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Analyse your HTTP response headers. Google Ranking Factors: 260+ Facts & Myths. High Body Keyword Density Keyword Stuffing penalties arise when abusing a once extremely effective tactic: sculpting Keyword Density to a high level.

Google Ranking Factors: 260+ Facts & Myths

Our own experiments have shown that penalties can happen as early as 6% density, though TF-IDF (covered earlier) is likely at play and this is sensitive to topics, word types, and context. Source(s): Matt Cutts, Remix Keyword Dilution This factor manifests itself from logic: if a higher Keyword Density or TF-IDF is positive, at some point, a total lack of frequency/density will decrease relevance. Source(s): Matt Cutts Keyword-Dense Title Tag Aside from a page as a whole, Keyword Stuffing penalties appear to be possible within the title tag. Exceedingly Long Title Tag. Javascript Territory - JSter Javascript Catalog. X-Ray Goggles. Strut - Beta. Waifu2x. MegaURL. Identity Leak Checker. Frederic Hemberger - Web-Entwickler und Berater aus Köln. Neben PowerPoint und Keynote gibt es immer mehr Präsentationswerkzeuge, die auf HTML und CSS setzen und so außerordentlich flexibel in der Gestaltung sind.

Frederic Hemberger - Web-Entwickler und Berater aus Köln

Ein Grund – grade für Web-Worker – sich einen kurzen Überblick zu verschaffen deck.js Das Framework deck.js von Caleb Troughton ist quasi „the new kid in town“. Was mir auf den ersten Blick gut gefällt ist der modulare Aufbau: Themes, Transitions und Erweiterungen wie eine Slideübersicht, sichtbare Slidenummern, etc. können alle nach eigenem Belieben zusammengestöpselt werden. Das birgt natürlich auch die Gefahr, dass man sich statt am den Inhalt einer Präsentation zu sehr auf das Feintuning von Plug-Ins und Effekten konzentriert. Impress.js In eine ähnliche Kerbe schlägt impress.js das optisch wirklich äußerst beeindruckend ist. Momentan muss man die Werte leider für jedes Slide von Hand angeben, was die ganze Sache noch ein wenig mühselig macht. Pik6. PlaceIt by Breezi - Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments.

The Virtual Keypunch – Make Your Personal Punch Card. Type and download your personal punch cards — the Web2.0 of “big iron” age!

The Virtual Keypunch – Make Your Personal Punch Card

“The Virtual Keypunch” is a free service related to Google60 – Search Mad Men Style. Get yourself a “real business” card, or even print gift-cards for your geeky friends. Free tools for working with digital colors. Mobile phone emulator (by COWEMO) Norse Attack Map. Digital Attack Map. Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map. Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. Google60 – Search Mad Men Style. It was to have been the Nuclear Age, but it became the Search Engine Age ...

Google60 – Search Mad Men Style

“Google60” is an art project to explore distances and heroism in user interfaces. All scripts and images © 2012 N. Landsteiner, mass:werk – media environments, New: Type and download your personal punch card at “The Virtual Keypunch”! Ingredients • Google REST API – <> • “LP1 Regular” font (specially crafted for this project, based on “M+ M Type-1”) – <> • “M+ M Type-1 Regular” font by the M+ Fonts Project – <> • The splash-screen utilizes a photo by AMC (press material) – <> • JavaScript, html5, CSS, hand-crafted bytes & pixels Disclaimer Neither this page nor the author of this page is in any affiliation with Google Inc.

Usage For further notes on the project, enter "about", or click the white options-button, when inside. Notes Related • The edition of “Spacewar!” Gossip «@timberners_leeRT @sandhawke: Now this is no hoax. Donate Legal. HTML5, CSS3, JS Demos, Creations and Experiments. Steganography. Terms of Service; Didn't Read. What3words. Favicon Generator by QR Code Generator: QR Stuff Free Online QR Code Creator And Encoder For T-Shirts, Business Cards & Stickers. QR-Code-Generator - QR-Codes online erstellen [2D-Barcode, T-Shirt, Tasse, Visitenkarte, QR Code] - Demonstration Portal. SELFHTML. Wordclouds. Retrievr - search by sketch / search by image.

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine - Meet your Real Neighbours again! - Sign out forever! The Meaning of Colour in Web Design. SpriteMe. Generatoren - - Webseiten erstellen, optimieren und aufpeppen. Guten Morgen Besucher zur frühen Stunde, diese private Seite möchte Ihnen helfen, Ihre Homepage erfolgreich zu gestalten und auch der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich und populär zu machen.

Generatoren - - Webseiten erstellen, optimieren und aufpeppen bietet allen Webmastern und Webmistressen ein Zuhause, das ganze natürlich kostenlos » Über diese Website. ✔ Mit dem Kontaktformular Generator können Sie schnell und einfach Ihr individuelles und persönliches Kontaktformular kostenlos erstellen. ✔ Der Formular Generator (für Webentwickler) erstellt in nur 3 Schritten ein fertiges Formular. Border-radius: create rounded corners with CSS! Home / CSS3 Previews / Border-radius: create rounded corners with CSS!

Border-radius: create rounded corners with CSS!

The CSS3 border-radius property allows web developers to easily utilise rounder corners in their design elements, without the need for corner images or the use of multiple div tags, and is perhaps one of the most talked about aspects of CSS3. Since first being announced in 2005 the boder-radius property has come to enjoy widespread browser support (although with some discrepancies) and, with relative ease of use, web developers have been quick to make the most of this emerging technology. Here’s a basic example: This box should have a rounded corners for Firefox, Safari/Chrome, Opera and IE9. The code for this example is, in theory, quite simple: However, for the moment, you’ll also need to use the -moz- prefix to support Firefox (see the browser support section of this article for further details): How it Works.

Download Hundreds of Free @font-face Fonts. Prüfen Sie Ihre Position und Ihr Ranking in Suchmaschinen. Home: