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The Bandwidth Aggregation Device from Zifilink provides Link Aggregation via its Internet Bonding Router to provide High-Speed Internet at any location.

5 Things You Need to Host a Professional Online Livestream -Zifilink. Online live streaming over the internet is a rather recent concept.

5 Things You Need to Host a Professional Online Livestream -Zifilink

Even 5-6 years back, only top broadcasting companies could manage to get it done successfully. Today, it is more accessible than ever before, thanks to advancements in live streaming technologies and high-speed internet. Thousands of videos are live streamed on Facebook each day. However, Facebook’s own live stream feature is yet to establish Facebook as a traditional live streaming platform. Thus, to host a proper and seamless live streaming video over your own or some other preferred platform, there are some requisites that must be on your list. This article lists 5 of those necessary essentials that you must consider before you broadcast a perfect and seamless online livestreaming video. A CDN network CDN stands for content delivery network. Wedding Live streaming trend in India catches up with USA.

Recently Mashable published an article on the upward trend in Wedding live streaming in the USA.

Wedding Live streaming trend in India catches up with USA

The article inspired me to dig our data and analyse how Wedding live streaming in India scores compared to the USA.The no. of weddings live streamed in India is growing at approx 200% year on year. By end of this year, we are expecting to see a 250% upwards growth since November and December is a big marriage season in North India. Another observation is that the duration of live streaming per wedding is consistently increasing.Earlier only Muhurtham (an auspicious time when a Hindu couple is getting married). But now many prefer to live stream the Wedding reception as well as Sangeeth. This is contributing to the increase in the average live streaming time per wedding.

Let’s see the countries from where our guests are watching the wedding in India.It is not a surprise that the distribution coincides with the countries with maximum NRI(non-resident Indian) population. All About Multi - WAN Routers: Uses and Benefits - Zifilink. A multi-WAN routing device has multiple WAN ports that allow you to connect to more than one ISP, thereby working as a WAN bonding router.

All About Multi - WAN Routers: Uses and Benefits - Zifilink

Commonly known as dual-WAN routers (as they mostly come in two ports), these routers can change the way you browse by ensuring a stable internet connection throughout your browsing session. But before we dive right into its benefits and features, let’s get a clear idea about its uses. How often does it happen that your internet connection slows down when you are working on multiple tabs and applications? Did an internet failover cause a blunder for your ongoing work? Or are you frustrated because your emails are taking too long to get delivered to your client? Internet Connection in India. India is one of the fastest countries developing in terms of technology in the world.

Internet Connection in India

With a 1.3 billion population and cheaper availability of high-speed Internet connection, the country has the potential for the highest tech-driven population in the world. Economically, IT and Ecommerce are the most popular internet-driven industry, however, in recent years and due to the pandemic; the Edtech system has taken over by storm in the race.

The rapid evolution of the various realms of business sectors in the country has propelled even our Prime Minister to reform the education industry into a more technologically refined one. Internet Connectivity in Bangalore - Zifilink. Internet Connection in India - Zifilink Iot. Internet Connectivity in India -Zifilink. Zifilink Connects Educational iInstitutions. Work From Home- Internet Bonding Device. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the economy.

Work From Home- Internet Bonding Device

Millions of people are working from home. Several IT giants are contemplating making work from home norms permanent for their employees. With the vast majority of workers working from home, there has been a massive stress on the network connectivity machinery. Companies like YouTube had to reduce the quality of their video streaming due to lack of bandwidth and a huge influx of users. Bonding Routers - Zifilink. Are a combination of multiple ADSL and Broadband lines together in order to provide a high speed internet connection at your convenience.

Bonding Routers - Zifilink

For instance if your Internet Bonding Routers have two ADSL connections each broadband is running at 10Mbps downstream and1Mbps upstream, in that situation the bonded performance will reach up to 20Mbps downstream, 2Mbps upstream. There are different types of ,like the Broadband Routers, Wireless Routers, Edge Router, Subscriber Edge Router, Inter-provider Border Router and Core Router. IoT Device Security Issues -Zifilink. The era of digitization has heralded the development and growth of the internet.

IoT Device Security Issues -Zifilink

Now, the internet is not only associated with people but also with objects. IoT connected devices have taken the world by storm and can be found making lives easier in every type of situation. Internet Bonding Device. IoT has taken the world by storm!

