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Felt Food

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I Heart Fake Food - Felt Apple Tutorial. Gather the following Supplies: Red, green and brown felt Fiberfill Scissors Needle and thread {green, red and brown} Sewing machine Glue Using the pattern below {copy and paste it into word to enlarge, the apple body is approximately 3 1/2 inches long}.

I Heart Fake Food - Felt Apple Tutorial

Cut the apple pieces out of felt. Starting with two of the four pieces, begin sewing one side together starting a 1/4 of an inch down from the top. Continue until all 4 of your pieces have been sewn together. When all 4 sides are sewn together, you may want to sew across the bottom, to make sure your seams are sewn shut. Turn the apple right side out. Generously stuff the apple with fiberfill. Pizza. We are getting ready to reveal Pierson’s Pizzaria Party very soon – we are so excited to share so many great details with you!


The Pizzaria printables are available in the shop now! Today we wanted to show you a DIY Felt Pizza tutorial, which includes a Free Printable Pattern! SUPPLIES NEEDED: Free Printable Pizza Pattern (Printed and cut out). Download here. Felt in various colors Embroidery thread in various colors Needles, scissors, fabric glue. Sandwich, Chips. This is a follow up to all the wonderful comments and requests for a pattern for my felt play food.

Sandwich, Chips

This is a free pattern, made by me, for a sandwhich and a bag of chips. Right-click the following three images and select "Save Target As" and save to your desktop. Then from there you can print these images full size. Basically the construction on these is pretty simple. Everything was handstitched using embroidery thread matching the color to the felt. Potato Chips and Bag:The chips were the only thing that were not handsewn. Blanket stitch the brown strip onto one side of the white bread part.

Swiss Cheese:This was pretty simple. Sandwich. Sandwich. I am really enjoying making all this felt food and have had so much fun playing with this sandwich!


The found the fabulous sandwich pattern on pinterest and it is from the lovely Tania of Myrtle & Eunice so if you want to make one of your own you can find the tutorial here where there is a link to the templates. Pancakes. My foray into felt food continues with another breakfast classic- pancakes!


I seriously love pancakes. On weekends The Mister makes really good pancakes, and these felt versions have me wishing it was the weekend already. And you can't have pancakes them without some syrup, right? A pat of butter too, ok. Eggs. Here's the first felt food tutorial, as requested.


Whole Eggs. Remember when I said I was gonna have a make-fest out of my scrap box?

Whole Eggs

Well, this was experiment #1. I have been thinking about fabric eggs, actually eggs in general, a lot lately. Chicken Legs. This weekend it was back to my felt food project!

Chicken Legs

I decided that while fruits and vegetables are great, sometimes you just want chicken legs. These are really easy - the quickest of any of the food I've been making. Sliced Cheese. From here on out, the felt food may be in a somewhat random order.

Sliced Cheese

Sorry about that. Krispie Kreme. Doughnut. First for the doughnut template, find something round thats the size that you want your doughnut to be.


Draw round it twice and cut out, so you have 2 circles. Mine is about 9.5cms across To find the centre fold one of the circles in half, then fold out again.Find something small to draw round in the centre of the template and cut out. Pumpkin Pie. Big Cake. Strawberry Short Cake. I’ve been hard at work sewing together my niece’s christmas present…a felt tea party! Earlier I gave you a tutorial on how to make felt strawberry slices, and as promised, here is the strawberry shortcake to put them on!

For this project you will need pink felt, tan felt, white felt, pink thread, tan thread, and white thread. First step is to make the top and bottom of the cake. Frosted Cupcake. Cupcake. Stacked Cupcake. YAY! I managed my first felt tutorial…. Wanna know how to do something like this? Haha, have a look: Ok, first of all, you choose the colours you want to be in your cupcake. I chose brown for the base, white for the topping and red and green for the strawberry… (i looove strawberries :P ) Then, cut out a circle. Macarons.

Cream Cookie. Lettuce. I bought a loaf of Haba Biofino Bread (they call it toast actually but I have no idea why, there isn’t anything toast-like about it) as a present for a little girl, and I wanted to make some sandwich bits to go with it. First, lettuce. The bread is about 3″ across, so I started with a 3″ square and sketched a romaine-ish lettuce leaf. This is actually my second sketch, the first was to ruffly, and when I free-hand cut it out with scissors this shape is closer to what I got. Tomato. Step 1: Research! (actually step 0 was make a bad tomato I think…) Have you ever really studied tomato slices before? They are surprisingly not that symmetric. Do you slice your tomato through the stem? I slice mine through their equators. If they are squatty tomatoes.

Head Lettuce. Cliquez sur chaque photo pour voir en plus grand Dans la feutrine verte, coupez un grand cercle et 8 feuilles comme suit : pour éviter le gaspillage, coupez une bande de 7cm de haut puis, à main levée, les feuilles côte à côte et tête bêche (Voir le schéma ci dessus pour avoir une idée de la forme et des proportions)A la machine faire une couture à 2 mm du bord le long du grand côté arrondi de chaque feuille pour éviter que la feutrine ne se déchire. A la machine, réalisez les nervures sur 6 des 8 feuilles. Carrots. Cliquez sur chaque photo pour voir en plus grand Dans la feutrine orange, coupez un triangle de 13cm de haut et de 12cm de large. Summer Squash. Corn On The Cob.

Beets. I Heart Fake Food - Felt Grape Tutorial. Strawberries. Here are the free tutorials and full size pattern for making your own felt strawberries. Berries. Strawberries II. Pear. Orange. Kiwi. OK, how cute are these little kiwi slices? Cute, and easy to make. Watermelon. Be sure to check out the beautiful basket of felt food pictured at the bottom of this post. Banana Slice.