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Zoe Gilbert

Expert in analyzing, designing and developing test-automation suites for different organizations. Worked on various configuration management technologies & providing QA & Software Testing consultation. In my spare time I enjoy coding, blogging about new technologies & travelling to new places.

Performance Testing Vs Load Testing: Spot Common Differences - ImpactQA. One of the primary issues within the software testing industry is the confusion that prevails around performance testing and load testing.

Performance Testing Vs Load Testing: Spot Common Differences - ImpactQA

It is believed that both are either the same or function as a substitute for one another. To be clear, performance testing helps in the assessment of a system’s performance, whereas, load testing evaluates how the performance varies as different demands are piled on the system. We will try to form a clear understanding of these two test variants and how they differ from each other. How 2021 Will Emerge as the Year Of Adaptive Cybersecurity? - ImpactQA. Adaptive Cybersecurity, as the term suggests, is basically an approach to shield against security threats that are evolving and changing at a significant pace.

How 2021 Will Emerge as the Year Of Adaptive Cybersecurity? - ImpactQA

As an organization, it is essential to position yourself to recognize, monitor, and reduce risks when they are spotted. In simple terms, Adaptive Cybersecurity architecture’s deployment permits your organization to assess discrepancies and automatically deliver proportional enforcement continuously. What is the need to Modify Cybersecurity Strategies? The development of software infrastructure shifting from monolith to microservices does demand a whole different approach from security testing companies. Although it does offer several distinct security advantages, the number of challenges associated with it is also alarming. Biometric Testing & its Impact on Quality Assurance - ImpactQA. The world at present functions with tech upgrades and a biometric authentication system is one of the finest additions you can look at.

Biometric Testing & its Impact on Quality Assurance - ImpactQA

A lot many industries and devices are now dependent on biometric screening to secure confidential data without the need for PINs or complex passwords. To be precise, access control for a device or building managed in a sophisticated and unique way, for instance, fingerprints or iris scans is termed as biometrics. Biometric Data & Testing Needs In simple words, biometric data is any form of data that emerges from physical distinctiveness linked to a human being. The range of security systems and devices used in today’s time conveniently incorporate biometric data such as fingerprints, voice inputs, facial recognition, and iris scans. According to a market assessment, the biometric system market is expected to surpass $ 32.77 billion by 2022 with a CAGR growth of 16.79%. How is ImpactQA Revolutionizing Software Testing Industry in this Modern Era - ImpactQA.

Regardless of the industry, you belong to, the role of technology and its various tools have become an important aspect.

How is ImpactQA Revolutionizing Software Testing Industry in this Modern Era - ImpactQA

In order to acquire higher returns on investment, the software is essential to carry out tasks in a smooth manner. For every business that deals with the development of applications, software quality should be the prime focus. To upkeep this requirement, you have numerous software testing & QA companies which make sure your applications are structured in a full-proof way. Micro Focus ALM & its Benefits to an Enterprise - ImpactQA. For technology users spread across the globe, the need for interesting applications at a faster delivery rate is the primary concern.

Micro Focus ALM & its Benefits to an Enterprise - ImpactQA

In addition, a stern focus on software functionality and high-end quality are other aspects that are commonly prioritized. The usefulness of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) towards business management is the trending topic that has caught the eye of all major technology giants. How is ALM effective? It helps to uphold the processing of a particular software application from its requirement stage to its development, testing and deployment with simultaneous improvements in software quality.

Furthermore, ALM is different from SDLC, since it is beneficial when it comes to on-time releases. Micro Focus ALM software is regarded as a powerful tool that operates as a sole repository to benefit application teams in planning, structuring and accelerating the delivery of trustworthy applications. Top 5 Ways to Automate Microservices Testing - ImpactQA. The term microservices was introduced by Peter Rodgers as early as 2005, but it has only gained notoriety in the past couple of years.

Top 5 Ways to Automate Microservices Testing - ImpactQA

A substantial number of companies that had previously invested in DevOps have now opted to create their software applications using microservices. As per recent research by The Courier, the microservices architecture market is projected to hit $8,073 million at a CAGR of +18% between 2020-28, it’s quite safe to say that microservices are the future of app development. But as it is with every new technology, organizations have been facing many issues trying to implement it. To resolve these issues, an organization requires the assistance of a software testing company that can automate microservices testing. But this is no easy task, any tester who has tried performing test automation can attest to that. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 ways to automate microservices testing.

How does Test Automation Improve Healthcare Applications? - ImpactQA. The healthcare ecosystem is readily supported by complex IT upgrades.

How does Test Automation Improve Healthcare Applications? - ImpactQA

Talking about healthcare products, they hold a precondition to providing the precision of the highest order, which directly creates the need for healthcare application testing. Looking at the latest trend, healthcare providers have made a shift towards test automation to match up with new releases and maintain accuracy within test results. Black Box Testing: Types and Techniques - ImpactQA. Black Box Testing is regarded as an influential technique that helps to examine the application under test (AUT).

