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OpenU: 850+ Free Courses and Resources. As the cost of college continues to rise, and the value of a degree (in terms of lifetime earnings) falls, there will be a long-term shift towards cheap or free learning methods that take advantage of technology. That has been the lesson of technology, over and over again: technology enables a lower cost way of doing business, and particularly in delivering content. As we adjust to this new world, and we are able to realize massive benefits to the scale it offers, it becomes clear what the future holds: how we education ourselves will be changed forever. Universities and Colleges, led by MIT among others, are supporting this future rather than standing in the way, and in the last few years have begun putting content online in the form of open courses, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and textbooks.

These resources include some of the most popular courses taught by leading professors from the most prestigious universities. What is OpenU? Well, we tried to focus on three criteria: IBID PREP. Contact | The Manhattan Behavioral Center. 10 Amazing Women Behind Animal Shelters, Rescues, and Sanctuaries. Where would all the world’s domestic animals be without help from shelters, rescues and sanctuaries?

We owe it to these organizations for having saved countless lives over the years, and finding homes for many others. If you love being around animals then you can help your local animal sanctuary in these ways, and you can also get involved with helping abused or abandoned pets in these ways. You can even plan a vacation where you can volunteer to help animals! Isn’t that cool? 1. You might have heard of Lorri Houston as being the co-founder (the other being Gene Baur) of Farm Sanctuary in 1986, she also helped to found Animal Acres in 2005 – a 26-acre South Californian Shelter. 2.

Animal Rescue Inc. was founded by Grace Froelich in 1976, after she made the decision to move out with her cat and find a new home or be evicted. 3. 4. 5. Animal House Shelter was founded in 2002 as a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. See something, Say something. Tribeca NYC Tutors I Upper East Side Tutors | NYC Tutoring. Beliefs. Who we are | Central Park Tutors. Donbuckley's posterous - Home. Gerald Grow's Home Page.

Teaching Learners to be Self-Directed My most requested article presents a model for developing self-directed, lifelong learners. It is based on an adaptation of Situational Leadership to the classroom and includes many observations about teaching and learning. The internet version includes new material and conceptual cartoons. Originally published in Adult Education Quarterly. Some key references on adult education. Newsroom 101™ Newsroom 101 provides about 2,000 practice exercises in grammar, usage and Associated Press style for students and practitioners in journalism, public relations, health communication, online blogging, and related media fields. The Writing Problems of Visual Thinkers When some visual thinkers write, their difficulties with analytical labels, sequence, and context cause distinctive problems. Serving the Strategic Reader Channels of Attention: Modes of Student Attention that Compete with Classroom Learning Abstract.

When Journalism Majors Don't Know Grammar. 5 Evidence-Based Ways to Optimize Your Teamwork. You’re at the table with the rest of your team, ready to brainstorm new ideas or plan the next product launch. Looking around, their faces are reassuring – you know this is a bunch of talented and experienced individuals. Working together you have the potential to achieve so much more than you ever could alone. And yet … so often group work fails to deliver. Or worse, it leads to calamity. H istory is littered with examples of disastrous group decisions leading to banking collapses, political crises, and commercial meltdowns. Thankfully, important research has been published over the last decade highlighting ways to avoid the pitfalls and maximize the promise of working together. 1.

A fundamental strength of teams is that each person brings their own unique knowledge and perspective to the table. In a creative setting, this could apply to problems like estimating product sales or predicting project timelines. 2. 3. 4. Newly formed teams that often generate more and better ideas. 5. Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation. What I Carry: 10 Tools for Success. Study Guides and Strategies. 12 Qualities of Mind Required for an Innovative Luxury Brand. Dr. Bob Deutsch, cognitive anthropologist and president Brain Sells consulting firm, outlines twelve key concepts in unlocking innovation within luxury businesses.

Creativity and innovation are critical to all corporations, but now more than ever before these qualities of mind are central to the continuing success of luxury brands. This is as true for LVMH’s strategy development as it is for its product development. This is true for how Hermes or Gucci each thinks about itself, as much as how they conceive of the world at large. The cognitive processes innovative people engage in to create new ideas and render paradoxes into higher-order concepts are common across cultures and hierarchies. 1. Curiosity implies a certain respect for how things really are, not just standing pat on what one hopes things to be or assumes they are. Vaclav Havel reflecting on what the world needs described it as “understanding over explanation.” 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Creativity is a process. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 1.