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♥ mes poupée ♥ La proxémie - Annexe. Le terme de proxémie a principalement été développé par Edward T HALL [30].

La proxémie - Annexe

Il s’agit d’une approche etho et ethno-méthodologique des situations de communication. En reprenant différent travaux d’éthologie. Edward T HALL constate que dans les relations entre les animaux, ils semblent y avoir des sphères invisibles qui définissent une bulle autour de chaque individu. Les rapports de proximité entre les différents membres régulent en partie le comportement de chacun.

Il découpe l’espace autour des individus en catégorie de distances : la distance de fuite et la distance critique. Ces distances varient entre les espèces et dans les rapports entre espèces. Illustration : Tableau récapitulatif des distances proxémiques chez les animaux Le pas que franchit Edward T HALL, c’est d’adapter cette dimension cachée aux comportements de communication humains.

Les distances chez l’homme d’après le chapitre du même nom in " La dimension cachée " (Edward T HALL) [30] Soap Calculator - Lye calculator for making your soap recipes - StumbleUpon. Read about this soap calculator and find out why we created it.

Soap Calculator - Lye calculator for making your soap recipes - StumbleUpon

Soap making can be a lot of fun. The most interesting part for us is experimenting with various combinations of natural oils to achieve a perfect mix of the qualities in a soap that we are making. You can always follow the tried recipe or you can modify it a little and then wait for results. But it can take a while. One of the ways to create new soap recipe is to use simple formulas for saponification to calculate how much lye you might need and keep in mind properties of each oil that gets used in the mix. Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three-Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin.

First: watch the video.

Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three-Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori paints three-dimensional goldfish using a complex process of poured resin. The fish are painted meticulously, layer by layer, the sandwiched slices revealing slightly more about each creature, similar to the function of a 3D printer. I really enjoy the rich depth of the pieces and the optical illusion aspect, it’s such an odd process that results in something that’s both a painting and sculptural.

Wonderful. How To: Little Library Card Notebooks & packagery. Let’s learn how to make these little notebooks!

How To: Little Library Card Notebooks & packagery

They’re perfect for jotting short notes or lists. It’s also a fun way to use up your paper scraps. You will need: - a stapler (make sure it has staples) - scrap paper (graph paper, handwriting paper, etc.) - cardstock (library cards, index cards, old postcards, etc.) - paper trimmer (or scissors, x-acto knife, etc.) - bone folder (or a spoon)optional: - embellishments such as stamps, stickers, labels - corner rounder Instructions:

Creative Kismet & creative kismet tutorials. Free Pattern &Tutorial at As promised, I have completed the tutorial and the pattern for the “Be My Valentine – Piggy Pillow”, which was published 3 weeks ago.

Free Pattern &Tutorial at

This time I made a pair for my kids, they love it. You may not be able to do it in time for this valentine but as I said, if you have love in you, everyday is valentine. Hope you sew some for your loved ones no matter if it is Feb 14. Besides as a pillow, you can use this pattern to make into other things, for example, pin cushion, smaller softy as gift, or a piggy back pack for little children. Just change the size by reducing or enlarging and modify it to fit into your design. Material you need:1. Print out the PDF pattern of the piggy pillow. Use a pencil and trace the pattern onto the cotton fabric. Sandwich the towels in between 2 fabrics. Sew it up on the sewing line, it can be from sewing machine or hand stitching. Turn body, ear and tail inside out. Tie a knot at the tip of the tail as shown, mark a length of 4″ from the tip. Sew the ears on. Kawamura Ganjavian - NEWS.

The Universal Packing List - StumbleUpon. Fun Art & Craft Recipes for Children - The Silver Penny. Starting Your Own Etsy Business: Part 3. As a follow up to the two great interviews yesterday, I thought today I’d share some both some “big picture” lessons I’ve learned about starting a business as well as some really practical tools, like the excel file I use to track sales and inventory.

Starting Your Own Etsy Business: Part 3

I’ll say from the outset that this is a lot of common sense and I offer it in hopes that someone who is dreaming of starting a business on Etsy will be emboldened to take the plunge. Rocket science it may not be, but it is heartfelt! (Part I and Part II) Originality is Overrated A lot of people who talk about starting their own businesses say things like “well, {insert their business idea} has been done before…” They use this as a reason not to start a venture.

I totally understand this feeling, since it can be overwhelming to see how many people are doing creative amazing things everyday; however, I realized something very simple in the year before I started Abigail Vintage: Everything has been done before . » The first lime «: 5 tips for new Etsy sellers. Hi there!

» The first lime «: 5 tips for new Etsy sellers

I hope you all survived to the christmas dinner chaos! (hopefully I did) Today I wanted to talk to you about something I know you love... HANDMADE. Little Miss Momma: How to Grow Your Etsy Online Business - StumbleUpon. Tips to Grow Your Online Business I remember the weeks leading up to “starting my Etsy shop”.

Little Miss Momma: How to Grow Your Etsy Online Business - StumbleUpon

I must have talked myself out of it 1,000 times–literally. I made excuses like, what if nothing sells? What will my friends think? Light Box. I built a light box, it's fairly rudimentary but works well!

Light Box

I've been needing one both for the blog and my etsy shop. I think I'll be making a few adjustments, higher wattage and maybe another tissue panel. Here's the construction, I started with an old moving box and attempted to spray paint it but the weather wasn't cooperating. So I went with an interior latex instead. I cut panels out of the sides to cover with white tissue paper for light diffusion. and cleaned up all the edges with doubled over masking tape. I painted the whole thing white and tucked in a white poster board for the backdrop. The photos below are untouched save for cropping on the right side photos. So pretty and so easy!

