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Zenon Group — Zenon Group - Financial Services Gold Coast. Zenon Group — The Power of a Positive Review. Zenon Group — Home. Where can I make the greatest savings? / Blog of Zenon Group - Robina, QLD 4226 - 1300 093 666. Where can I make the greatest savings?

Where can I make the greatest savings? / Blog of Zenon Group - Robina, QLD 4226 - 1300 093 666

Posted on:Tuesday, September 27, 2016 Many things are in fashion these days. Paleo diets, cross fit, jeggings and selfie sticks seem to litter social media frequently. Something that should be popular, however seems to spend more time in the back of our cupboards, is what can be done to save crucial dollars in our financial lives.

Breathe easy Australia, you’re not about to read another article proposing you live on bread and water while the bank’s pockets get bigger. We all want financial control but what’s the cost? Common in Australian financial services is the word “sacrifice”. With that being said, it’s a difficult to balance making cuts to your lifestyle and comfort in favour of an extra repayment. Mortgage, credit card, bills, bills and did I mention bills? If you’re like anyone in Australia today, you most likely owe money in some way. Self-Managed Super Fund in Gold Coast - Zenon Group. Superannuation has been a big topic for many Australians purely for the fact that most families feel that it won’t be enough to see them through twenty years of retirement.

Self-Managed Super Fund in Gold Coast - Zenon Group

Even though super is a large issue for households, it’s often not a topic brought up over coffee nor do you invite your close friends over for a few drinks and a chat about your super position on a Friday night. As retirement looms closer on the horizon, our minds tend to focus on what we’re going to rely on to provide quality of life in our later years and what we can do to influence the retirement wealth we will hold. While superannuation isn’t the most exciting subject, knowing what you can do to improve your position is an important part of preparing. Shouldn’t my Super take care of itself?

Superannuation Solutions in Gold Coast - Zenon Group. The ever increasing range of superannuation products and services can be a baffling mine-field to traverse.

Superannuation Solutions in Gold Coast - Zenon Group

Many of us have multiple superannuation funds floating around from employment long ago and very little clue as to what those long forgotten funds might be doing. A key element of having your superannuation become a peak performer is to know and understand where it is and what it’s doing for you. Because we lead busy lives and not everyone is able to attach a GPS tracker to their intangible funds, you may need to call in the cavalry to keep your super in shape! Brining it all together! Debt solutions Gold Coast – Zenon Group. As a population a fairly congruent factor is that we all share some level of personal debt.

Debt solutions Gold Coast – Zenon Group

Whether you’re a mortgagee, you’ve borrowed to start a business or birthdays have caught you unawares and you’ve turned to your credit card to see you through. Consider your debt like a shadowy figure following you around with some unannounced malicious intent. You’re not entirely sure when you’ll get rid of this apparition, all you know is that you want it gone as soon as possible. Taking back control. Wealth Management and Cash Management Service in Gold Coast - Zenon Group. There are a few things in life that are hard to keep track of.

Wealth Management and Cash Management Service in Gold Coast - Zenon Group

If you’re like any Australian, you’ve probably considered mounting a full scale search and rescue team in hope of finding the highly elusive television remote and at the same time instructed your newly assembled unit to fan out in a serpentine pattern to locate your phantom car-keys. Simply, your income is intangible and that makes the mission of tracking and controlling it a far harder affair. However… In effort to not appear like the +1 at a party you didn’t bring anything for, we’ve come up with three helpful hints to end your cash management worries! 1. A critical step in being able to wrangle your hard earned income is to know exactly what your expenses are over the course of the week, month and year. 2.

Finding the right financial management – Financial Services Australia. Personal finance management.

Finding the right financial management – Financial Services Australia

If you’ve fallen asleep already I don’t blame you. Often compared to choosing between an afternoon of light alphabetising or a mid-morning physical exam, taking time to manage your finances, whilst important, doesn’t rank highly on the list of things we’d prefer to be doing. Five ways to achieve a passive income in retirement. When asked what your most prized asset is, where is your mind drawn?

Five ways to achieve a passive income in retirement

A lot of households immediately reply that their family and their home are their most prized assets and what they strive the hardest to cultivate. Five ways to have a debt free home – Financial Services Australia. If you have ever felt like your mortgage is a giant anchor holding you back from what you would rather be doing, don’t despair as you’re definitely not alone.