Internet Bonding Device

Be it your home or the business world, we just cannot function without IoT making our lives easier. With the rising demand for IoT devices, corporates are coming up with new and unique products. These smart devices use automation to encourage interaction between devices which ultimately helps in increasing efficiency and in saving time. With innumerable IoT devices in the market, it can get confusing to select the most reliable and helpful. Here we have presented a list of our top 5 picks amongst IoT devices, based on their usefulness. Amazon Echo Voice Controller. Benefits of IoT in Banking. The IoT industry has observed rapid development in the last few years.

Benefits of IoT in Banking

It is expected to reach $1.11 trillion by 2026 at a 24.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). This high-growth opportunity is increasingly being adopted by different industries to streamline their business functions. 4g Bonding Router. Though there are significant developments in the standards of HSPA+, UMTS / 3G with regards to their limits and bandwidth before the introduction of 4G bonding router.

4g Bonding Router

The requirements of current and future mobile applications have still remained on high demand even with the router becoming popular lately. This router along with a good bandwidth alone won’t help but change of network communication to the IP standard might. This is where LTE / 4G can do the magic. In the development stage, LTE / 4G are lacking the promises it once made initially. Load balance broadband router. Generally, distribution of incoming network traffic across a group of backend server efficiently is known as Load balancing. High traffic websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia and many others receive several hundreds of thousands if not millions each second. This request may be to play certain video or load a certain page of information or post, image, application or simple flash games it can range from anything to everything. The user wants fast and reliability along with user friend interface whereas the client or the host wants traffic, unrelenting and massive traffic.

The host wants this high volume of traffic to be managed in the most cost-effective way possible which brings us to the solution, multiple servers. The load-balancer acts as a savior, and is responsible to work as a “traffic cop”. Dual sim 4g Router Load Balancing-Zifilink. It is important to understand that dual sim 4g router is the latest industrial grade device to offer customers the ultimate remote connectivity solution. Most of such devices are of the single embedded 4G module, thus they are capable of imparting high speed 4G mobile broadband connection. Not only these devices are compatible with the 4G connection it is also capable enough for both 3G and 2G services in case of the absence of speedy services. Most of the dual sim LTE router extend the ability to insert second SIM card. The device also provides services in case the primary 3G/4G network remains unavailable. 4 essentials for seamless live streaming! - Zifilink Router. As per research, people will spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos in 2021.

Videos are the easiest way to engage with your customers. As a result, video marketing has gained traction as a popular marketing strategy. To enhance video marketing efforts, live streaming can help you. Live streaming can be defined as online streaming media which is simultaneously recorded and broadcasted in real-time. However, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to stream seamlessly. Equipment. Benefits of IoT in Banking. IoT Device Security Issues -Zifilink. IoT Applications in Education - Zifilink. The role of IoT is manifold. IoT applications can be seen across industries, verticals, and sectors.

Be it the retail sector, manufacturing industry, or eCommerce, IoT can be seen everywhere. An important industry where IoT has had a positive impact is the education industry. 4 essentials for seamless live streaming! - Zifilink Router. As per research, people will spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos in 2021. Videos are the easiest way to engage with your customers. As a result, video marketing has gained traction as a popular marketing strategy. How does internet bonding work? -Zifilink's internet bonding router. The world runs on fast internet connectivity. Cellular Bonding Solutions - Zifilink. Role of IoT Application in Education. Combine internet connections. ZifiLink is an extremely user-friendly device which automatically detects and connects to networks. It can handle all types of cellular technologies such as 2.5G, 3G and 4G from any operator, Ethernet-over-USB (EoUSB) and Wi-Fi to aggregate bandwidth ZifiLink‘s system aggregates 3G or 4G links from eight dongles across networks to create a combined capacity that increases the reliability by a factor of eight.It is also a very easy product to use.

Once the device is switched on, we wait for 30 seconds and then insert the dongles one by one.Then we use an ethernet cable or wifi hotspot and connect ZifiLink to the laptop. Future of Internet Privacy. Internet connection bonding. High speed Internet Provider. Bandwidth Aggregation Device. Internet Bonding Device.