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Printing Press. Great Barrier Reef: Dive sites and marine life that inspired the Sir David Attenborough documentary. Australia Facts for Kids. Australia Facts Australia for Kids Here are some interesting Australia Facts which were chosen and researched by kids especially for kids.

Australia Facts for Kids

Name: Commonwealth of AustraliaGovernment: DemocracyPopulation: 25 million (2020)Urban Population: 90%Capital: Canberra with 450,000 people (2020)Language: EnglishUnemployment: 12%Currency: 1 Australian dollar ($) = 100 centsReligion: mainly ChristiansTimezones: 3National Symbols: Golden wattle (flower), opal (gemstone), green and gold (colours) and the Commonwealth Star (a seven-pointed star)National Animals: Kangaroo, emuNational Holiday: 26 January (Australia Day)National Anthem: Advance Australia Fair Australia GeographyAustralia Maps Australia is an island country in the Southern hemisphere and belongs to Oceania/Australia. Australia OVERVIEW. Introduction to Australia. Tourism Destination: Australia. The Bridge: A fantastic video lesson. This is a beautiful animated short that teaches students a great lesson about conflict resolution and getting along with others. 1.

The Bridge: A fantastic video lesson

Watch the video and stop at 18 sec and 2:10. Both times, ask students what they think will happen. What the animals will do.


Tourism Australia and Chris Hemsworth. Tourism Destination: Australia. Leaftlet 2. Tourism Destination: Australia. Adventurers - Good Morning Miss! Emma Crosby talks to Sir Ranulph Fiennes about his planns to trek across the Antarctic next March. Tourism australia kangaroo.