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Zen Merchandiser is the digital expression of our mission to bring you the absolute best products you can use to improve your store’s design.

Using Feng Shui & Visual Merchandising To Improve Your Store's Sales. It is believed that, when it comes to retail, Feng Shui could provide one of the best solutions for immediate and easily obtained results.

Using Feng Shui & Visual Merchandising To Improve Your Store's Sales

Feng Shui is seen here not just a mere marketing strategy, but a more complex set of procedures than entail also emotional and spiritual experience, due to the fact that shopping itself is seen as a challenging and entertaining experience. Generally speaking, Feng Shui refers to an ancient Chinese set of aesthetic principles that are believed to use the laws of Heaven and those of Earth as well so as to improve human life. In other words, we perceive Feng Shui as a pragmatic way of arranging the objects that surround us in order to get a positive energy, or Qi, from it.

How To Improve The Look Of A Jewelry Display Case. Every person involved in a business knows the importance of selling his or her products.

How To Improve The Look Of A Jewelry Display Case

Having a good merchandising strategy which can help you sell your things is the very first step in being successful. There are a lot of strategies one can choose for his or her business. It all depends on what exactly you want to sell. For example, if you sell clothes, than dress forms and mannequins are very important for displaying your merchandise. If you chose to sell jewelries, perfumes or other small, but expensive things like antique items, you have to consider buying some display cases, which, along with other important aspects like lighting, ways of displaying items so on and so forth, can help you build a nice and effective marketing strategy. How To Improve The Look Of A Jewelry Display Case. Using The Installation Concept In Your Visual Merchandising Strategy & Designs. Visual merchandising is a marketing strategy that retailers adopt in order to increase sales or brand awareness, or simply to gain a plus when it comes to aesthetics.

Using The Installation Concept In Your Visual Merchandising Strategy & Designs

Visual merchandising is a profitable strategy because it gives the retailer the opportunity to increase sales by using little budget, compared to advertising. It is, after all, a type of advertising that is undergone on the spot and, with a bit of creativity and imagination, everyone can master the art of visual merchandising and use it in creating displays. As it has been stated before, the entire process of crafting the ideas we have about visual merchandising is perceived now as a true form of art. Retailers understand nowadays that a simple exposure of mannequins wearing the best of the collection in store is no longer a solution.

We’re talking about a form of art when it comes to visual merchandising for the simple reason that every endeavor needs to be creative and original. Using Baroque Style Jewelry Displays & Cabinets To Beautifully Showcase Jewelry. It is a trend nowadays to use some of the principles that function mainly in different domains of activity and creation, such as arts, in order to improve the aspect and the way in which our endeavor is perceived.

Using Baroque Style Jewelry Displays & Cabinets To Beautifully Showcase Jewelry

Making use of themes, subjects or elements that are surprisingly re-contextualized, may lead to a reconfiguration with interesting results to what we intent to create. This situation is not a novelty, taking into account the fact that it has been a reality in the world of postmodern art for more than fifty years. Postmodernism didn’t reach an end so far, because the amount of artistic expression that can still be considered postmodern is huge. We’re dealing with these artistic ideas for one good reason: in order to produce appealing displays in your store, you need to be creative, and creativity is one of the basic principles of art.

We’ve picked baroque for its connection to the idea of exuberance and grandeur, some of the characteristics that jewelry “intent” to produce. The Importance Of Point-of-Purchase / Sale Displays In Apparel Stores. A point-of-purchase or sale display (or POP/S display) refers to a strategic item, usually of advertising type, placed next to merchandise in order to provide a better promotion of it.

The Importance Of Point-of-Purchase / Sale Displays In Apparel Stores

It is a “silent salesperson” because it has the main function to help customers get the information they need right away, without requiring the help of the staff. Generally, POP/S displays are placed at the checkout area or other location where the purchase decision is made. Design Best Practices For Storefront Window Signs & Signage. The window signage is the first thing your customers see before entering your store and it gives them an idea of what they might find inside and what to expect from your business.