Motherhood, Frugal Fashion & Thrifty Living. Apr12th2010 I’m sure these tutorials of mine are all starting to look the same.

Motherhood, Frugal Fashion & Thrifty Living

That’s because they are. Haha, enjoy. Supplies 2 colors of coordinating fabric (or not. Meet the 2012 Sundance Filmmakers #5: Matthew Akers, 'Marina Abramović The Artist is Present' "Marina Abramović The Artist is Present" (which will screen in the U.S. Documentary competition) documents the 2010 career retrospective of performance artist Marina Abramović, which featured the artist, still and seated, during the show's three month long run at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. What's it about? A mesmerizing cinematic journey inside the world of a radical performance artist who draws no distinction between life and art.

Says Director Matthew Akers: "I have a degree in fine art and started out as a painter and a sculptor. Polka Dot Cottage: Beginner Button Class - Making and Baking Your First Bu... Posted February 7th, 2011 by Lisa Welcome to the Beginner Button Class! For this first lesson, we will discuss how to prepare polymer clay for use, how to make a 1/2-inch solid-color button, and how to properly bake it.

We’ll be making six buttons, two in each of three colors. Supplies + Tools. - StumbleUpon. Video Podcast: How to Make a Handbag out of a Recycled Book. &... I have a penchant for purchasing stuff that’s cool, but for which I don’t have specific plans or use. Case in point: I have piles of pulp and sci-fi novels from the 40s-60s. The art and colors are amazing, and the language provides for ridiculous quotes for ages. But after I slice out the illustrations, and force my way through the first and last chapters so I can say I ‘read’ them, these dimestore masterpieces don’t escape from their cardboard homes often. Craftgawker - page 2 - StumbleUpon. 35+ Reusable Grocery Bags You Can Make: Free Patterns.

Double Coin Knot Tutorial. No Slip Bookmark Tutorial. I have so many books requested at the library right now! I love books they may be my favorite thing, but bookmarks I have an issue with. I've always been a dog ear person (you know, folding down the top corner of the page to mark my spot). Bookmarks always fall out then I have no clue where I was. But I don't like to dog ear books that don't belong to me (or even some that do). How to transfer a photo to fabric. Did you know you can transfer photos to fabric without using iron-on sheets?

I love this technique. It's simple to execute and the end results are really pretty. It's another method for hand printing! I made some fabrics the other day and used them to add pockets to one of my wool skirts. Do you want to learn to transfer photos to fabric? Always Chrysti - Always Chrysti - 100+ Ways to Creatively Reuse Old Magazines. Make your own custom stamps.

Since my tutorials are definitely the most popular section of the blog, I've begun to go back through old ones to revamp them, fix the pictures here and there, and add any new tips and tricks I've learned over the last few years. I won't be updating them all at once, but when I fix them, I'll be sure to let you guys know! This one, my rubber stamping tutorial, is fun, easy, and a lasting favorite of mine! Stamps are great for personalizing everything, from your Etsy shop packaging to holiday gifts for friends and family, but they're expensive at craft stores! Carving your own stamps makes it easy to get exactly the look you want, plus you can avoid the high prices of premade stamps.

They're fun to freehand if you're at all artistic, but it's just as easy to trace an existing design, like I did with the woodgrain pattern stamp I carved. ** Happiness Is...**: D.I.Y. Lauren dicioccio: soft goods. Hand Painted Cotton Yarn. Make a Friendship Bracelet the Easy Way. Wee Folk Art - StumbleUpon. Tutorial: This Mama's Fab Travel Chair. How to make homemade ice cream in a baggie. You design it,We print it. {*style:<b>Buy your creative friends or family members a KARMA GIFT CERTIFICATE. Click below.. </b>*} {*style:<b><b>Buy Karma Base Cloth Set. See all the base cloths listed below to decide which best fits your end-use. $9.00 Shipping Included.

& Blog Archive & Stamp Carving tutorial- Tutorial Sellos de goma. English I love to carve stamps! Is one of my favorite crafts. I love the endless posibilities it offers and the wonderful results I get. A single stamp can be used for so many things, and I keep discovering more and more uses..Its wonderful to customize your things and really make them unique.

Thank you for encouraging to put together this tutorial. To hand carve your own stamps you will need List of materials: 1.- Carving tools you can find online here. 2. 3. 4. Paint Chip Samples Crafts for Kids Top Ten. Magic Boxes: A Life As Lou Online Class. Fun with moss. Mes musiques en sonnerie sur l'iPhone [Résolu] Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial.

Home. Craft Test Dummies - The Craft Blog for High Impact Crafting. Art performance. Distagadur ar brezhoneg: prononciation du breton. Brezhoneg diouzhtu - Phrases utiles en breton (Saludoù) LA SOCIETE - LE VÊTEMENT - DJU770.


Visual Recipes - Free Recipes with Step-by-Step Pictures - StumbleUpon. ROCARE : Extraits de guides pour la Recherche Qualitative. Search results for quotes on imgfave. Peter Callesen. The Girl Who Loves to Levitate (14 photos) Poche (vêtement) : definition of poche (vêtement) and synonym of poche (vêtement) (French) POCHE : Définition de POCHE.

Le dictionnaire gratuit de TV5MONDE avec Mediadico : définitions, orthographe, synonymes, traduction. Poche. L’art participatif, des années 50 à nos jours - Digital Performances & Cultures. Dan Graham. Sew a bag with the free bag pattern. Random Tutorial Generator. Lygia Clark. Lygia Clark. Lygia Clark : De l’œuvre à l’événement. Valeriegobeil. Ernesto Neto Leviathan Thot. Mary Tuma Art textile.

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Help. CayceZavaglia. Stitched Illustrations.