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ZUMTHOR VALS. Solar-Powered 3D Printer Turns Desert Sand Into Glass. The sun's rays can be harnessed to power everything from homes to gadgets, but one graduate student is using the sun to create a super-printer capable of printing elaborate glassware.

Solar-Powered 3D Printer Turns Desert Sand Into Glass

Markus Kayser took his graduate project all the way to the sands of the Sahara in Egypt to create his innovative idea dubbed the 'Solar Sinter'. The incredible design uses a 3D digital printer and the sun’s rays to turn the sand into incredible glass bowls and sculptures that are out of this world. GreenPowerIsland.

Afghanistan's Amazing DIY Internet. The Afghan city of Jalalabad has a high-speed Internet network whose main components are built out of trash found locally.

Afghanistan's Amazing DIY Internet

Aid workers, mostly from the United States, are using the provincial city in Afghanistan's far east as a pilot site for a project called FabFi. DIY internet spreading through Middle East and Africa : The Thin Green Line. Did you know that people in Kenya, Afghanistan and Pakistan are building their own wireless networks out of found materials?

DIY internet spreading through Middle East and Africa : The Thin Green Line

Just $60 of everyday items such as wood, cans, plastic tubs, wires and car batteries can provide internet service for hundreds of people. It’s like the “telephone” of your youth and the best MacGyver episode ever, all rolled up into one. Courtesy MIT’s Fab Lab It works like this: A single commercial wireless router is mounted on radio frequency reflectors and covered in metal mesh. The Carbon Neutral Emax Excalibur Hybrid Yacht is Covered in Solar Panels. The Emax Excalibur solar hybrid luxury yacht isn’t shy about its carbon neutral status: it is literally covered in solar panels from prow to stern.

The Carbon Neutral Emax Excalibur Hybrid Yacht is Covered in Solar Panels

The green vessel, built by Sauter Carbon Offset Design and the Ned Ship Group, is built from kevlar and carbon and is completely carbon neutral. But the coolest thing about this new ship is that you can plug it in and return energy to the grid–over 50 megawatts per year. Nico Jara's Pedal-Powered Potenza Concept Vehicle Stores Kinetic Energy. Solar Impulse Airplane Makes Public Debut at Paris Air Show.

The one-seater solar aircraft is similar in size to a large plane, but it only weighs as much as a regular car.

Solar Impulse Airplane Makes Public Debut at Paris Air Show

It is powered by 12,000 solar cells that cover the plane’s wings. They absorb the sun’s energy, and in turn charge batteries that power the 10-horsepower motors that spin the plane’s four propellers. The Solar Impulse proved itself with last summer when it conducted a 26 hour, 10 minute, 19 second flight over Switzerland. Green Power Island Could Power Copenhagen Sustainably. The proposed Green Power Island off the coast of Copenhagen seeks to be an alternative energy super center for the country.

Green Power Island Could Power Copenhagen Sustainably

Designed by Gottlieb Paludan, the massive man-made island will utilize wind power, solar power, seawater pumps, and produce marine biomass for biofuel. Improving on the pumped hydro-renewable energy concept, Green Power Island could become Copenhagen’s alternative energy center, providing energy for all of the country’s residents around the clock. Scientists Developing Talk-Powered Cell Phones. Attention, chatterboxes of the world: one day you may be rewarded for your talkativeness with power to juice up your cell phones.

Scientists Developing Talk-Powered Cell Phones

Researchers in Korea have figured out a way to turn the main ingredient in calamine lotion (zinc oxide) into a material that converts sound waves into electricity — and eventually, it could be used to power up cell handsets. In a study, the scientists fashioned a piezoelectric material (nanowires sandwiched between electrodes) out of zinc oxide that generates 50 millivolts of energy. That’s not enough to power a cell phone — most handsets require a few volts — but the researchers have high hopes that they will be able to generate more power from future versions of the piezoelectric material.

So eventually, the more we talk on the phone, the more battery life we’ll have. Via Network World. Solar Energy Cogeneration Solution from SolarWall. Solar photovoltaics are, depending on the day, between 8-15% efficient meaning much of the sun’s energy’s is lost as heat.

Solar Energy Cogeneration Solution from SolarWall

While solar thermal systems offer a way to harvest this heat energy for heating water or interior spaces, this option has usually displaced the electricity generating PV on rooftops. A new system from SolarWall, the SolarDuct PV/T, offers a combination of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal in one assembly providing a means to heat and power from the sun with one product. The system is an evolution of the SolarWall system, a vertical mounted solar thermal and heat recapture system that transfers heat into or away from a building’s HVAC mechanicals depending on the season. Kinect / iPad hack should help you get Obi-Wan's attention (video)

You know the old story, right?

Kinect / iPad hack should help you get Obi-Wan's attention (video)

You come into possession of plans for the Empire's moon-sized space station, and now they've come to capture you. What to do? Well, if you've got access to a Kinect, an iPad, and the String SDK, you're in luck. Harry Kewell in pictures. Create your own US and UK address and shop online! Shop at US and EU merchantswith your own US and UK shipping addresses Cheap rates to Belgium guaranteed 2-5 days* DHL delivery We'll shop for you if your card isn't accepted Get started now It's free, no credit card required How Borderlinx works When you shop on US or EU websites, enter your complete Borderlinx address as your delivery address at checkout.

create your own US and UK address and shop online!

Pack your bags - we'll be gone for 100 years. Online retailing: retailers' mark-ups under threat. As a shopper, have you ever pondered what sort of mark-up the retailer has slapped on to the pair of Levi jeans or adidas runners that you're about to try on? Aussie Shoppers Ripped off by Retailers: Choice. Australian shoppers ripped off says Choice Choice tells retailers they can't put up walls to keep the Internet away 27, 2011 Global companies with a presence in Australia prevent local customers from taking advantage of cheaper prices offered on their overseas websites, consumer group Choice says. In its submission to the Productivity Commission's retail inquiry, Choice says Australian retailers must explain why they charge huge mark-ups on products that cost half as much from overseas internet companies. A strong Australian dollar should enable local retailers to pass on savings to their customers, Choice said. Australians are paying more for everything from computer games to motorcycles, Choice says.

Notification: Policy: URL Filtering. Notification: Policy: URL Filtering. Anonymity Online. How to stop rip-off retailers. Lighthouses of Australia Project - JUN 01 BULLETIN. Dear Friends Features. Haptic Compass gives you sense of direction, not style. This Surreal Lake Full of Frozen Bubbles Is Actually in Planet Earth. Thk127.

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