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Vicomi Wants to Replace the Like with an Emotion Scale. The ‘like’ and ‘upvote’ have become an integral part of navigating the internet; what would Facebook or Reddit be without them?

Vicomi Wants to Replace the Like with an Emotion Scale

Still, as far as expressing how you actually feel about that infuriating article, sad photo or funny cat video, they’re pretty basic tools. Medium Launches Tool to Help You Build Beautiful Charts. Medium has today unveiled a handy tool called Charted for making beautiful charts in a few seconds.

Medium Launches Tool to Help You Build Beautiful Charts

The company says that Charted was built as an internal tool by the Product Science team at Medium to help “analyze data and communicate our findings with the team.” Spotify's Artist Explorer Visualizes Musical Relations Between Artists. Spotify has launched a new experimental tool that allows you to search for a specific artist to find out which other musicians are related musically.

Spotify's Artist Explorer Visualizes Musical Relations Between Artists

It also provides related artist info about their background and top hits. Tweeted out today by Spotify, the Artist Explorer simply requires you to search for an artist or genre of music. If you search for an artist it will show 10 more related musicians by default, and will begin playing a snippet of music when you move your mouse over any of them. How the 'Destiny' Design Team Built Their Immersive Worlds. Which came first: the intent to make something visually distinctive or something that served the story?

How the 'Destiny' Design Team Built Their Immersive Worlds

I think that, with the different planets, we had the idea of what we wanted the players to experience first. What kind of planet do we want them to visit? The Psychology of Web Design. A great website design is so much more than just delivering content and making it look good.

The Psychology of Web Design

When visitors come to your site, they produce a set of feelings about your website and your organization. The type of feelings they produce – positive or negative – are entirely in your hands and should not be overlooked when designing content. Metaio Debuts Augmented Reality Plug-in for Adobe InDesign. Augmented Reality (AR) has become increasingly mainstream, so more than ever it’s critical that designers can easily create and deploy AR designs without a whole lot of fuss.

Metaio Debuts Augmented Reality Plug-in for Adobe InDesign

Metaio’s new AR Creator Plug-in for Adobe InDesign lets designers build and deploy AR experiences from within Adobe’s publishing app. Designers just mock up pages as usual in InDesign and then attach digital AR content. Imgur Redesigns Site to Emphasize Viral Posts. The Internet's favorite photo-sharing platform just made it easier to find the best memes, GIFs and viral photos.

Imgur Redesigns Site to Emphasize Viral Posts

Imgur rolled out a redesigned website Thursday that improves search and adds new ways to tag and filter images and galleries. The biggest change is to the site's tagging system. Users can now suggest and vote for their own tags for specific images. "This is a simple, but big change: you can now browse the gallery by tag, create your own personalized custom galleries by combining tags, and even filter out images with certain tags that you don’t want to see anymore," the company explained in a blog post. See How Google Displays Disputed Borders Worldwide.

All channels Load More Support TNW - become Pro and we can ditch the banners.

See How Google Displays Disputed Borders Worldwide

ReplayLastGoal lets you relive the agony and ecstasy of the World Cup in GIFs. How Eyetracking Can Improve Your Webpage Design. Shutterstock: Which elements are most critical in effective web design?

How Eyetracking Can Improve Your Webpage Design

Is it the F and E-Shaped patterns (layouts that take advantage of users' natural tendency to read the left side of screens the most) that come up so often when eye tracking data is discussed? Morrison: In general, you should emphasize the 3 "W"s: the content that conveys what the page is about, why users should care, and where they should go next. Album cover art as emoji — will it be the new craze? It’s already got something resembling a cult following.

Album cover art as emoji — will it be the new craze?

That’s because even the most bored, cynical, and hungover observers can emerge with a smile twitching their lips after scrolling through a few of Wesley Stace’s emoji classic record album cover takeoffs. All the viral internet ingredients are there: rock music, emoji, and — what else do you need? Well, for one, it doesn’t hurt that the finger-tapping conceptual artist (using the term loosely) is a well-known musician and author, who back in the day, called himself John Wesley Harding.

