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How to Use Dark Mode on Your Mac - The dark mode is one of the popular screen themes for the night and the users who care for their eyes.

How to Use Dark Mode on Your Mac -

Dark mode or night mode usually helps to reduce eye strain and thus enhances visibility even in the dark. Today most of the devices use Dark themes spanning from handheld devices to Computer OS. The feature available on multiple platforms such as android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Mac has recently introduced dark mode in its macOS Mojave that makes you feel something dramatic.

Mac users must be aware of these latest features of their devices. How to Use Windows 10 Clipboard History to Pin Text and Images - A Clipboard is a space where all your copied data appears before it is pasted to the destination place.

How to Use Windows 10 Clipboard History to Pin Text and Images -

Clipboard history was introduced along with the Windows 10 update version. Clipboard history stores the old copied content to get you to hold onto it if you forgot to place it to the destination. It can carry up to 25 copied items, erasing the older ones than that. How to Find Choppa Helicopter in Fortnite Season 2 - Norton Setup. Fortnite is one of the most greeted games in the world right now, and the major credit goes to frequently arrived updates in it.

How to Find Choppa Helicopter in Fortnite Season 2 - Norton Setup

Recently, a new update has arrived, and it is known as 12.20. The update brought several new features along with it, such as bug fixes, Spy Games, and new vehicles. The inclusion in the vehicle update is quite promising as Epic Games has now included a helicopter in the world of Fortnite Season 2. The enticing vehicle is known as Choppa and is deliberately included to favor the gamers in Battle royale. How to Fix Location is Not Available Error on Windows 10? - The Desktop is the focal point of the Windows operating system.

How to Fix Location is Not Available Error on Windows 10? -

This is where users keep a number of files. However, sometimes when trying to access files on the desktop, users encounter an error stating that the location is not available. Read on and follow the solutions mentioned below to fix the Windows 10 error. Boot in Safe Mode with Networking You should pursue these directions given below: How to Run Fallout 3 on Windows 10? - Norton Setup. When Fallout 3 was released, it became a major league for gamers.

How to Run Fallout 3 on Windows 10? - Norton Setup

How to Fix Transaction Can’t be Completed on Google Play Store? - Google Play Store enables you to download and install all sorts of apps on your Android devices.

How to Fix Transaction Can’t be Completed on Google Play Store? -

You can purchase apps, games, and even books on the Google Play Store. However, while making a purchase, you may encounter the “your transaction can’t be completed” error. 15 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks That Will Change the Way You Use it - Apple launched the Apple Watch in April 2015 and since then the wearable device has become one of the best accessories for the iPhone, second only to the Airpods.

15 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks That Will Change the Way You Use it -

The earlier versions of the Apple Watch faced some issues and were met with harsh criticism over their relevance. However after almost 5 years, the Apple Watch has become the favourite of Apple fans along with adding new features to its arsenal with every update. How to Run Android Applications on Windows? - Microsoft is struggling each coming day to deliver the best features to its users with the help of compatible devices.

How to Run Android Applications on Windows? -

Just like the App Store of Mac devices provided by Apple, Microsoft also wants to attract its consumers by providing attractive apps and programs, especially for the recent Windows edition that is Windows 10. The library of Microsoft is highly populated with several apps and programs that we like to use most such as Netflix, Facebook, Hulu etc. Android users are waiting for such features by which they can run their Android apps directly on their Windows PC running on Windows 10 OS. Ways to use Android Apps on Windows There are several methods to use your favourite Android apps directly on your Windows machine such as third party software because transferring apps from tablet or smartphone are not the natural process like installing directly on a desktop device. Using Bluestacks Emulator If you want to install Bluestacks on your pc, then follow these instructions:

5 Games to Play If You Love Counter-Strike - Most of the gamers surf the net and search for the best game on Google but their search goes in vain when they don’t get even a drop in the ocean.

5 Games to Play If You Love Counter-Strike -

If you are one of those hopeless game lovers who have not yet found a game of their choice, don’t worry. You have now come to the right place where you should have been before. If you like Counter-Strike, you should not miss these games at any cost. How to Use Windows 10 Clipboard History to Pin Text and Images - How to Open ODBC Data Source Administrator on Windows 10 - ODBC is a database protocol used to connect the Microsoft Access database to another outbound source such as Microsoft SQL Server.

How to Open ODBC Data Source Administrator on Windows 10 -

ODBC is a specific driver having the capability to fetch various data from Database Management Systems through SQL. Large number exchangeability of various information through computer devices and software is possible through Open Database Connectivity. A single application or software may retrieve multiple Database Management Systems. Be Ready To Watch These Amazing Shows On Netflix - Gone are the days when folks enjoyed their weekends getting bored. When you have a Netflix subscription, no power in the world can lead you to boredom, except for a poor internet connection. Yes, Netflix is trying to be your go-to option for some thrill and entertainment with a bunch of its superb shows.

