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Zoe Gilbert

Having 3 years experience in analyzing, designing and developing test-automation suites for different organizations. Worked on various configuration management technologies & providing QA & software testing consultation. In my spare time I enjoy coding, blogging about new technologies & travelling to new places.

Codeless Testing Tools to Solve the Challenges of Test Automation in 2020 - ImpactQA. The software testing arena is evolving with technology, providing a convenient and robust background for innovations to take charge.

Codeless Testing Tools to Solve the Challenges of Test Automation in 2020 - ImpactQA

It is evident how manual testing has been smoothly replaced by codeless practices for improving testing speed and quality. For instance, implementing CI/CD and continuous testing practices within the Agile space has transformed the development teams’ outlook. They are dedicated to accepting new updates to manage additional releases faster than before. Test automation solutions should be planned so that testing is accessible not only to the ones who can code but also for those who lack coding skills.

Therefore, codeless test automation is the right approach that holds the ability to simplify testing activities for QA professionals, regardless of the complexity of the software. Global Shift to Modern Codeless Test Automation For testers been in the business or the once freshly enrolled, their connection with Selenium is like an inevitable reality. 6 Steps to Choose a Software Development Company - ImpactQA. Choosing the right software development company for your future projects is one of the most crucial tasks of an enterprise, as this can directly influence the output you produce in the market.

6 Steps to Choose a Software Development Company - ImpactQA

But, before even you begin your hunt for your most suitable developing partner, it’s good to have clarity over your own future project requirements. Planning fields like goals and objectives of your company, software, and hardware to be used, total budget, manpower, etc is essential. Once you are clear with your project specifications, you are all set to look for a suitable software development company that matches with you.

Now, with more than 100,000 small and large scale software development companies around the world, how do you find your perfect fit? This write-up will walk you through a step by step process to zero down your search for your ideal software development company. Also Read: BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development) – Nuts & the Bolts ASK FOR BLIND CVs. ImpactQA & Its Technology Contribution to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic - ImpactQA. The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 will soon be completing a year of its existence.

ImpactQA & Its Technology Contribution to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic - ImpactQA

Time has not been a healer and the situation has grown complex, especially in nations with greater population density. The fight with COVID-19 has transformed over the months. Technology has been the frontrunner in this fight, acting as one of the few better aspects during this pandemic. Several tech giants have joined hands to launch voluntary smartphone apps that are capable of issuing alerts and giving detailed knowledge about infected locations. According to researchers and public health officials, these widely advertised initiatives towards privacy-friendly, smartphone apps have not actually impacted the virus or its spread.

Use of Selenium for Web App Automation: Benefits & Best Practices - ImpactQA. Selenium, an open-source automation testing tool widely used for web-based applications is gaining momentum in today’s testing market.

Use of Selenium for Web App Automation: Benefits & Best Practices - ImpactQA

This automation tool has a lot of distinctive benefits that gives the companies using selenium an edge over the competition. In this blog, watch out why it is the most preferred choice of organizations and automation testers. 6 Top Performance Testing Trends 2020 - ImpactQA. How ImpactQA has Helped the Second Largest Food Chain Company in Automating Processes by 60%? - ImpactQA. According to a recent report, the food automation market is expected to reach $29.4 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2020.

How ImpactQA has Helped the Second Largest Food Chain Company in Automating Processes by 60%? - ImpactQA

Food companies have to scale up their operations to meet the demands that peak seasons bring. They do so by temporarily increasing their labour and supplies. Though this strategy is apt for small and medium-sized businesses, implementing it for multinational companies having multiple stores around the world is impossible. How to Effectively Improve E-Commerce Testing? - ImpactQA. The emergence of e-commerce has indeed transformed the way people shop.

How to Effectively Improve E-Commerce Testing? - ImpactQA

There is serious competition among e-commerce websites to deliver consistent performance, or else their reputation might dwindle. If you observe closely, the e-commerce business is established on varied software applications and mobile apps. The global e-commerce market was valued at USD 9.09 trillion in 2019; it is forecasted to advance at a compound annual growth rate of 14.7% during the period between 2020 and 2027.

