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Non- Bladed weapons

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Woody Knuckles Gatlin 1/2" Polished Brass Three Finger Knuckles. Woody Knuckles 3/8" Double Barrel II Brushed Brass Two Finger Knuckles. Woody Knuckles Barracuda Two-Tone Black Aluminum Four Finger Knuckles. Woody Knuckles Joker-Poker Brushed Brass Four Finger Knuckles. Dead On Annihilator. Knife Display. Knife Display. { SZABOINC } { SZABOINC } The Express was designed as a martial arts dagger, its blade is wider than the average dagger and the handle is ergonomically designed.


"Falls" in the hand in both saber and reverse grip. 100% handmade in the USA by David Mosier. Comes with a kydex sheath. overall length: 10" blade length: 5" Different flavors of the express: From the top: Satin finish, black micarta. Sterile, black blade, green micarta. { SZABOINC } { SZABOINC } NEW 3/4'' STICKS. obviously lighter and much faster than the 1" stick, the 3/4" stick is as strong as the 1" stick with just a little more flex. perfect for lightning fast combinations, smaller persons, kids, women or dangerous individuals who know what they are doing !


28" fighting sticks (flat ends) $40.00 a pair. single $23.00 training sticks (round ends) $46.00 single $25.00 Client Comments: When I first unpackaged the 3/4" fighting sticks, the first thing I thought was how harmless they looked. I think it is an innate human perception to think that long, thick sticks are more dangerous than shorter, thinner ones.