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IT Enabled Service and Management. ZITIMA being a global player offers a complete and result-oriented service support, ensuring a perfect and smooth business operation and pave the way of your success.

IT Enabled Service and Management

Delivering a comprehensive IT-enabled services and superior cloud administration and management is ZITIMA’s core objective. We endeavor our best to offer the best support and solutions in the line. Opportunities and Challenges The varying business and economic conditions, rapid technological innovation, the explosion of the internet and globalization are building an ever-increasing competitive environment. The role of technology has changed from supporting organizations to transforming them.

ZITIMA understand that being in the IT and ITES industry, your organization can come across a vast variety of challenges and risks in their attempt to build and maintain a faultless, successful, scalable and sustainable business. Zitima. New Advertising Strategy Social Media Marketing and Its Influence on Business Decisions Everything gets a wider platform in the era of technology.


Innovations get a new form for this. Now, producing a product is not enough for selling it. One needs to make a proper advertisement for this; social media is the best option for it. People are now attached to social media in 24*7.All through the years, it has graduated from the place where people use it only for chatting with others to the platform for marketing where professionals and entrepreneurs use it for their profit.

Zitima. Education is a part of life; it is hard to imagine a life without education.


It is a long process which continues all through the life. Previously it was only provided in a traditional way. Since the advent of technology, education gets a new dimension. There is an ever growing demand of infusing technology into education. With the rapid evolution of technology, it has managed to affect education in a broad way. Is it not better to have something which can be used for both reading and write purpose and one does not need to carry a big bag with it?

Textbooks are very costly today. How Mobile Apps Are Adding Value For Your Customers? Today, the mobile application becomes an integral part of the daily life of consumers.

How Mobile Apps Are Adding Value For Your Customers?

An average person spends around 30 hours per month using these apps. The popularity of smartphones is increasing year by year. This shows that it is a must for a business to have their own dedicated mobile app. In the modern era, it has the same importance for big brands as well as small brands because everyone wants to interact with the customers effectively. It can bring the marketing of a company to a higher level. 5 Reasons Digital Newspaper & Magazine Publishing Will Interest You.

With the rapid expansion and advancement of the digital ecosystem, it comes as no surprise that print readership is steadily declining, and popularity of e-books and e-magazines are reaching its zenith.

5 Reasons Digital Newspaper & Magazine Publishing Will Interest You

The recent statistical analysis on traditional printing and digital publishing by Digital Magazine Market Study showed people browse an average of 2.37 digital issues and an average of 2.91 print issues every month, which makes digital magazine consumption 43% of print magazine consumption. Hence, traditional publication services and print media should be blended with digitization so as to optimize and monetize the publishing business.

Here are 5 intriguing reasons for publishing business entrepreneurs that might make them ‘go digital’: 1. Global audience reach and readership feedback: One can sit at New Delhi and still have The New York Times at fingertips. How Location-Based Service Help A Business Optimize & Track Field Operations? We have noticed an unprecedented growth in the mobile assets with the advent of technology.

How Location-Based Service Help A Business Optimize & Track Field Operations?

The basic target of an organization is to ensure low-cost solution and well-coordinated venture of efforts while maintaining efficiency in business as well as customer satisfaction. What one desires to verify is that the corresponding employable field force is right on track to minimize wasteful detours for the same. Under-utilization of assets thus may prove quite expensive for the business ventures - be it small or large. Every organization with its business teams on the run, selling or interacting with the corresponding client needs to verify the successful delivery of the product as well as maintain its undisputed customer satiation for better outcomes, the reason why it is advisable to make use of location based services for optimization of the business and keep a constant visibility of the corresponding field operations.

Technology in Education. Since the early 2000’s not only e-commerce but e-learning has also gained sky-rocketing popularity.

Technology in Education

Digitisation in education has totally changed learning as well as the teaching techniques. E-books, e-journals, PDFs, different digital learning and teaching platforms like and have converted education into e-education. In 2010, the global self-paced eLearning market reached $32.1 billion in revenue, with an annual growth rate of approximately 9.2%. India having 55% growth rate tops the list of self-paced e-learning followed by China (52%), Malaysia (41%) and Romania (38%).

