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Altered Destinies. A/N – This idea popped into my head while I was writing another story and would not let go.

Altered Destinies

It is very hard to write one story when another is screaming for attention. Usually I have the endpoint planned out, but not in this case. Let's see where is goes… A/N- I own nothing of the characters and places you recognize in this story. Only the plot and additional characters are mine. A/N: Revision 1 – slight editorial changes or corrections Chapter 1 – Grief Lord Voldemort dropped to the ground exhausted. A pair of boots with tattered robes above them appeared in front of him. The attack had been implemented perfectly. Voldemort presented the battered, violated and maimed bodies of Potter's friends. As planned, Potter lost control and started the battle. Ginny Weasley attempted to support Harry after Voldemort blasted him to the ground with an ancient curse. Harry Potter and the Hero of Time. All righty, there's gotta be some explanation here.

Harry Potter and the Hero of Time

Why? Because this story is… Well, it's different, and I feel I need to explain why I wrote it. Meeting The Weasleys. All characters belong to J.K.

Meeting The Weasleys

Rowling. Carpe Diem. Family. Family Chapter One The Divination Homework "I can't think of any other ideas.


" With his feet still propped up on one of the tables in the Gryffindor common room, Harry Potter looked up from Unfogging the Future at his best friend, Ron Weasley, who sat across from him. Ginny's Gift. Ginny's Gift Chapter 01 The house at number 4 Privet Drive looked dark and silent from the street.

Ginny's Gift

This was as it should be as the hour approached midnight, and respectable people like the elder Dursleys were in bed asleep. Two residents of the house were still awake, however. It was the summer holiday, and so, as one would expect, the two teenaged boys who lived there, one seventeen and the other almost that age, had not yet retired for the night. Harry could hear Dudley moving about his bedroom.

Black Dawn. Black Dawn – Book 1 (War, Peace, and Ghosts of the Past) Prolog I look at the smooth, polished rock face of the monument.

Black Dawn

It has been fifty years since a hand touched the rock, fifty years since the carvings were done. Aftermath. A Wrinkle In Time. A/N: Dedicated to Jo, whose fiction "Past and Presents" inspired me to write fan fiction.

A Wrinkle In Time

Thanks, Jo! Thanks are also in order to Lucyjekyll, whose amazing beta work made this story transform from a fun tryst into a serious piece of fluff. You rock, Lucy! Chapter One – The Mysterious Present Harry Potter slammed into the hard ground and fell against his battered school trunk. Evanescence. Hello my friends!


Well, did you all enjoy the HBP as much as we did? Anyone else think that it was more a ramp-up for Book Seven than a stand alone novel? Anyone else already willing to fly to the UK, track down JKR and DEMAND she finish Book Seven a WHOLE LOT quicker than she did Book Six? My personal theory? Snape isn't as guilty as he's being made out to be, he and Dumbledore had some kind of a deal. BTW – I'm killing myself laughing at one particular reviewer... anonymous, of course, who flamed me and essentially attempted to rip me a new one several months back, being doggedly insistent that H/Hr was the direction that JKR was taking, and Harry would never look at Ginny as more than a mild annoyance...

In the Beginning. Okay, my friends, here is the prequel to Harry Potter and the Power of Truth...

In the Beginning

I hope you enjoy it. Harry Potter and the Power of Truth. Chapter One: Give us your children The rain was coming down in sheets, and it soaked through her shoes as she ran, trying to gain the shelter of her apartment building lobby before getting thoroughly soaked.

Harry Potter and the Power of Truth

She was about to cross the last street as a large, dark car sped by, sending up a column of water that proceeded to hit her full on. Becoming thoroughly soaked was no longer an issue, or rather, avoiding becoming thoroughly soaked. Promises Defended. Author's Note: This is an Alternate Universe story set in the Unbroken Universe. It is third in a trilogy consisting of Promises Unbroken and Promises Remembered. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or settings of Harry Potter, but the concept and creation of the Unbroken Universe are mine. I simply thank J.K. Harry Potter and the Power of Faith. A/N – Well, here it is, the sequel to Harry Potter and the Power of Truth. For those of you who were so wonderful in your support, I thank you. First the sequel, then, maybe, the prequel. For those of you who haven't read HPPT, this story will make a LOT more sense if you do.

Chapter One: The Return Hermione Granger surveyed the scene from where she hid behind a large rock. As she turned to her left, where Ron was laying against a log, catching his breath after his mad dash across the field, she smiled. Which might prove to be sooner than they expected, Hermione thought as her eye moved to a point behind him. "Ron! "What in the bloody hell are you doing? " The Awakening Power. The Awakening Powerby SibPrologue A/N: Harry sixth year, after OotP. H/G, R/Hr, PG-13 rating. Promises Unbroken. Author's Note: As of 17 July 2003, this story has been Order of the Phoenix-ized in some small ways. However, the plot will not and has not changed. Fortunately, that is the beauty of an Alternate Universe. Arabella Figg, for example, is not a Squib in this universe.

There are a few other minor differences, but I do hope you'll enjoy Promises Unbroken regardless of those. Thanks for all those who have continually read my story, and I hope you continue to enjoy it. Editor's Note: As of 22 November 2005, this story has been updated through Half Blood Prince. Disclaimer: The characters and settings of Harry Potter belong to the wonderful and talented J.K. Promises Unbroken "Then you should have died! " Promises Remembered. Logical Fallacy. A/N: This story has been mostly written for months and sitting around waiting for a couple of finishing touches. Go With the Tide. Hello everyone! *clears throat* I have an announcement to make... You Broke Him, You Fix Him. Broken Mind, Fractured Soul. Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any other character found in Rowling's books. Me, Myself, and I.