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Multi column layout control. Image 1. - Three column layout Introduction This control allows you to simply and automatically divide your HTML content into multiple columns and present articles in better readable multi-column layout.

Multi column layout control

If you look at the web pages of random newspapers, you'll notice that the width of article text is about 400px. SEO Two Columns Elastic CSS/Table/Div Page Layout. Content Area This layout has two columns: Navigation area on the left and Content area where main content is located.

SEO Two Columns Elastic CSS/Table/Div Page Layout

One of many factors that search engines use when calculates ranking is location of the content in HTML of the page. It is better if your main content is on the top of the HTML. Because of that, in this page layout Content area comes first in HTML and Navigation area is second. Elastic layout means that it uses em units to define elements size, like font size, layout width etc. This layout contains Header area on top, two columns (Navigation and Content) in the middle and Footer area on the bottom.

CSS layouts. Skip to content Site navigation.

CSS layouts

CSS Rounded Corners 'Roundup' 4Google + Note: This post is continually updated as I come across new techniques.

CSS Rounded Corners 'Roundup'

This collection of techniques to create boxes with rounded corners using CSS has become quite popular. The problem now is there are so many choices it's hard to know which one to choose. Маниакальный веблог » Резиновая раскладка. После статьи с примером раскладки очень многие спрашивали, как сделать ее тянущейся.

Маниакальный веблог » Резиновая раскладка

Надо сказать, я изначально не планировал с ней делать что-то подобное. Во-первых, Учебник, все же, не коллекция кода для копирования, а описание сути вещей. Во-вторых же, несмотря на удивительную популярность колоночных раскладок, CSS на них просто не расчитан. Тем не менее, я подумал, что такой пример все же будет полезен, потому что наглядно показывает, на какие ухищрения надо идти при использовании неподходящих инструментов. То есть это будет скорее отрицательный пример. CSS Class Inheritance: Abstracting Selectors. OOCSS (Object Oriented CSS) is a CSS Framework by Nicole Sullivan.

CSS Class Inheritance: Abstracting Selectors

It is unique among the landscape of CSS frameworks – it consists of some basic CSS to get you started and best practices to help you build out webpages by adhering to a very strict separation of concerns at both the html content and CSS style levels. Like other CSS Frameworks, OOCSS expects you to build your content on top of your stylesheets instead of the other way around and it is well suited for sites that churn out lots of custom html pages that need to adhere to a common look and feel. The object oriented aspect of the framework is built on the concept of CSS Class Inheritance – a very powerful and natural concept. LessCSS also attempts to provide this feature via precompilation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really exist yet in either case. CSS Rounded Corners - border-radius. The ability to create rounded corners with CSS opens the possibility of subtle design improvements without the need to include images.

CSS Rounded Corners - border-radius

CSS rounded corners thus save us time in creating images and requests to the server. Today, rounded corners with CSS are supported by all of the major browsers: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox. Let's look at border-radius syntax, caveats, and Internet Explorer support. Syntax and Standards The CSS3 standard property for applying rounded corners is border-radius. The preceding statement assigns one rounded corner value to each of the element's four corners. CSS Vertical Stretch. CSS Vertical Stretch Update: Due to Microsoft’s release of IE 7, parts of this article have become outdated.

CSS Vertical Stretch

Please be aware that the * html hack for IE 6 causes some issues in IE 7. As an alternative, the best way to apply CSS rules for IE 6 is to use a separate stylesheet that is only read by IE 6 (or lower). Please read my article “Serving Up IE Specific Stylesheets” for more information. To apply the same rules that are listed with a * html hack below, remove the * html portion of the CSS rule and put the rest in your IE 6 stylesheet. An often asked question that I’ve come across frequently is how to make a page stretch the entire height of the browser window if there is not enough content to make it stretch. In ‘the olden days’ it was easy to just make a table and give it a 100% width/height to make it take up the entire viewport of the browser. The Out-Dated Method The old way of doing things was to just create table and give it a height of 100%. New CSS Sticky Footer - 2010 - HTML for Bottom of Page Footer. The Perfect 2 Column Liquid Layout (double page): No CSS hacks. SEO friendly. iPhone compatible.

Percentage dimensions of the double page layout All the dimensions are in percentage widths so the layout adjusts to any screen resolution.

The Perfect 2 Column Liquid Layout (double page): No CSS hacks. SEO friendly. iPhone compatible.

Vertical dimensions are not set so they stretch to the height of the content. Maximum column content widths To prevent wide content (like long URLs) from destroying the layout (long content can make the page scroll horizontally) the column content divs are set to overflow:hidden. This chops off any content that is wider than the div. 800 x 600 Left & right columns: 357 pixels 1024 x 768 Left & right columns: 459 pixels The nested div structure. Why I think divs are better than tables. From CSS Discuss "Tables prompt eye-gouging hissyfits among accessibility advocates and Web designers of all stripes, whether oldschool or avant-garde. Both sides are saddled with myths and both argue in large part from ideology.

Let’s do a reality check, shall we? " cite: Joe Clark's Building Accessible Websites OK. Yes, that reality check can basically be boiled down to "Before stylesheets were invented the spec said layout tables were OK (and lets not mention that the spec also said they could cause problems in the very next sentence)", "WCAG doesn't forbid it! Many people try to use table elements and its descendants for page layout, for two reasons. CSS Wrap. CSS Tutorial > Wrap Text wrap can be achieved in CSS using the white-space property.

CSS Wrap

A CSS Sticky Footer. A CSS Sticky Footer that just works We've all tried to use a CSS Sticky Footer one time or another, but they never seem to come out right, do they? Well, the days of a hard to understand CSS Sticky Footer are thankfully over. With just a few simple CSS classes with minimal extra HTML markup, I've fashioned a CSS Sticky Footer that even beginners can get a handle on. It's been tested in IE 5 and up, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Usage of the CSS Sticky Footer Great! Absolutely. CSS учебник и бесплатные уроки по каскадным таблицам стилей. Изучив рубрику "CSS", вы узнаете, как с помощью каскадных таблиц стилей (CSS) можно легко управлять дизайном сайта и упростить создание самого сайта.

Данная рубрика заменит Вам полноценный «учебник по CSS». Бесплатные уроки CSS для начинающих Вдобавок к текстовым урокам по каскадным таблицам стилей, в данном разделе также представлены полезные уроки CSS для начинающих. Все материалы изложены в максимально простой и понятной форме, поэтому даже абсолютный новичок сможет быстро освоить все премудрости создания красивого оформления сайтов. Меню с подсказками Делаем меню которое будет раскрываться в разные стороны, в зависимости от свободного пространства. CSS-Tricks по-русски. Box-модель в CSS - это ключевой момент.

Каждый элемент на странице определяется прямоугольником, покрывающим этот элемент. Понимание того, как это работает - основа успешной вёрстки. Давайте рассмотрим как элемент влияет на элементы, лежащие вокруг него, а также обсудим вопросы отображения различными браузерами. В первую очередь, рассмотрим как точно рассчитывается размер элемента.