Here are few reasons behind exponential growth of digital education: 1. Why is Mobile-First Strategy a Must for Entertainment Brands? A smart phone confines your whole world into 5 inches and delivers it right at your fingertips.

Why is Mobile-First Strategy a Must for Entertainment Brands?

Those little touch screens have managed to touch upon human life like nothing else has. Smartphones have evolved lightning quick from being mere communication devices to tiny all-purpose personal computers. It is a huge blunder if brands and marketing initiatives decide to oversee this fact. Entertainment brands have realised that they too aren’t an exception to this. It wasn’t that hard for them to figure out that mobiles are the most fertile soil for them to plant and nurture their entertainment brands. Such a strategy has its principal focus set on the mobile sites.

A) Extent of its Reach YouTube stars keep popping up from even the farthest geographical locations. Six Benefits of Using Custom Software to Run Your Business. Custom Made software alike all the custom made luxuries in the world, offers the best for a business.

Six Benefits of Using Custom Software to Run Your Business

Let’s take a look at why you should be using a Custom Software Tailored for Your Business instead of buying a Retail Package. 1. Digital Magazine: It’s Benefits in a Nutshell. Digital content is the future of Internet media.

Digital Magazine: It’s Benefits in a Nutshell

We are stepping into a new era with fostering technological innovations. Today, printed magazines may be completely gone in the next 5-10 years. Magazines are going online in a rapid progression. It’s difficult to think of the world where all of our important information and data is stored safely and digitally. The thought and concept of reusing and ‘Go Green’ are stronger by day which is the actual reason why a digital magazine makes sense completely.

The magazine industry is at the starting phase of Resurgence. What Are A Few Of The Benefit Of Going Digital? Back Office Support Software Services - ZITIMA. Looking for a reliable agency that can provide you comprehensive back office support? We at ZITIMA leverages technology, innovation, best practices, and cross-functional domain expertise to provide organizations with cost-effective, high-quality back-office support across a wide range of business areas ranging from transactions to retail operations to financial analyses. Our Back-office Operations for the banking, insurance, Telecom, and logistics sectors help reduce risks and grow business. We deliver best-in-class, end-to-end services across the functions With us you can ensure that your back office will be running efficiently and optimally.

We are a one stop platform offering you services with better management solutions. While applicable to any industry our back-office support operations has helped improve in productivity and achieve significant ROI in following industries. News Publishing Portal Solution & System India. Zitima: Showcasing efficacious Agility via ‘Paperless Office Automation. Zitima: Showcasing efficacious Agility via ‘Paperless Office Automation Enforcing an Agile style of development means adding more management, not less. Usually, it becomes a vindication for escalating micromanagement. Adding to it is a daunting decision, whether a business would benefit from custom software packages or not. Thus, choosing between off-the-shelf technology and custom development is never simple unless one understands organization’s unique desires and needs. Rendering efficient software solutions with adherence to client’s needs is ZITIMA, based in Hyderabad that emphasizes on the Customer and Quality, and targets to burgeon in market based on its quality factor.

ZITIMA in 20 Most Promising Agile Solution Provider Companies in India - 2016. ZITIMA in 20 Most Promising Agile Solution Provider Companies in India - 2016 The Better Tomorrow is Here Earlier this year a media company uploaded an advertisement in YouTube which starts with a visual of a newspaper floating in rainwater and quoted besides - 'First things first, the newspaper is dead'. The precise portrayal of printed news media hit the internet. Witnessing the global market plummet, many media organizations had re-planted themselves into internet platform in last few years. So as 'Am730', the Chinese daily newspaper, ranked third in the country entailed a rescue.

Zitima. Perception Media Perception Media from Malaysia announced the launch of the Digital version of their print publication "Media Planning Guide" using ZITIMA's Mobile/Tablet and HTML5 platform. Available for readers to download the book from Apple App store ( for iPad and at for desktops/laptops and all browsers based tablets and Smartphone's. The online guide contains the same editorial content and advertising in the exact layout as the print edition giving a real feel of experiencing the online version in reader hands. Samsung Enterprise Solutions Expo 2014. Microsoft Partnership Announcement - ZITIMA.

