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Outils. Articles. Librairies. JavaScript Garden. Although JavaScript deals fine with the syntax of two matching curly braces for blocks, it does not support block scope; hence, all that is left in the language is function scope. function test() { // a scope for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++) { // not a scope // count } console.log(i); // 10} There are also no distinct namespaces in JavaScript, which means that everything gets defined in one globally shared namespace.

JavaScript Garden

Each time a variable is referenced, JavaScript will traverse upwards through all the scopes until it finds it. Node.js. 6 Free E-Books and Tutorials for Learning and Mastering Node.js. OK, we won't bore you by telling you what Node.js is again or why it's so dang hot.

6 Free E-Books and Tutorials for Learning and Mastering Node.js

You want to learn Node.js? There's no completely finished Node.js book out there that we're aware of. The Node Beginner Book. Socket.IO: the cross-browser WebSocket for realtime apps. Felix's Node.js Convincing the boss guide. « Home / All Guides Now that you're all hyped up about using node.js, it's time to convince your boss.

Felix's Node.js Convincing the boss guide

Well, maybe. I have had the pleasure of consulting for different businesses on whether node.js is the right technology, and sometimes the answer is simply no. So this guide is my opinionated collection of advice for those of you that want to explore whether node.js makes sense for their business, and if so, how to convince the management. Node.js partie 1 - Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur Node.js. Parmi les nombreuses technologies qui me passionnent actuellement, Node.js tient une place importante.

Node.js partie 1 - Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur Node.js

Et pour plusieurs raisons : développement Javascript côté serveur, gestion des entrées/sorties de manières non bloquantes, communauté très présente avec de nombreux modules comme Socket.IO et bien d’autres choses encore. C’est pour toutes ces raisons, et aussi parce que la nouvelle version 0.4.0 vient de sortir, que Web Tambouille vous propose une série de 4 billets consacrée exclusivement à votre futur serveur préféré : Node ! Introduction à node.js - Damien MATHIEU. JSON. Object {} { members } members pair pair , members pair.