Design Best Practices For Storefront Window Signs & Signage

It’s like a profile picture for your shop, you have to make it pretty but suggestive so you attract the right kind of people. The best part is that possibilities are endless and you can use your imagination to the maximum, working with colors, textures, puns and jokes, fonts, depending on what identity you want your business to have. How to Stand Out from Other Stores #1. First of all, the most important thing is to stand out from the rest of the stores and pop up into people’s eyes so they see you when they walk across the street, after all that’s the main purpose of window signs.

How Food Retailers Use Unique Food Scents to Sell. Consumerism: The Modern Pavlov Everybody has at least some remote knowledge about the experiment of Pavlov and his dogs: once they heard the bell ring, they knew the food was to be served.

How Food Retailers Use Unique Food Scents to Sell

In a world dominated by the policy of consumerism, it can be argued that people often take the place of a modern-day Pavlov`s dog, in relation to what they buy and what they think they buy. Yet, when it comes to food shopping, there is no denial: most impulses of choosing specific products are triggered by the five inborn senses, especially by the strongest and most intricate out of them, which implies that food retailers have a wondrous advantage over the customers: the power of smell.

The Art of the Fragrance. Valuable Tips To Create Compelling Signage For Your Retail Store. The signage is essential for retail outlets.

Valuable Tips To Create Compelling Signage For Your Retail Store

It helps consumers find the store easily. The visual display provides basic information to customers and makes it easy for them to locate merchandise. A signage is one of the first things that attract people to retail shops. This direct form of marketing does not only create a good impression. 9 Reasons Why Music is a Great Tool in Retail.

When you are out shopping on a Friday evening, leaving behind a long week of work and kicking off a well-deserved weekend, what draws you to a particular store?

9 Reasons Why Music is a Great Tool in Retail

Of course, if you are shopping for something specific, it can be a certain item you eye in the window, the big sale signs everywhere or maybe just your loyalty towards that particular store. However, if you are just strolling around, looking to kill time, it might as well be the music echoing out of the store that which invites you to take a look around and maybe even makes you purchase something. Scientists and retailers alike have been experimenting with music, and since catchy beats can be heard everywhere, we have good reason to believe they found a significant correlation between playing music in retail stores and spending habits. How Smell Influences Thoughts & Emotions During Shopping. Imagine this.

How Smell Influences Thoughts & Emotions During Shopping

You are walking along the main aisle of a shopping center, blindfolded. It is Christmas and it is about time you bought the perfect presents for whoever you are going to meet later at dinner. In the air, several fragrances are floating, yet from somewhere in your nearest vicinity, a specific smell of gingerbread, mulled wine and cinnamon are luring you – inevitably, you choose to follow its path, unable to rely on visual perception. Exploring The Sense Of Smell For Store Merchandising Purposes. There are five senses and one of them is the sense of smell.

Sight is said to be the priority but the smell is crucial to the human being’s daily decisions, memories and emotions. The same theory applies to retail consumers. Successful Retail Companies That Sell With Their Scents. Many flourishing retail firms today use scent marketing in creating the proper ambiance to match with their brands, products and services.

Small store owners can adopt their strategies including scent marketing to experience the kind of success these companies are now going through. However, it is worth discussing unique strategy before mentioning some of the booming retail outlets. Everything About Music In Women's Apparel Stores. Music has played a major role in people’s life even from the beginning of the first created sounds. Despite the fact that music has changed over the years (mainly due to the technology) its effects and influence upon our brain have not… And this is something that retailers are aware of. Even more than this, a well-trained and prepared retailer knows what music to play in the background of his store – and here we are talking about genre, tempo, pitch, pace and volume. The Importance of Volume Another study from 2013 (conducted by Myriam V.

Thoma) confirmed this – 60 women aged 25 years old were exposed, while in a store, to loud music of flowing water, blowing wind and singing birds (common sounds that are usually used for relaxation) for a moderate period of time. The Importance of Genre Equally important as the volume of music is its genre, especially in women apparel stores. Without even realizing, people are negatively affected by several genres and they can easily be influenced. The Six Scent Families Of Ambient Scenting In Visual Merchandising.