Red hat Partnership Announcement - ZITIMA. Cisco partnership announcement - ZITIMA. HP Allianceone partnership announcement - ZITIMA. ZITIMA News Updates. E-Publishing Company India – Providing You a Way of Transformation to Digital Publishing by Zitima. Way of publication has changed to a great level now-a-days as it has reached to next level that is called e-publishing or digital publishing. It is a transformation of paper into digital mode that is accessible through all latest devices like Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop. Newspapers, magazines, books and other modes of write-ups are transformed and make able to read anytime and anywhere. This transformation is also beneficial for publishers as they can upload news from anywhere and anytime according to their requirement. You can also save your time and money on reading as you can do it on the way and anywhere. There are a number of added features and benefits associated with the amazing transformation.

Citizen Journalism Solution & Software Services India. Every news channel and media house wants to make its news publishing services faster to reach target audience instantly. However, they another main target is to keep the users and readers engaged with news happening around them. Digital Newsstand Software Innovative Online Digital Newsstand - ZITIMA. An online digital newsstand to browse/download to desktops, tablets, mobiles and read newspapers, magazines, journals and books from around the world on the same day they are published, often before they hit the regular newsstands. ReadersHub (powered by ZITIMA) a publication directory and store of international Magazines, Journals, Books and Newspapers from all over the world. Business consulting, IT Consulting, strategic planning, Business contunity ZITIMA.

The working environment for global organizations is gradually getting more complex. Though IT is no longer a support function in a company, conversion of functional areas needs to be in accordance with the business strategy as well. IT Enabled Service and Management. Digital Archiving, Microfilm to Digital & Microfiche to Digital, Scanning, content mining ZITIMA.

In the world of information and internet content is highly valued, Newspapers or print content is in top among them, as print is stronger copy of record and the rigid structure allows higher level of synthesis between news, editorials, and other components. Due to layout limitation only the most effective and relevant information to people and other ends is published, for example Newspaper have more editorial thought put into its content and offers better value. Business consulting, IT Consulting, strategic planning, Business contunity ZITIMA. Digital Magazine Publishing Software - ZITIMA. A Publishing house or Newspaper agencies they all depend on the physical copies of write-ups and news published for distribution. They are correct at their place, but current time demands changes and modification to keep pace with the fast pacing digital world and competition in every domain is getting tougher day by day.

Transforming the business into digital mode along with the print publication has become the need of the hour for publishers. Mobile and Tablet users are set to overtake desktops, and they prefer to read magazines, newspapers and newsletters on their mobiles, tablets and laptops from any location and anytime. Best Printing Services from Zitima. Readers Magic— A magical wand of quick publishing ZITIMA offers the best digital publishing solutions that assist you in focusing on cost and efficiency-so you can smoothly deliver your content to different channels, both today's trendy digital devices and other channels-in such a way that it won’t be only operationally efficient but also flexible enough to fulfill all the future requirements.

We keep an eye over the technology so that you can focus completely on your content. Custom Software Development Services for Social Media Marketing Solutions. In order to improve your business in the right path, it is important to have a reputed web presence. ZITIMA - ePublishing Company — Best GPS Tracking Software for Field Force... Social Media Marketing Software for Business - Digital Publishing Services. In a modern world many of the online business people are looking for the excellent digital publishing service because it is offering vast numbers of benefits. GPS Tracking Software Go4 - ZITIMA. Go4 is a GPS enabled service for the Print, Electronic and Digital media houses to collaborate with the infield reporters, journalists and editors for faster news gathering and reporting with no bar on technology or platform.

Go4 provides the platform to publish the live news with the Geo mark, Go4 comes with a in-built responsive CMS portal or can be integrates with the existing CMS Portal or website or a news workflow. Zitima Offers Digital Learning Software and Newspaper Publishing Software by Zitima India. Digital Learning Software And Newspaper Publishing Software. Slide 1: Digital Magazine Publishing Software for Digital Publication from ZITIMA.

