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Social Studies

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Online Archaeological Experiences - Archaeology Resources - SAA Archaeology for the Public. These websites offer students a variety of online archaeological experiences including tours of archaeological sites, interactive digs and lessons, and archaeology games.

Online Archaeological Experiences - Archaeology Resources - SAA Archaeology for the Public

The Archaeology Channel website has streaming media (with audio) on a variety of archaeological sites and subjects. To use this site, you will need Windows Media Player or RealOne, free programs that can be downloaded from the Internet. The website’s Video Guide allows you to sort by location as well as title. These short (less than 20 minutes) videos are usually narrated by the archaeologists working at the site.

The Audio section contains interviews with archaeologists, Audio News from Archaeologica, and a series of audio essays created by anthropologists at the University of New Mexico Archaeology for Kids Online links to many cool sites, including some with online archaeology games. Archaeology’s Interactive Dig Sites Tours at About Uluburun Shipwreck Project Castle Rock Pueblo: A Trip Through Time . The social classes in ancient Egypt. Two ancient views of Egyptian society, the first belonging to a king, Ramses III, who thought of his people as composed of noblemen, administrators, soldiers, personal attendants, and a multitude of citizens...

The social classes in ancient Egypt

World History Timeline History of Ancient Iraq or Mesopotamia 3500 BC. Chapter 3 Early Civilizations: Sumer and Mesopotamia. Indus Valley Join this adventure to a faraway place.

Chapter 3 Early Civilizations: Sumer and Mesopotamia

Development of Writing Bowling for Barley Story of Ziggurats Read the story, explore or take the Ziggurat Challenge Royal Tombs of UR Read the story, explore a tomb, or play the Royal Game of UR. The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Geography story. Ancient Chinese geography - TEDb. Ancient Chinese geography Objective Students will demonstrate their knowledge of Ancient Chinese geography by forming tableaus to represent Chinese geography passed down from the Chinese Creation Myth.

Ancient Chinese geography - TEDb

Materials Needed Computers and a projector Lesson Directions Anticipatory Set/Hook Have the students clear the desks away and then with their chairs, sit in a large circle. Instruction Step 1 - When the students have the chairs cleared away, have them spread out to their own space in the room and explain that you will all begin exploring ideas and stories from Ancient China. Geography Modern China is a vast country. It has a great variety of climates and terrains. Explore Ancient Egypt. Explore Ancient Egypt With 360-degree and other imagery, walk around the Sphinx, enter the Great Pyramid, visit tombs and temples, and more.

Explore Ancient Egypt

Want to walk around the Sphinx? Clamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and seek out the pharaoh's burial chamber? Visit the magnificent tombs and temples of ancient Thebes? In this multi-layered, highly visual interactive, view 360° panoramas, "walkaround" photos, and other breathtaking imagery shot throughout the Giza Plateau and ancient Thebes (modern-day Luxor), often with special permission. View From Top You are now standing atop Khufuí­s Pyramid, 45 stories above the Giza Plateau. Other things to look for as you navigate around the summit are the Sphinx, Khufu's three Queens' Pyramids, greater Cairo, and—hard to miss—Khafre's Pyramid.

Descending Passage Subterranean Chamber Do you see the small grated opening across the room from the entrance? Ascending Passage Okay, let's begin. Grand Gallery (Lower) "Queen's Chamber" Grand Gallery (Upper) Sphinx. Three-legged crow. Three-legged crow representing the sun in ancient Korea The three-legged (or tripedal) crow is a creature found in various mythologies and arts of Asia, Asia Minor, and North Africa.[1][2] It is believed by many cultures to inhabit and represent the sun.

Three-legged crow

The creature has been featured in myths from Egypt, where it appears on wall murals.[2] It has also been found figured on ancient coins from Lycia and Pamphylia.[1] In East Asian mythologies the three-legged crow is most often associated with the sun. China[edit] Three legged crow commonly found in mythology and art. In Chinese mythology and culture, the three-legged crow is called the Sanzuwu (Chinese: 三足烏; pinyin: sānzúwū; Cantonese: sam1zuk1wu1; Shanghainese: sae tsoh u(lit. Sun Crow in Chinese Mythology[edit] Mural from the Han Dynasty period found in Henan province depicting a three-legged crow. Other depictions of the Sanzuwu in Chinese Mythology[edit] Japan[edit] The Egyptian People's Papyrus. Orientation Special thanks to Carnegie Museums of Natural History for this introduction to Ancient Egypt.Because of its location at the crossroads of the African and Asian continents, Egypt has been an important geographical and political power since the earliest times.

The Egyptian People's Papyrus

Egypt's Golden Empire . For Educators . Lesson 7. Introduction: This lesson focuses on the importance of geographic features and the abundance of natural resources that helped ancient Egypt become the world's first superpower.

Egypt's Golden Empire . For Educators . Lesson 7

Students will learn about the geography and resources available to the ancient Egyptians and create a multimedia tour that demonstrates this learning to others. Subject Areas: World History, Social Studies, Geography, and Communication Arts students. Grade Level: 6-12 Lesson Objectives: Students will: MCREL Compendium of K-12 Standards addressed: Mythic Imagination Institute.