This impressive growth rate is supported by crucial aspects of quality functionality, including robust test management. Test automation has taken over as dependable assistance that helps in the creation of robust test cases. ImpactQA & its Association with Global E-Learning Providers during COVID-19 Pandemic - ImpactQA. The world is facing a global lockdown, and the majority of the nations are quarantined to ward off the COVID-19 virus scare.

ImpactQA & its Association with Global E-Learning Providers during COVID-19 Pandemic - ImpactQA

It wouldn’t be wrong to call several renowned cities as phantom cities where schools, universities, and colleges are shut down. The education sector is forced to adapt to newer ways. E-learning or online teaching has taken over as the only smart option to educate the population. Top 7 Agile Testing Trends to Look Out in 2021 - ImpactQA. We cannot deny how technology picks up the pace to evolve each year with better things served on the plate.

Top 7 Agile Testing Trends to Look Out in 2021 - ImpactQA

The need for software development and testing has entered an innovative arena where fueling new technologies do play a vital role. This year has seen software development companies stress more on the agility to align better testing approach based on agile principles. Agile Testing: Best Practices and Methodology - ImpactQA. Do you ever come across a situation as a developer or a coder wondering how did this code script get the approval to be released?

Agile Testing: Best Practices and Methodology - ImpactQA

Or maybe you were one of the testers who received a code right before its deployment and insisted that the code was not ready, yet your marketing team pushed it on release. Most of the companies follow a culture like this where they prioritize deadlines above quality and end-up delivering codes full of bugs. Keeping the testing department aloof of the development process gives way to such chaos within the testing and development teams.

How RPA became the Future of Enterprise Test Automation? - ImpactQA. According to a research by MarketsandMarkets Enterprise Software Testing and the Global Enterprise Test Automation Services market size is expected to grow from USD 12.6 billion in 2021 to USD 28.8 billion by 2024.

How RPA became the Future of Enterprise Test Automation? - ImpactQA

Even when the investment is hefty, with right amount of efforts organizations are dicey about the delivered results. What if this ongoing effort can be eliminated? This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes into play to aid testing processes. RPA tools can make Testing and QA Services 80% more efficient and productive and help leverage more features to the market at a faster pace.

Using RPA solutions, software’s can bring tremendous simplicity for building bots at high speed and deploying them with the least number of technical skills. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a very crucial lesson. The RPA bot maintenance and software quality while maintaining the resiliency. Top QA Consulting Companies in USA 2021 - ImpactQA. Quality Assurance, as the word suggests, is a process where a QA testing company assures the quality of your product after putting it through various testing mechanisms.

Although quality assurance has been relevant since 1987, it has certainly become an essential commodity in the past decade. No one can argue against the importance of QA testing now. Any delays or software defects found after the release of software can be pernicious for any enterprise. It can result in the loss of valuable clients as well as a loss of income for a company. How Can Businesses Leverage Mobile Test Automation - A Complete Guide - ImpactQA. With the increased level of mobile application usage amongst millennials, there are hardly any business entities that can think of running a business (especially eCommerce) without a mobile application.

As per research by eMarketer, any US adult is expected to spend on an average four hours of their time on mobile internet, out of which 88% is with mobile applications. This number is continuously growing year after year. With the given stats, it’s pretty much clear that mobile applications’ usage is expected to increase in the coming years, which means an added demand for mobile application developers and testing service providers. Top Challenges to Enterprise Test Automation & Ways to Break Them - ImpactQA.

While focusing on application development iterations, laying full dependency on manual testing is never a viable option. Not only the cost but the development speed holds no match with automation as a suitable alternative. However, organizations delayed the expansion of test automation since inexpensive manual testing options were available. How are Neobanks Driving the Future of FinTech? - ImpactQA. The market for Financial Technology (FinTech) has transformed majorly since March, with the COVID-19 virus breaking loose at the global level. You might wonder how a pandemic influences FinTech, but since all businesses require finances & banking support, the current financial technology changes are understandable.