Online Magazine Publishing Software and Digital Publications Software - Get from ZITIMA - Business, Tablet, Mobile, Banking, Education, Digital Media Software Development Company. ZITIMA - ePublishing Company — ZITIMA Designs and Develops Software for Digital... Digital Newsstand and Magazine Publishing Online – ReadersHub Is Ideal Option. ZITIMA - ePublishing Company: ZITIMA Offers Online Magazine Software for User-Accessibility Through All Modes. Online Newspaper Publishing Software and Epaper Software for Digital Publication of Newspaper (with images, tweets) · Zitima. Digital Publications Software Services - ZITIMA. Digital Publishing Solutions for Print Publications.

GPS Tracking Software Go4 - ZITIMA. Cloud Administration, Setup and Management It Services. Online Magazine Publishing Software - ZITIMA. Mobile Apps Development Services - ZITIMA. Importance of Mobile Apps Development in Businesses - Business, Tablet, Mobile, Banking, Education, Digital Media Software Development Company. Online Magazine Software Has Changed Media from Print to Digital. Social Media Solutions- A Mantra for a Successful Business. Opportunities of Cloud Administration - Magazine Publishing, Digital Education, Digital Newspaper, GPS Tracking, Mobile Apps Development. Outreach Your Possibilities with Custom Software Development.

ZITIMA - ePublishing Company — Digital Magazine Software - An Era of Leading... Digital Magazines Have Introduced a Whole New Way of Reading. ZITIMA - ePublishing Company: Making Learning Comfortable with Digital Education. Cloud Administration, Setup and Management It Services. Back Office Support Software Services - ZITIMA.

Epaper Software, Digital Magazines & ePublishing Company - ZITIMA. Advanced Online Newspaper Publishing Software from Zitima. Advanced and Innovative Software for Digital Publishing Services - Readers Magic - Zitima Launches Advanced Online Magazine Publishing Software by Zitimaindia. Zitima: ZITIMA Launches Latest Paperless Office Software in India. Paperless Office Software – An Ideal Way of Transforming Your Office and Organization - zitima. Find Trusted and Bespoke Software Development Company for Digital Newspaper Software and E-Paper Software.

ZITIMA Develops Advanced Online Magazine Publishing Software - Exact Release 03:03 am. Mobile Software Development Comapny (with image) · Zitima. Looking for latest #online #magazine #publishing #software that brings you numerous added benefits @ Purchase Advanced Magazine Publishing Software (with image) · Zitima. Digital Newspaper Software Online Newspaper Publishing Software. Epaper Software Digital Publishing Services ePublishing Company - ZITIMA.

Digital Magazine Publishing Software - ZITIMA. Online Magazine Publishing Software - ZITIMA. Online Magazine Publishing Software - ZITIMA. ZITIMA Develops Advanced On... ZITIMA - ePublishing Company — ZITIMA Launches iSlate – An Advanced Digital... Buy Online Paperless Office Solutions within Your Budget and Requirem… ZITIMA - ePublishing Company: Social Media Solutions and Customer Software Development at a Single Platform. Mobile Publishing Software – Making Online Publishing Faster and Technically Advanced by ZITIMA Software Company. ZITIMA – A One Stop Platform for Innovative Social Media Solutions. ZITIMA Offers Latest Online Magazine Publishing Software in India. GPS Tracking Software – ZITIMA Offers GO4. ZITIMA Develops Advanced On... ZITIMA Launches iSlate – Latest Digital Classroom Software : Digital Classroom Software. ZITIMA - ePublishing Company — ZITIMA Launches iSlate – An Advanced Digital...

Zitima. Digital Magazine Software & Solutions. ZITIMA Develops Advanced On... ZITIMA Launches iSlate – Latest Digital Classroom Software : Digital Classroom Software. ZITIMA - ePublishing Company — ZITIMA Launches iSlate – An Advanced Digital... ZITIMA Develops Advanced Online Magazine Software. ZITIMA Offers Best GO4 - GPS Tracking Software. GPS Tracking Software – ZITIMA Offers GO4.

Paperless Office Software. Find Bespoke Software Development Company for Paperless Office Software. It’s Time to Transform You Traditional Way of Publishing through Digital Magazine Software by Zitima. Digital Magazine Software & Solutions. Digital newsstand at zitima by Zitimaindia. Digital publications software. Get Assistance of ZITIMA to Earn Digital Magazine Publishing Software - Online Digital Magazine Software Solution.