Black Box Testing: Types and Techniques - ImpactQA

This arrangement is unique since the AUT is tested without stressing on the internal code structure or the implementation specifics related to the software. If we talk in a precise language, black box testing is primarily used to investigate the system against outside factors that are accountable for software failures. The purpose of this testing approach is to keep a check on the input that enters the software, and the output which is formed. Performance Engineering - Challenges, Benefits & Best Practices - ImpactQA.

Performance issues arise due to the presumptions that software developers make while writing code.

Performance Engineering - Challenges, Benefits & Best Practices - ImpactQA

These issues don’t mean that the Devs are vindictive and want their employers to release a bugged product rather this only shows the human nature of a software developer. Performance testing used to be the go-to method to curb these issues, but continuous innovation in the development sphere has made performance testing redundant. More advanced methodologies are now required to ensure that all the performance-related issues are wiped out from the software application. Performance engineering is a methodology that can keep you confident while you journey down the software delivery spiral.

Cloud Test Automation: How Does it Benefit Business Processes? - ImpactQA. Cloud computing is the availability of computing system resources such as servers, storage, databases, etc.

Cloud Test Automation: How Does it Benefit Business Processes? - ImpactQA

This resource is an on-demand, pay-as-you-go service which allows companies to utilize its benefits meanwhile lowering the operational costs. Recent research found out that the global cloud computing market is expected to boom at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.5%, resulting in the annual spend to leapfrog from USD 371.4 billion in 2020 to USD 832.1 billion by 2025 (source).

The report also expected an increase in sectors where work from home (WFH) is being implemented to sustain business functions. Cloud technology is here to stay, with several industries trying to implement cloud computing in their business one way or another. But making sure that this technology is integrated seamlessly without interrupting the existing workflows is equally necessary. This seamless integration can only be achieved with help of cloud test automation. Why is it Important to Test Banking Applications? - ImpactQA. The financial sector is the elixir for all industries has been experiencing serious changes. Almost all the latest technological upgrades are introduced within this sector to deliver stable and quality performance. Top-notch customer experience is the motto for all financial services and the availability of error-free banking applications is what is required by the global banking population. It is interesting to know that software testing has combined certain standards which highlight utmost dedication and attention towards security issues, especially in the banking domain.

How Remote Work Impacts DevOps & Development? - ImpactQA. The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the global order and remote work is gradually becoming the new normal. The option for work from home has been implemented by many organizations, thereby, posing difficulties in certain industries. Although the lockdown restrictions have started to ease up, several companies have maintained their policy of work from home on both full- time and part-time basis.

For instance, you can easily check out big companies like Amazon and Facebook which have clearly announced that their employees won’t be resuming offices by the end of 2020. There are even cases where certain enterprises are even discussing permanent guidelines associated with work from home. Twitter is a fine example, as the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, released an extraordinary statement addressing his employees to maintain the process of working from home “forever.” Technology has proven effective in permitting remote work to operate in a smooth and productive manner. 5 Great Ways to Achieve Complete Automation with AI and ML - ImpactQA. Automation in the testing domain has evolved a lot when it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specifically. Real-life examples including self-driven cars, bots, and the famous Amazon-owned product, Alexa are some of the basic examples of how AL and ML have influenced our lives and day to day activities.

Talking about the competitive product line being released every other day, with updated application software and devices making users lives easier than ever, emphasis on the demand for product quality for users. Customers are becoming intolerant to product defect with the numbers of alternatives available to them to switch in the market. The below-mentioned statistics are true when talking about the loyalty a customer can portray for a particular product or service for a company. 91% of non-complainers just leave and 13% of them tell 15 more people about their bad experience for a product Addressing Challenges in Test Automation Through AI and ML. 20 Best Software Development Tools In 2020 - ImpactQA. Digitization being the centre of every business activity today, the demand for software developers, web developers, application developers, and programmers is increasing rapidly and so is the need for development tools in this industry.

Software development tools or programming tools are programs used by developers to create, edit, debug, support, or maintain other applications, frameworks, and programs. In general, they are software in themselves that programmers use to create complex yet stable software and applications that match the needs and goals of their customers. For example language libraries, testers, debuggers, etc. With every business seeking a competitive edge in the market, having innovative ideas to reach and deliver your customers is what every other marketer aims at.

