and get download links ... {beta}: Save money and the environment printing only what you like. Top Web-Based Online Tools ~ Online converter. - Stay update on the information that matters.

The World Clock - Search Results. Popular Desktop Apps And Their Online Alternatives - blog index. Outfitting your computer with the latest software can be expensive.

Popular Desktop Apps And Their Online Alternatives - blog index

Time and money aren’t things to be wasted. With sky rocketing prices for desktop applications, you need to arm yourself with the right alternatives. Fortunately, there is a great alternative out there: the Internet. As hard as it is to believe, just by surfing around online, you can access most of the desktop app functionalities you need without shelling out a cent. To prove it, here’s a list of 25 online alternatives for the most popular desktop applications that you use, want and simply must have when working online. Who says saving money is hard? So the next time you think of buying another desktop app, think twice—think “online.” Bonus Tip: For heavy users of PDF who don’t want to keep their data in PDF, Investintech offers PDF to Word Converter solutions in its products such as Able2Extract and Able2Doc.

You have no idea what you can do with Images » Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips. Yesterday, I had one of my sudden urges to organize my bookmarks so while moving stuff around I noticed bunch of interesting links based around images.

You have no idea what you can do with Images » Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips

After putting them together it looked too good to be ignored so it ended up here. 1. Passport Photo – this website offers an alternative to photo booths, what you’ll need is average printer, photo-paper and a digital photo with a neutral expression, closed mouth and open eyes. More here 2. 3. 4. 5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online. Since May 2007, we've been bringing you resources and tools to be more productive on the web.

5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online

Due to popular demand, we've brought all these lists together into one gigantic meta-list: 5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online. Enjoy! And don't forget to subscribe to Mashable for the latest web news and resources. 6 Key Ways to Measure Your Blog’s Success - Six essential tools for measuring how your blog is performing. 30+ AJAX-Powered WordPress Plugins - AJAX provides a way to have pages auto-update to reflect new data without page reloads. 50+ Ways to Track Website Traffic - It's difficult to grow your blog or website without having some data on how people are finding you and using your site. 120+ Resources for Bloggers - From design to hosting, there's something here for every level of blogging experience. 40+ Firefox Add-ons for High Speed Blogging - Let your browser help you speed up your time working on your blog.

Favicon.ico Generator. The Ultimate RSS Toolbox - 120+ RSS Resources. Never again will mankind have to look for RSS info in more than one place...ok, we're kidding, but we've aimed to create a near comprehensive list of all the RSS readers, tools, browser plugins, tips, hacks and directories available on the web.

The Ultimate RSS Toolbox - 120+ RSS Resources

We hope you find it useful (we built it because we needed it), and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments. For those just starting out in the big wide world of RSS, note that we're talking about Really Simple Syndication, a way to publish and subscribe to frequently updated content like blog entries and news items. RSS readers - Windows RSS readers - OS X RSS readers - Linux Liferea - RSS reader for Gnome usersAkregator - RSS reader for KDEStraw - RSS reader for Gnome, supports RSS and ATOM, as well as exporting/importing OPML feedsSnownews - text based RSS reader for all you 1337 peopleAgileRSS - desktop aggregator that is able to display any RSS, ATOM, and XML news feed; also offers an RSS news ticker. alternative of visio.