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Social Media  Marketing 201 For Bloggers | It's Only Fashion. A few months ago, Gidge did an intro to marketing for bloggers seeking to get the world out about their blog on different social networks. That social network marketing is a critical portion of marketing your blog, particularly in its first few months before it gets added to any feeds. Once you have some history, though, it’s time to start taking additional steps. Blog Consistently People will get in the habit of checking your blog regularly if you blog consistently. This does not have to be everyday. It can even be just once a week, but then make sure you do blog once a week, not once this week and four times three weeks later. Getting Syndicated. Once you have been blogging for three months or so, it is time to apply to be added to feeds. Being on a feed increases your exposure, though not necessarily your traffic unless you have a way to monitor feed traffic. So how do you get on a feed? Check out the feeds and see which ones you would like to be on.

Expos, Fairs and Hunts Cross-posting. Marketing 301 For Bloggers | It's Only Fashion. Probably the most controversial subject for bloggers and blogger marketing is the relationship between bloggers and designers and review or promotional items that they may feature in their blogs. This is a topic fraught with misconceptions, angst, resentments and drama, so let’s just jump right in. Let’s start with one of the most widely held misconceptions about bloggers – that they are motivated purely out of avarice, blogging solely in order to rake in free stuff from designers. As with any misconception, there’s a few grains of truth out of which people have made a whole loaf of error.

It’s likely some people start blogging in hopes of raking it in, but they don’t last. Once they realize how much work and expense is involved in blogging, they quit. That’s why so many feeds, events and store review policies have a requirement that someone have blogged for three months or so – it winnows out the ones who are not motivated by love of fashion and blogging. So how do you begin? Marketing 401 for Bloggers | It's Only Fashion. Well, now we are getting into “Do as I say, not as I do,” territory. I am talking about Flickr. I use Flickr and I add a link to my blog in my description, but I know I could do much more.

Like every element of marketing your blog, you have to decide if you want to do it and if it’s worth the time for you. I occasionally start to use some of the marketing techniques I will discuss in this post, but I tend to get distracted by other people’s pictures and wander astray. Your Profile Your first step should be to edit your profile to provide a link to your blog and say a little something about you and your blog. Your Photos With each blog photo you upload, you should provide a URL to your blog in the description. When adding photos you should also add keywords such as Second Life, your name and the brand names you are wearing. Your Comments Flickr is very much a tit-for-tat economy where people who comment a lot get lots of comments. Groups There are hundreds of Second Life groups in Flickr. IOF PSA: Marketing 101 for Bloggers – Social Networks | It's Only Fashion.

So after Cajsa did her unbelievably thorough marketing pieces for Creators (mostly fueled by frustration- don’t get us started) it was mulling through both our minds that not only do Creators need some sort of SOP for marketing success, so do us bloggers. This list is by no means comprehensive or complete. Blogging is a real time evolving thing. It changes month to month. Day to day even. You don’t have to write complete sentences to be a blogger. Regardless, there are some things you can do to improve your blog’s marketing and traffic and I thought I’d list of some of those basics here. First of all quit lying about not caring about traffic. We bloggers are peacocks of various ilk. Social Networks: It’s valuable to belong to them, because not only can you put up links to your most recent posts, but through conversation and contact you’ll meet people who might enjoy your blog (and you theirs if they have them).

A few I can think of are: Social networking is a fun and powerful thing.