ImpactQA Recognized as a Leader among Next-Gen Testing Firms by Software Testing News - ImpactQA. ImpactQA, an acclaimed global software testing company delivering next-gen QA testing services has topped the “Leading Software Testing Providers” list published by a renowned industry-specific British resource. The Software Testing News has been consistent with the offering of focused insights from the field of software testing. At present, it attracts approx. 30000+ tech leaders ranging from small to well-established companies with the purpose of recognizing the most innovative and competitive testing leaders. ImpactQA has been acknowledged as a front runner for vital growth by approximately 60% both in services and revenue delivery. This achievement is accredited to significant changes undertaken by the management team and the deployment of remote working processes to eliminate new business challenges that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CEO of ImpactQA bestowed his viewpoint on this latest achievement: Codeless Testing Tools to Solve the Challenges of Test Automation in 2020 - ImpactQA. The software testing arena is evolving with technology, providing a convenient and robust background for innovations to take charge. 6 Steps to Choose a Software Development Company - ImpactQA. Choosing the right software development company for your future projects is one of the most crucial tasks of an enterprise, as this can directly influence the output you produce in the market. But, before even you begin your hunt for your most suitable developing partner, it’s good to have clarity over your own future project requirements. Planning fields like goals and objectives of your company, software, and hardware to be used, total budget, manpower, etc is essential.

ImpactQA & Its Technology Contribution to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic - ImpactQA. The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 will soon be completing a year of its existence. Time has not been a healer and the situation has grown complex, especially in nations with greater population density. Use of Selenium for Web App Automation: Benefits & Best Practices - ImpactQA. 6 Top Performance Testing Trends 2020 - ImpactQA. How ImpactQA has Helped the Second Largest Food Chain Company in Automating Processes by 60%? - ImpactQA. According to a recent report, the food automation market is expected to reach $29.4 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2020. Food companies have to scale up their operations to meet the demands that peak seasons bring. How to Effectively Improve E-Commerce Testing? - ImpactQA. The emergence of e-commerce has indeed transformed the way people shop. ImpactQA & its Association with Global E-Learning Providers during COVID-19 Pandemic - ImpactQA.

The world is facing a global lockdown, and the majority of the nations are quarantined to ward off the COVID-19 virus scare. It wouldn’t be wrong to call several renowned cities as phantom cities where schools, universities, and colleges are shut down. Top 7 Agile Testing Trends to Look Out in 2021 - ImpactQA. We cannot deny how technology picks up the pace to evolve each year with better things served on the plate. Agile Testing: Best Practices and Methodology - ImpactQA. Do you ever come across a situation as a developer or a coder wondering how did this code script get the approval to be released? Or maybe you were one of the testers who received a code right before its deployment and insisted that the code was not ready, yet your marketing team pushed it on release. Most of the companies follow a culture like this where they prioritize deadlines above quality and end-up delivering codes full of bugs.

How RPA became the Future of Enterprise Test Automation? - ImpactQA. According to a research by MarketsandMarkets Enterprise Software Testing and the Global Enterprise Test Automation Services market size is expected to grow from USD 12.6 billion in 2021 to USD 28.8 billion by 2024. Even when the investment is hefty, with right amount of efforts organizations are dicey about the delivered results.

Top QA Consulting Companies in USA 2021 - ImpactQA. How Can Businesses Leverage Mobile Test Automation - A Complete Guide - ImpactQA. Top Challenges to Enterprise Test Automation & Ways to Break Them - ImpactQA. How are Neobanks Driving the Future of FinTech? - ImpactQA. What is a DDoS Attack? Different Types & Methods to Prevent It - ImpactQA. AIOps Role of Testing Professionals for Successful Implementation - ImpactQA.

Top Software Testing Trends to Focus in 2021 - ImpactQA. SAP S/4 HANA System: Latest Insights on Migration and Testing Needs - ImpactQA. How to Improve Performance Testing of E-Commerce Applications? - ImpactQA. Top 10 Software Testing Companies in UK 2020 - ImpactQA. Can We Test Mobile Applications using Game Emulators? - ImpactQA. DAST Vs SAST - Application Security Testing Methods - ImpactQA. Top Reasons Why Organizations Need A Dedicated Software Testing Company As A Partner - ImpactQA. Ranorex: Pros & Cons of GUI Test Automation Tools - ImpactQA. Why Choose Shift-Left and Shift-Right Testing Approach?   - ImpactQA. What Are The Benefits Of Using Test Automation In Salesforce? - ImpactQA.

Top 5 Cloud-Based Software Testing Tools - ImpactQA. What is Cyber Range? Its Imposing Impact on Cybersecurity - ImpactQA. Compatibility Testing: Types & Processes Involved - ImpactQA. How to Conduct Accessibility Testing on Android Devices? - ImpactQA. JMeter Vs LoadRunner: Which is Suitable for Performance Testing? - ImpactQA. What is the Role of IoT & Machine Learning in Smart Cities? - ImpactQA. What is the Role of IoT & Machine Learning in Smart Cities? - ImpactQA. Is Katalon Studio the Best Software Testing Tool of 2021? Top Automation Testing Companies in USA 2021 - ImpactQA. How is Kubernetes Transforming the DevOps Space? - ImpactQA. Database Testing: Practical Tips & Necessary Insights - ImpactQA. ImpactQA has Domain Expertise for Functional Testing Services !! Richard says…

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