All of these have a spark of their own, and thus each one comes with its surprising elements. How to Fix There Is Insufficient Disk Space to Complete Procedure - Norton Setup. Error “insufficient disk space to complete operation” appears on your screen when you try to open a file on your computer. It may occur due to corrupted files or device drivers. Several users reported that they faced this issue when t running a third-party antivirus software tool or moving data to a disk that is already full. Sometimes this error notification appears on your device when you are trying to save your files. In this article, we will teach you how you can fix this issue. Reboot your Operating System. Dark Souls Gets a ‘Roguelike’ Remodel - Norton Setup. Dark Souls has garnered quite a following over the years. It has been known for being a worthy foe of the players.

A famously difficult game is made even more tough and fun by overhauling the game with different mods. Somehow, the players still want an even more difficult version of the game. The newest MOD changes the gameplay completely In this MOD, named Rouguelike Souls- The Binding of Lordan, the players are playing inside a culmination of two games. A randomized version of the whole game! There is a randomizer twist that will test the player’s ability to survive in different situations, unknown of what to expect next. Lives are limited; after 5, game over Unlike the unlimited respawn in Dark Souls, this mod has a limit of five deaths before they lose all progress and are sent back to Firelink Shrine.

Every time you install the mod, it will generate weapons, spells and armour. How to Deactivate Your Instagram Account Permanently - All the millennials must be aware of Instagram -the most liked social networking app. It allows you to share your videos and photos for free from any device smartphone or PC. If you are unaware of the app, this is an excellent platform for not only personal use but for marketing your brand as well. There are more than 550 million active users per month on these apps. You can share your photos, videos, GIFs, etc. on your stories, and it will be visible for up to 24 hours only. Create highlights, and it will appear on the news feed or the main page of the user’s profile. No matter how engaging, colorful and full of information this platform is, Instagram can still be a bit overwhelming at times, which can make you think of deleting your Instagram account permanently or perhaps temporarily.

How to Fix Rust Keeps Crashing? - Rust is one of the best survival games. If it allows you to chat with other gamers while playing, but some players may face crashing issues. How to Fix Instagram Not Working Issues - Norton Setup. Facebook now owns Instagram, that is one of the largest social media brands in the world. Yet, Instagram can occur with issues where it stops working or creates other errors while you try to load the page.

15 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks That Will Change the Way You Use it - How to Troubleshoot Zoom Call Issues - A lot of individuals or businesses have started using Zoom call as a source of connectivity. It has become a popular platform as it helps in video conferencing with a lot of participants at once, therefore, making it easy for you to interact as well as save time. Zoom call can occur with audio or video issues sometimes that can be fixed instantly with the right guidance. Thus, below mentioned are the tips for troubleshooting your Zoom application: Check for system requirements It doesn’t matter if your device is working fine and you have the application, the system demands more than that. How to Fix Spotify won’t open on Windows 10? - Norton Setup. Spotify is one of the best digital music streaming services that allow access to lots of songs and different types of audio content.

How to Organize Your Spotify Library - A big collection of Spotify can be a challenging task to organize. A variety of music with so many genres, hundreds of playlists, and a vast choice to make. Not only music, but Spotify also provides you with podcasts in a huge range. A Spotify library can hold 10,000 tracks, and you can separate or arrange these libraries based on the artists, genre, albums, etc. Let us first talk about the advantages of creating Spotify Playlist/Library: How to Configure Spell Checker on Microsoft Edge -

The newest version of Microsoft Edge works on the Chromium open-source with an inbuilt spell checker to make sure the necessary mails, comments, or everything you insert on the web will be sent without spell error. A spell checker is accessible in various sustain languages; however, you may also configure Edge to check the spelling mistake words in several languages. Moreover, the dictionary is available that you can set up to avoid browser from marking specific terms as wrong.

The spelling checker must be enabled by default and you can enable, check, and configure the browser through browsing settings. How to Check MacBooks's Battery Health - Batteries play a significant role in all the electronic components, and the statement is certainly true for Mac devices. However, their usage capacities are limited and they serve a limited service.

Users need to charge it regularly, and thus after a certain time, its power and energy storage capacity may drop. How to Fix Mac Touch ID Issues on App Store and iTunes? - Touch ID is one of the best and useful thing for validating and authenticating purchases within the apps by simply using fingerprints instead of providing your account password.

However, it is the most secure way of authentication, which makes the process much more faster. Though the MacBook Pro and Air with Touch Bar officially supports the Touch ID authorization of both iTunes and App Store purchases but setting it can be a little difficult process for various Mac users. Well, it is one of the best and reliable way for purchasing an app from the App Store and iTunes, but sometimes, Touch ID fails to work in the App Store properly and creates lots of problem for the users. How to Fix Edge not working on VPN on Windows 10? - VPN allows you to access geo-blocked content and display your IP as originating from a different location. Office help setup.