Five ways to have a debt free home – Financial Services Australia

Australians have been blessed with some of the lowest interest rates seen in a very long time and while for many households this has provided a breath of fresh air, it would be foolish to let a golden opportunity to do some real damage to your mortgage fall by the wayside. This promotes an important question; “I’m paying more than what is required and I’ve increased my repayment schedule. What more can I do?” This is a familiar question asked by many Australian families that are engaged in the delicate balancing act of providing a comfortable lifestyle and achieving a debt free home prior to retirement.

While using the word “blessed” to describe an interest rate is interesting to say the least, we have compiled five tried and true methods that will fast-track to you to a debt free home. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Like this: Like Loading... Home - Cash Management Gold Coast: Effective means to manage your wealth. Taking care of the wealth you have built so far is often a little easier than what it seems.

Cash Management Gold Coast: Effective means to manage your wealth

If you’re like 90% of other Australians, you probably don’t keep too close an eye on your superannuation and the prospect of becoming familiar with investment strategy and structure seems as appealing as a sandpaper breakfast. One agreed factor is that without close management and careful planning, it’s easy for your hard earned retirement savings to dwindle due to nasty fee’s, taxes and circumstantial events. Diving down the rabbit hole. The answers to your burning financial questions by Brad K Russell. By Brad K Russell Financial Advisor Gold Coast Every Australian family has a few questions they want answered when it comes to their financial structure and what can be done to improve it.

The answers to your burning financial questions by Brad K Russell

Falling short of holding a crystal ball or being able to access the intricacies of the inner financial sanctum, It’s common to feel a little out of your depth when considering what your next financial step should or could be. Whether you’ve been thinking about refinancing your mortgage, trying to get a tighter grip on your budget or commencing the long haul toward a self-funded retirement, finding the right information that suits you and your family is a difficult task.

There are a few options available to help speed up the process and each will suit you differently depending on the level of control you want to have over your own financial circumstances. Aside for the lucky few of us that have close friends or family members that work in financial services, what do the rest of us do? Me neither… Comments. Zenon Group: Zenon Group - Financial Services Gold Coast. As a working parent it’s always been a difficult balance for my Husband and I to ensure that our life, work and finances operate with some kind of harmony. In between Hubby working fly in and fly out, our two children and my work we had been speaking about getting our finances in order however we never really got down to the nuts and bolts of what is going on. There was always a sport event or a birthday that took priority over our financial circumstances and we figured that we weren’t doing too badly. We had friends who had used financial planners and debt management companies in the past and being really honest, we were sceptical about putting our finances in the hands of someone else.

After considering our options, it became fairly clear that my Husband and I would not be able to take the time needed to really ensure that we were tracking well financially and more importantly there were questions we had that we couldn’t answer. Sue Franklin, Wacol, Queensland. Zenon Group: The Power of a Positive Review. In any business positive word of mouth is often the best weapon held in attracting new customers or clients. The Zenon Group strives to redefine the world of personal finance, moving beyond the dissociative services we have all experienced from one lending institution or another and opening the door to a consolidated financial service that puts people first. Whether it’s evaluating the structure of a residential mortgage, providing investment insight, consolidating personal debt or improving upon a client’s retirement position, the Zenon Group has been afforded the incredibly opportunity to meet with many families face to face and provide them the insight they may not have had into their own financial world.

This has allowed us to evolve the service that we provide based on the very people it is provided to. Providing an ever changing service comes with its own trepidations and reviews are a very important part of keeping abreast of how effective our service has been. Finding the right Superannuation Solutions. Finding the right Debt Management Company by Brad K Russell. Articles by Brad K Russell Financial Advisor Gold Coast When thinking about debt management many people think of companies that will consolidate debts together for you under a repayment plan, allowing you to pay a single company a manageable monthly fee to get your debt under control.

This can be a saving grace for when things do go south however there are different types of debt management companies that can be further reaching and used as a preventative measure rather than a worst case scenario. Buying Your First Home Versus Buying An Investment Property. Popularised and certainly a hot-topic in Australia at the moment is the rising cost of purchasing a home and specifically many younger Australians feeling like they will never be able to save enough to enter the property market.

This begs the question of whether it’s a fiscally responsible option, especially for younger Australians, to purchase an investment property as their first step into the property market rather than buying a home for themselves. So why are many Australians choosing to invest rather than purchase their own home?