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Looking forhealth and wellness blogs to lead a healthy lifestyle with better knowledge? Zindagi Hacks is a beauty and lifestyle blog that also covers solo travel guides, fashion inspiration and more.

Best Showpieces to Enhance Your Home Decor - Zindagi Hacks. Showpieces make your home look interesting by giving it a nice touch.

Best Showpieces to Enhance Your Home Decor - Zindagi Hacks

They enhance the overall surroundings of the house. We can use many showpieces in our drawing rooms, halls, bedrooms, etc. to make them look appealing and attractive. Besides, many people consider different showpieces as a sign of fortune, good luck, and positive vibes as well. There are many showpieces online available and you can buy one according to space and your choice. Here are some showpieces you can check out for buying: 1. Description: This showpiece is very elegant, artistic and light-weight. Other details: Importance of giving wedding gifts - Zindagi Hacks.

Weddings are the most important part of everyone’s life.

Importance of giving wedding gifts - Zindagi Hacks

Relatives and friends give gifts to the newly-wed couple to show their love and affection for them. Weddings are considered as the new phase of life and people give gifts to bless the couple and make their day a memorable one. Giving gifts has become a tradition in our society. It is a way of expressing your happiness and affection for them. The history of giving wedding gifts The idea of gifts transformed from the idea of dowry which was given by the bride’s family. The Latest Fashion Trends that will Flatter Every Man's Style.

We just wrapped up a decade of extravagant styles and we can proudly accept that men are not what they used to be in the affairs of style.

The Latest Fashion Trends that will Flatter Every Man's Style

They love to experiment and go by the trends. Much like women, they have adapted that sense of style and trends bring confidence and uniqueness. This change of attitude has certainly enhanced the work of menswear designers. From over-the-knee shorts to spring print shirts, many fashion trends find a place on the ramp. As we begin another decade of style, not just whites and solids, we present the coolest menswear style trends you would love to add to your wardrobe collection in 2020. Ikat Shirts Trust the weave and make it seen! Broad Checks & Stripes For the fashion peeps, checks and stripes are the dynamic tailoring styles which will never leave the market. Cropped Trousers. Best Tools for Keywords Research to Generate Traffic on Your Blog - Zindagi Hacks. Now, let us consider that you have started a new blog and you need to create some traffic on it.

Best Tools for Keywords Research to Generate Traffic on Your Blog - Zindagi Hacks

But how exactly do you plan to achieve that? It is no easy feat to create traffic for a blog. Many people start a blog with great enthusiasm but the inability to generate enough traffic causes them to lose interest and motivation, thus calling it quits! Many are left quite helpless due to the lack of reliable guidance for generating traffic on a blog. This especially affects those who are new to managing a blog. So, if you are new to blogging, fear not! Using keywords that people commonly search for in your content can help provide better search engine optimization results.

Answer the Public Now, how on earth are you supposed to find search terms that are most commonly searched on the internet? All of the data is obtained from search engines such as Google. Ubersuggest Another such tool that can help bloggers generate keywords is ‘Ubersuggest’. Keywords Explorer Site Explorer. Lockdown Diaries: Bollywood Celebrities on Coronavirus Lockdown. You are well aware of corona virus spreading around the world.

Lockdown Diaries: Bollywood Celebrities on Coronavirus Lockdown

The disease has taken the lives of over 1.25 lakh people around the world till the time I am writing this. Well, those alive aren’t in good condition either. To prevent this virus from reaching stage 3 of community spread, the nation’s responsible influencers have come up with their lockdown diaries. A Glance at Situation across the World Many countries are facing problems with not enough hospitals and beds for those infected. India Against Covid-19 On March 24, 2020, honorable PM Narendra Modi declared lockdown of the country to combat the virus spread.

Top 10 Foods that Boost Immune System against Corona - Zindagi Hacks. As we all know, coronavirus has brought the world on its knees except a few countries.

Top 10 Foods that Boost Immune System against Corona - Zindagi Hacks

While doctors recommend staying home and social distancing as preventive measures, higher immunity also helps avoid the virus. The vaccine of the corona is not available, you should focus on boosting immunity at home to stay safe. Vitamin C is a great source and there are many more natural remedies and foods that boost the immune system. Though you can also use various products from Patanjali to boost your immune system, add these foods to your diet.

Broccoli Broccoli is a natural immune booster because of its richness in Vitamin C and folic acid. Garlic Garlic is used in every cuisine and it is a must for your health. Almonds Almonds contain fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. What are the Best Shopping Places in Amritsar? - Zindagi Hacks. Shopping!

What are the Best Shopping Places in Amritsar? - Zindagi Hacks

Yeah, there’s a lot to explore and buy with many destinations for high-class as well as street shopping in Amritsar. The holy city of Punjab, and the city of Sikhs, is famous for numerous attractions like Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and Wagah Border. On top, you get a range of flavors in snacks and meals of Amritsar for that lip-smacking experience. Besides, many travelers visit the city to wander through the best shopping places in Amritsar. A range of shawls, footwear, carpets, clothes, and much more. 1. One of the oldest markets in Amritsar, Hall Bazar has a certain rustic charm. Zindagi Hacks. Home - Zindagi Hacks.