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Digiplay repository. Bernie DeKoven. Database of Games: Physical and Social Games. Features - Defining Games: Raph Koster's Game Grammar. Areae president Raph Koster is perhaps best known as a designer of Ultima Online and the previous CCO of Sony Online Entertainment, but his new venture capital-funded project, Metaplace, hooks snugly into the 'mainstream online world' angle that is a world away from the hardcore MMOs he formerly developed.

Features - Defining Games: Raph Koster's Game Grammar

Koster is one of the most notable cheerleaders for a paradigm shift in the game industry away from alleged hardcore-centric insularity, In this extensive interview, conducted at last month's Austin GDC, Gamasutra discusses his ideas for a working "game grammar" for developers and much, much more. I wanted to talk about your work on game grammar, as discussed in your AGDC lecture and in previous and upcoming books.