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Cloud Sharing. The Grateful Undead! (World Zombie Day) - The Toilet Paper. Down With Disease? (Flu Shots) - The Toilet Paper. Weird Al Yankovic - 'Alpocalypse' (album stream) By Josiah Hughes Truly in a category all his own, famed parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic has had a whirlwind career since releasing his self-titled debut in 1983, and he still remains relevant today. His 13th studio album, , is set to hit stores later this month, but we've arranged a stream of the whole thing right here in Click Hear. Vampire arrest sparks discussion on pop culture. Snake that crashed funeral up for adoption. Snakes in underwear smuggler fined $400. Reindeer herder finds baby mammoth in Russia Arctic. » Schakowsky: Americans ‘Don’t Deserve to Keep’ All Their Money - Big Government. Now Playing On Breitbart TV Featured Contributors The shootings at a Jewish community center in suburban Kansas City have now been officially deemed a hate crime, officials said on Monday. by Warner Todd Huston 14 Apr 2014 4 A shortage of whitefish in the Great Lakes region resulting partly from the winter deep freeze is coming at an inconvenient time for Jewish families: the Passover holiday, when demand is high because it's a key ingredient in a traditional recipe. from AP 14 Apr 2014 4 California State Senator Leland Yee, who has been charged with wire fraud and conspiring to import firearms, may be facing new charges from the federal government. by William Bigelow 14 Apr 2014 89 Arab American Institute President and Democrat strategist James Zogby has a warning for the Democrat Party.

» Schakowsky: Americans ‘Don’t Deserve to Keep’ All Their Money - Big Government

Barack Obama may be the Republicans' best friend when it comes to educating 18-33-year olds of the Millennial Generation about the downside of voting for the Democrats’ economic policies. Michael Ramirez Political Cartoons – Political Humor, Jokes, and Pictures Updated Daily - Monday, August 29, 2011 - 91256. The Bible is Like a Software Licence. Beck Slams Huffington Post for ‘Colored’ Race Comments Story.

On Tuesday, Glenn Beck explained and defended why he’s not a fan of using the term African American.

Beck Slams Huffington Post for ‘Colored’ Race Comments Story

Almost immediately, those comments led to several articles throughout the mainstream media blasting him. Love and Marriage by Henry Bingham. Henry Bingham. Drunk Pilot Going To Pull Over Onto Cloud Until He Sobers Up A Little. 'That's What She Said' Algorithm Created After Steve Carell's Departure From 'the Office' The definition of insanity: President Obama's 'jobs plan' The definition of insanity (hat-tip to Albert Einstein) is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The definition of insanity: President Obama's 'jobs plan'

So, what do you call it when a flailing U.S. administration, with a 26% approval rating for its handling of the economy, keeps trotting out the same failed economic policies? Do they honestly expect different results? The government tried to jumpstart the economy with a fiscal stimulus, which didn’t work. So they tried a second stimulus, which also didn’t work. They tried QE1, which didn’t work, so they tried QE2, which also didn’t work. The Obama administration has tried everything that doesn’t work — in some cases as many as 10 times — all with the same results. Like trying to fix America’s debt problem by raising the debt ceiling and incurring even more debt.

The president’s “laser-like focus on jobs” keeps leading him back to tax hikes, even though we’ve repeatedly seen that higher taxes kill jobs and lower taxes spur job growth. New York City Public School Sex Education Causes Stir for Parents’ Rights. In 2004, NPR reported a poll, conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, as finding that “the debate over whether to have sex education in American schools is over.”

New York City Public School Sex Education Causes Stir for Parents’ Rights

The poll found that only 7 percent of parents believed sex ed should not be taught in school and that “parents are generally content with whatever sex education is offered.” Obama to Announce Housing, Student Loan Changes Without Congress. This summer, Obama mentioned twice that he would like to circumvent Congress when it comes to pushing his agenda.

Obama to Announce Housing, Student Loan Changes Without Congress

Now, according to Reuters and the Associated Press it seems he is doing it. “President Barack Obama this week will announce a series of actions to help the economy that will not require congressional approval,” Reuters reports, “including an initiative to make it easier for homeowners to refinance their mortgages, according to a White House official.” It should be noted that not everything the president does needs congressional approval. Vote on Immigration911! The Citizens' Bill for Immigration Reform. 82% of Americans Oppose Health Care Mandate. 999 Would Cost Some People More. Top Republican presidential contender Herman Cain said Sunday the 2012 race is “absolutely not” a factor in the 2012 campaign, and that the support he has is based on voters liking his ideas, not his skin color.

999 Would Cost Some People More

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Cain reiterated the fact that he prefers the term “black American” to “African American.” Gadhafi and Co. HERE ARE ALL THE DEVELOPED NATIONS OF THE WORLD THAT OFFER BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP TO THE BABIES OF TOURISTS AND ILLEGAL ALIENS: