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Swinger Marriages are Happier Marriages. Today's Alternative Marriage Styles:The Case of Swingers Authors: Dr. Curtis Bergstrand, Associate Professor of Sociology, Bellarmine University Ms. Abstract The results of a national on-line survey of 1092 swingers are discussed. Introduction In the fifties the media referred to it as "wife-swapping. " What exactly is swinging? Swinging as an alternative lifestyle is of both practical and scholarly interest because the attempt to combine sexual non-monogamy with emotional monogamy is fundamentally "deviant" from the western model of romantic love which assumes that sexual and emotional monogamy are mutually reinforcing and inseparable (Boekhout, Hendrick and Hendrick, 1999). Previous Research on Swinging The origins of formalized swinging in the U.S. are not specifically known. Estimates of the size of the swinging population vary widely.

The purpose of the present research was to focus upon two critical questions about swinging: Report from Swing Club Owners Conference on Legal Issues & Swinging as a Growing Business. Liberated ChristiansCyber Swing/Polyamory Resource Center Promoting Intimacy and Other-Centered Sexuality SWING LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Report on Legal Issues & Swinging as a Growing BusinessChicago 2/28 - 2/29/2004 ContentsLawrence vs Texas - Reed Lee, with Chicago law firm of J.D. Obenberger Swing Groups and Law Enforcement - Robyn Friedman, NSCF Outreach program Swinging through the Eyes of the Law- Tony Lanzaratta, NASCA Lawrence vs Texas: the Supreme Court and Our Right to Have Sex -Jim Turner, Attorney Swankin and Turner ILA Highlights - Bob Hannaford, President of ILA (The International Lifestyle Association) Lunch-time with Money, Jim Weissman, Lifestyles Financial Services How to Market your Business: "It's all about the buck" - Ron Gould, Club Adventure Closing Remarks Vivienne Kramer, Chair, NSCF Great sessions with many owners from all over the U.S.

Speaker Reed Lee, with Chicago law firm of J.D. Lawrence vs. Reed Lee also commented on the Phoenix swing club situation. Life on the SwingsetLife on the Swingset - Life less monotonous, life less monogamous; Life on the Swingset. Swingercast Sexy Audio Shows About Swinging.