The Velvet Underground and Nico As noted in an interview with Fast Company, Stace came upon the cover art emoji idea by accident, while he was sending messages to pass time on the treadmill. A random album cover (he thinks it was the Velvet Underground’s debut album featuring Andy Warhol’s banana graphic) appeared on his mobile phone showing just white squares. Mashable.

11 Resources for Website Design Inspiration. Attractive, user-friendly Web design can mean the difference between an interested customer and a lost lead. But not all founders make great designers and art directors, and it’s easy to imitate design principles that may not actually go over that well with your target audience. To find out where founders are getting their design cues from, I asked 11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following: What are the best websites/resources for design inspiration for your new blog or website? Their best answers are below. PSFK is always on top of what’s going down in the design world as well as which brands and businesses are integrating innovative design into their products and websites. 2. Smashing Magazine is one of my favorite resources for design inspiration. The Best Typefaces From April 2014. Sean Mitchell is an interactive designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of TypeRelease.

Did another month just pass us by already? Mashable. A new iPhone app is using augmented reality and big data to create animated visualizations based on New York's subway system. Tunnel Vision enables users to see which stations are likely to be the most crowded and view where in the system their train theoretically is — simply by pointing their iPhone at a subway map. The iOS app will recognize any map of the subway — whether it's a wall map, a paper map or an onscreen map. Once it recognizes the map, it overlays animated visualizations that display transit and demographic data for different areas of New York City, based on where they are located in relation to the subway. The app relies on MTA and U.S. Google Updates Nik Analog Effects Photo Plug-in. Google has released an upgrade to its photo enhancement plug-in package, Analog Efex Pro. Version 2 is available as a free upgrade for all existing Nik Collection users.

A free 15-day trial version is also available. Monegraph Uses Bitcoin Tech So Internet Artists Can Establish “Original” Copies Of Their Work. People don’t want to buy copies of art, they want the original. And that’s been a huge problem for artists who create digital works that are easily copied. No scarcity means no market, so artists can’t make ends meet. 500px Teams Up with for Picturesque Personal Sites. 500px announced it has teamed up with the personal blog service,, allowing members to include photos from 500px in their Web profiles. is also the latest addition to the 500px Partner Program, which lets members opt in to sharing their photos with third parties such as Bing and Yandex. Mashable. 3 ways to use infographics to promote your brand. Side Drawer Navigation Could Cost Half Your User Engagement.

Anthony Rose is co-founder and CTO of zeebox, the social network for TV. So, you have a mobile app where there are more pages or sections than can fit on a mobile screen at once. 3 Things You Need to Know About Making a Marketing Video Convert. Daniel Glickman is CMO of PowToon, an animated videos & presentations platform. In this brilliant digital era, consumers are watching more videos now than ever – in fact by 2016, the number of people who watch online videos is expected to reach 1.5 billion. Comic Neue Is A New Take On Comic Sans. How to place images inside text for that old-fashioned look. Which Color Should You Use For Your Icon?

14-Year-Old Proves U.S. Can Save $370 Million by Changing Fonts. Font nerds, get ready to rejoice. Typefaces aren't just fun — finding the right one could make a huge difference to the nation's bottom line. Changing the standard typeface used by federal and state governments could save the United States roughly $370 million a year in ink costs, according to a peer-reviewed study by Suvir Mirchandani.

Google Experiments with New View for Promotional Emails. Mobile photography challenge finalists. How to Encourage Fans to Create and Share Visual Content. You're Not Crazy: Google Search Results Look a Little Different. Advertising's Next Frontier: The Internet of Everything. 5 Ways to Make Shareable Images That Drive Traffic. The 9 Best Browser-Based Photo Editing Tools. Silk Makes it Easier to Explore and Visualize Online Data. Heap Analytics: Easier For Anyone to Track Website Interactions.

Instapainting Turns Your Photos Into Hand-Painted Oil Paintings On The Cheap. American Apparel Strikes Marketing Gold in Sochi. The Pros and Cons of Rolling Your Own CMS. 7 Design Tips for Non-Creatives. 8 Great Icon Font Generators to Give Your Site a Custom Feel. 12 Outdated Web Features That Need to Disappear in 2014. How to Design Banner Ads that People Want to Click.