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Bike accessaries

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Empire Wool and Canvas Company. True North Mittens. *Icebike Mittens will not be available in the 2013/2014 season.

Empire Wool and Canvas Company. True North Mittens

We've given them the year off so we may concentrate on other products. ICEBIKE Mittens: Winter cycling's nuttiest hand wear yet... Mary Shelley has nothing on us. Part winter mitt, part bike glove, a real genetic mess. The ICEBIKE Mittens were born in 1998 for our chilly Duluth commutes. The Shape and Size seem odd at first, but they're a natural for those who grip flat bars on a bike. The Palms are made from the annoyingly sustainable Whitetail Deer. The Gauntlets are our own quirky Oilskin.

The Back Panel is 3 mil Neoprene. The Liners are our own 80/20 wool blend blanket material. Sizes: S, M, L, XL. ICEBIKE Mittens, Limited seasonal availability. Bicycle Panniers, Racks and Bags. Paul Component Engineering - Gino Light Mount. Some of the best ideas are the simplest, and the Gino Light Mount is a clever part with a simple design.

Paul Component Engineering - Gino Light Mount

The Gino Light Mount provides a mounting point for handlebar lights wherever there is an M5 threaded eyelet on your frame. With the Gino lights can be positioned at mid-fork or down by the dropouts, or attached to rack eyelets on the back of the frame. By lowering the attachment point of your light it casts its beam on the ground at a much shallower angle. This results in a lighting pattern that better reveals contours and hidden bumps in the road. Largest selection of AAA, AA, C, D, 9V nimh Rechargeable Batteries, Chargers, Sanyo, Eneloop, Maha, Imedion, Powerex.

Newsletter - The Bike Shop Hub. Ortlieb, Racktime, and Tubus on Sale through August 24 Have you finally realized that the racks, bags, and panniers you own are junk?

Newsletter - The Bike Shop Hub

No? Then maybe you already own quality stuff, such as Ortlieb, Tubus and Racktime . These brands are 10% off through August 24th! It's the summer of 2011. Read on... Ortlieb Waterproof Bags Waterproof, rugged, and innovative. Ortlieb Saddle Bags, Handlebar Bags, Panniers , Backpacks and RackPacks allow you to commute, shop, or tour cross country carrying everything you need.

The Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Classic handlebar bag gives you quick access to your camera or map, snaps easily into the mounting system and can be locked for security, but is easily removed and used as personal bag when away from the bike with the included shoulder strap. $79.00 $71.10. PLANET BIKE - Bicycle Accessories: Home. Main Menu my basket Site Search We believe in the positive power of the bicycle.

PLANET BIKE - Bicycle Accessories: Home

Learn more about how we support the grassroots bicycle movement ยป Employee of the Month Our buddy Chad of Planet Bike distributor J & B Importers has recently garnered the honor of Employee... read more {*style:<a href=' Bike featured on Green View{*style:</b>*}{*style:</a>*} {*style:<br>*} Planet Bike, a leading manufacturer of innovative, high quality and practical bicycle accessories is proud to announce they're feature as part of Ma... ++ mountain bike components, pedals, wheels, stems, tools. Racktime Front and Rear Racks.

King Cage - Bicycle waterbottle cages handmade in Durango, CO. ERGON BIKE ERGONOMICS. Racktime Front and Rear Racks.