We have started this new decade where people are ready for the digital transformation that improves their financial lives. Individuals who have maintained decade old relationships with big banks are now open to the idea of ‘Open Bank Movement’. According to this arrangement, the financial services industry has backed the emergence of fully-digitized banks known as Neobanks. Also called ‘challenger banks,’ these are viewed as new banking options in direct competition with various legacy institutions. What Is The Present Situation Of FinTech? To be honest, almost everyone from the digital banking space is aiming to establish themselves firmly in the market. What is a DDoS Attack? Different Types & Methods to Prevent It - ImpactQA. AIOps Role of Testing Professionals for Successful Implementation - ImpactQA. Top Software Testing Trends to Focus in 2021 - ImpactQA.

SAP S/4 HANA System: Latest Insights on Migration and Testing Needs - ImpactQA. How to Improve Performance Testing of E-Commerce Applications? - ImpactQA. Top 10 Software Testing Companies in UK 2020 - ImpactQA. Can We Test Mobile Applications using Game Emulators? - ImpactQA. DAST Vs SAST - Application Security Testing Methods - ImpactQA. Top Reasons Why Organizations Need A Dedicated Software Testing Company As A Partner - ImpactQA. Ranorex: Pros & Cons of GUI Test Automation Tools - ImpactQA. Why Choose Shift-Left and Shift-Right Testing Approach?   - ImpactQA. What Are The Benefits Of Using Test Automation In Salesforce? - ImpactQA. Top 5 Cloud-Based Software Testing Tools - ImpactQA. What is Cyber Range? Its Imposing Impact on Cybersecurity - ImpactQA.

Compatibility Testing: Types & Processes Involved - ImpactQA. How to Conduct Accessibility Testing on Android Devices? - ImpactQA. JMeter Vs LoadRunner: Which is Suitable for Performance Testing? - ImpactQA. What is the Role of IoT & Machine Learning in Smart Cities? - ImpactQA. What is the Role of IoT & Machine Learning in Smart Cities? - ImpactQA. Is Katalon Studio the Best Software Testing Tool of 2021? Top Automation Testing Companies in USA 2021 - ImpactQA. How is Kubernetes Transforming the DevOps Space? - ImpactQA. Database Testing: Practical Tips & Necessary Insights - ImpactQA. ImpactQA has Domain Expertise for Functional Testing Services !!

The threats of launching a new product without quality assurance have high implications because of the varying demands and expectations of the end-users. ImpactQA’s Functional Testing Services guarantee the validation and verification of applications for independent software enterprises and vendors. This ensures that the client application is perfectly tested following the set parameters, defined specifications, and objectives. ImpactQA engages with clients in distinct phases of the life cycle to align the testing goals against the business objectives.

Our professionals are adept at performing effective compatibility testing, error-free integration, and improved reliability of applications. Richard says… Internet of Things Application Testing. Qa_and_iot_testing_services Internet of Things Testing (IoT) is the fastest growing sector in the Testing World. According to a report from McKinsey, by 2020 there will be over 30 M devices through IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT is essentially a web of physical objects that are embedded with sensors; various software that interact with each other by collecting and exchanging data. For over two decades, organizations and businesses have been adopting IoT solutions to offer benefits like cost optimization, improved efficiency and enhanced user experience, but in the last decade or so, the innovative onslaught of IoT has come to the forefront with things like self-driving cars, home automation solutions, smart medical devices, etc. catching the attention of end users.

In terms of software testing requirements, the Internet of Things brings many new things to the table, including a major emphasis on unusual device types, such as home appliances, thermostat interfaces, and watch sensors. Richard says… Software Performance Testing Services. Mobile Application Testing Services Company India & US. Software Compatibility Testing Services. Software Performance Testing Services. Internet of Things Application Testing. Quality Assurance (QA) Automation Testing Services. Software bugs are expensive. Companies embarking on a software project need to implement an effective and comprehensive testing strategy to avoid setbacks. Fortunately, quality assurance for products has become an effective approach for avoiding bugs and defects. Adequate testing ensures that key applications maintain functionality even after maintenance, new developments, and important software upgrades.

Outsourced Enterprise QA - ImpactQA ImpactQA. Software Functionality Testing Services. Software Testing and QA Services Company India & US. Software Testing Services. Software QA Consulting Company.