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The experience of the well-played game is what we love most about sports, but it is accessible only to truly accomplished athletes. There are thousands of other games besides sports. Most of them are easier to play, more inviting, far less serious, and even more likely to lead to the very same thing we find in the well-played game – something I often find myself calling “deep fun.” We start with Seven Ways to Make Almost Anything More Fun. Then we opine on how you can even make losing fun, if you’re playing those kinds of games. | Bernie DeKoven
Database of Games: Physical and Social Games Database of Games: Physical and Social Games ( Defense and Attack, Foursquare, Handball ) Foursquare is a physical ball game similar combining elements of volleyball, kickball, and dodgeball. Its played in a four square quadrant which are ranked from one to four, four generally being the position of most authority. Sometimes, the player in the fourth square and highest ranking position can change the game’s rules at the beginning of each round by calling a style of gameplay or not allowing certain types of gameplay, like double-taps, underhand-only, and other types of play.
Areae president Raph Koster is perhaps best known as a designer of Ultima Online and the previous CCO of Sony Online Entertainment, but his new venture capital-funded project, Metaplace, hooks snugly into the 'mainstream online world' angle that is a world away from the hardcore MMOs he formerly developed. Koster is one of the most notable cheerleaders for a paradigm shift in the game industry away from alleged hardcore-centric insularity, In this extensive interview, conducted at last month's Austin GDC, Gamasutra discusses his ideas for a working "game grammar" for developers and much, much more. I wanted to talk about your work on game grammar, as discussed in your AGDC lecture and in previous and upcoming books. Features - Defining Games: Raph Koster's Game Grammar Features - Defining Games: Raph Koster's Game Grammar