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Sustainability and Fashion

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Holly McQuillan | designer and researcher. How PETA Won the Angora Debate and What It Means for Fashion | Intelligence | BoF. NEW YORK, United States — In the spring of 2016, a group of top-tier fashion executives convened in midtown Manhattan for a closed-door meeting. The conversation centred on the treatment of animals and the ethics policies they had in place. It was clear that many brands felt more pressure than ever to cooperate with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — the international non-profit organisation widely known as PETA. “Look at what PETA did to angora,” one executive said. “They virtually wiped it out.” Indeed, in 2013, PETA took on the trade in angora rabbit fur in what proved to be one of its most successful campaigns, releasing a video of a rabbit in China — the world's top producer of angora wool — being tortured and mutilated, its fur hand-plucked from its body.

In the months after the video was released, more than 100 major brands suspended their use of angora rabbit wool, according to PETA, including Calvin Klein, Gap, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Topshop, Uniqlo and Zara. We Could Soon Be Wearing Leather Made From Human Skin. H&M DoSomething Comeback Clothes Campaign - Recycle Your Clothes. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Now's the time to do something good with that old ripped tee you've been holding onto! You know the one. It's been hanging in the back of your closet for, oh, ever., one of the largest and most amazing organizations for young people and social change, and H&M have teamed up to launch a campaign to encourage you to recycle your old clothes, called Comeback Clothes. Basically, from now until June 20, you can drop off unwanted clothes (in any brand and in any condition!)

Get all your friends together and make it a big recycling party! Will you be participating in the Comeback Clothes campaign? 18 Amazing Eco-Friendly Beauty Products Gifts For Your Eco-Friendly Friends Celebs Go Green! 100 Ethical Fashion Choices. SAVE WATER CHALLENGE. Lifegist | Sustainable Eco-fashion brand made in Spain. Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: Ethical threads in the spotlight. Let's play celebrity word association with Isabel Lucas. Go. Home and Away actress. Environmental activist. Vegetarian. Bet you're not thinking the face of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, simply because you associate her with a hippy, Coachellaesque kind of dressing down vibe, not a red carpet dressing up. She once appeared on a red carpet barefoot. But it actually makes perfect sense that Lucas is MSFW's ambassador this year, since one of the festival's main focuses is on sustainable and ethical fashion.

Not so fast (fashion). It turns out that the fashion industry is in the midst of a crisis. Here's a non-inclusive list of problems that the industry needs to address with some (not all) well-known brands. And the city of Melbourne isn't trying to sweep it all under the rug. What makes all of this is so unusual is that the topic isn't necessarily a sexy one, and fashion is all about wrapping sexiness up in velvet and a designer logo.

The social media world went nuts. Revolt at French Connection | Business | The Times & The Sunday Times. Investor piles pressure on French Connection to address concerns | News | Drapers. Copenhagen Fashion Week Spotlights Sustainability. Copenhagen Fashion Week, which began Wednesday and runs through Friday, is giving sustainability some good play. The event held in the wake of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, which drew 1,250 industry delegates last May, had sustainable label Fonnesbech on its first day — Crown Princess Mary of Denmark sat front row at the Fonnesbech display — and two Swedish brands with a sustainability perspective on day two: House of Dagmar and Uniforms For The Dedicated, two newcomers to the Copenhagen calendar. “The vision is the gap that Copenhagen could fill: to take the position as the sustainability destination and bring together the brands from all over the world who want to work on sustainability,” said Eva Kruse, chief executive officer of Copenhagen Fashion Week, noting that she would like H&M to reveal its Conscious Collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week, as well as draw such players as Stella McCartney and Prada, who both have an ethical point of view in terms of production.