The Right Scent Speaks Volumes Imagine this: it’s Monday morning. You are trying to arrive on time at your soliciting workplace, heart beating, eyes still craving for another hour of sleep, ears deafened by the horns of the usual traffic jam, the bitter taste of your morning, still way too hot coffee on your burnt tongue and a growling stomach, angry at you, again, because you skipped breakfast. Your senses are bombarded every second of your life without even realizing it. But, suddenly, you stop. A weirdly familiar smell invades your nostrils, you start feeling warm and cozy inside, and a state of wellbeing surrounds your whole spirit. Customers Respond to Scents Maybe the upper-mentioned scenario looks like it’s ripped off a corny movie trailer but you have to admit that at least once in a lifetime the sense of smell contributed to a certain extent to your occasional binging shopping sessions.

The Nose is The Fastest Way to The Heart #1. . #2. . #3. . #4. . #5. . #6. It is all science. Customers & Scents: What Type of Scents Should You Use? It is no secret that the key to having a successful retail business can be found in understanding the customer, their preferences, and their habits, not only in relation to what they choose to buy, but also to how they choose to do it. Every person walking into a store should be regarded as a potential customer, with a unique shopping behavior, which may or may not fit the pattern the retailer expects from them. Thus, it is extremely important to focus on every detail which may influence the shopping experience (both positively and negatively) in order to ensure your business develops in the right direction. A pleasant shopping ambient is created multidimensionally: the olfactory aspect is just as important as the visual and the auditory ones.

Given that smell is the most powerful of the five inborn senses, it is no wonder there is a strong correlation between fragrance and customer types. But how should one use smell to their business`s avail? Feminine or Masculine Scents? Best Practices For Using Aromatherapy In Your Retail Store. 25 Beautiful & Creative Bracelet Holders.

What many of us do not know is that bracelets have a long, interesting and meaningful history behind them. First used by the Egyptians and the Greeks, they were made out of bones, woods and stones and worn for various spiritual and religious reasons. All along the human history, we can easily see that they were worn by different people from regions that had almost nothing in common – barbarians wore them (for instance, the Vikings), peasants wore them, lords and kings did the same thing. Nowadays, such as every piece of jewelry, bracelets (whether we are talking about beaded bracelets, slap bracelets, link bracelets and so on) can conveniently be considered a form of art through which certain feelings and emotions can be transmitted.

It is truly magical how a bracelet can change someone’s whole outfit and give them a fashionable look. . #1. . #2. . #3. . #4. . #5. . #6. . #7. . #8. . #9. . #10. This combination of delicateness and creativity will unquestionably create a cozy ambiance. . #12. . #13. . #19. . #24. The Retailer's Guide To Choosing the Right Scents In Stores.

How Scents In Retail Can Lead Customers To Impulse Purchases. Impulse buying or purchase is often defined as a spontaneous decision to buy any commodity or service. Psychological research explains emotions play a significant role in making a purchase. It is activated once the individual sees the merchandise or after he or she is exposed to a very enticing advertising message. Experienced retailers and marketing specialists take advantage of such impulses related to basic wants for immediate satisfaction. Scents & Fragrances That Enhance Retail Experiences. The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Retail & Store Signage Creation. Emotions Invoked By Scents & Fragrances Used In Retail Stores. Best Practices To Create Effective Retail Signage. The Best Areas To Install Retail Store Signage. Important Things To Know About Visual Merchandising. The Best Signage & Sign Types For Your Store. A Store's Exterior Appearance & Your Visual Merchandising Strategy.

Combining Contemporary Art & Visual Merchandising. 100+ Creative Jewelry Holders & Organizers. Jewelry Display Lighting Best Practices. How To Choose Paint Colors For A Livelier Store Design. The Impact Of Fast & Slow Music On Customers' Spending Habits. 100+ Creative Summer Window Displays, Ideas & Designs. The Bond Between Memory & Smell In Visual Merchandising For Retail. The Importance Of Using Color Trends In Retail Merchandising. The Best Techniques For Perfectly Lighting Small Retail Stores. The Guide To Perfect Music Choice For Your Jewelry Store.