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Green Home Tips

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5 Ways to Help Save the Environment. Steps Method 1 of 5: Saving energy 1Switch off anything that uses electricity. If you're not using it, turn it off. This goes for lights, televisions, computers, printers, and so on. Put timers on lamps that will turn off lamps at the same time on a daily basis. 10Load up that washing machine. Method 2 of 5: Saving water 1Check for leaks. 5Conserve water. Method 3 of 5: Sustainable transportation. 15 Energy Efficient Designing Tips for Home.

15 Energy Efficient Designing Tips for Home Energy efficiency is often the number one concern for home owners.

15 Energy Efficient Designing Tips for Home

How can you design a beautiful home that still helps you save each month on your energy bill? Listed below are 15 energy efficient designing tips that will give your home beauty and help you save money. Choosing fans over light fixtures. Organic Homes. 10 Ideas for An Environmentally Friendly Roof. Going green at home is a hot topic in every circle these days.

10 Ideas for An Environmentally Friendly Roof

Bathroom cleaners are now environmentally friendly, we're using insulation to keep heating costs down and screwing in fluorescent light bulbs to reduce electricity bills. But even with all the options for greening a home, roofs are often left out of the equation. Bill Christensen, founder of Building Green, a group based in Austin, Texas committed to providing green building information, says roofing has often been a neglected part of sustainable building, leaving open valuable space that can easily contribute to lowering costs and protecting the environment. However, that neglect appears to be changing. Ralph Velasquez, director of sustainable technology for Tremco, a sustainability focused roofing company in Beachwood, Ohio, notes a growing desire for environmentally friendly roofing products as Americans become more conscious of their environmental impact.

Water Plants With Your Air Conditioner. Did you ever notice that your central air conditioner has a hose that connects to the drain?

Water Plants With Your Air Conditioner

I never really thought about it until one night I almost tripped because ours went across the basement floor. I cut the hose and placed a trash can there to collect the water... I figured that I would just dump it each day. I was surprised the next day to find that it had filled the trash can and made a fair sized puddle on the floor, and quite a mess with a stack of papers that was sitting there. After some rough calculations I discovered that about 350 gallons (1300 liters) was being wasted annually. I decided to install a pump and use this water for my small garden which was right outside the basement door. Greywater - What It Is, How To Treat & Use It. This Pre-Holiday Checklist Will Save You Electricity and Money. The holidays are around the corner (and thankfully so!).

This Pre-Holiday Checklist Will Save You Electricity and Money

Whether you’re leaving Jozi to hit the coast, or escaping to somewhere secluded, it’s time to prepare for the exciting road ahead! Before you head off and forget about home, consider what you can do to make sure your return home is just as much of a pleasure as the adventure forward. We all know that January can often be a tough financial month. With the kids returning to school, new books and uniforms being bought, and after the splendour of Christmas your wallet may feel a little empty. However, there’s no need to fret. Shop for Gadgets There are a number of nifty gadgets out there to automate tasks such as watering the garden or turning on appliances.

Watering Cheat. Veggie Dishes for Your Braai Day from The Flying Pan - Blog. As we all know, a South African braai is usually a very meaty affair.

Veggie Dishes for Your Braai Day from The Flying Pan - Blog

A main of ribs or steak is accompanied by a side of lamb chops, followed by a second helping of that all too important boerie roll. Potato salad and a green salad make an appearance for good measure. Despite their versatility, vegetables are too often a second thought at a braai. However, if we move beyond cos lettuce, we can create mouth watering dishes that can actually steal the show in terms of both taste and appearance. The Flying Pan, a food business that specialises in creating and delivering delicious dinners, shares two of their favourite vegetable dishes for the braai. Stuffed Brown Mushrooms One of our favourite veggie dishes for the grill (and the most simple too) is stuffed mushrooms.

Ingredients 250 g brown mushrooms1 clove garlic, finely chopped200g basil, finely chopped100g roasted macadamia nuts, coarsely chopped50g buttersalt and pepper to taste Method Veggie Burgers. Live Smart - Insulate Your Home and Save. Most homes in South Africa are built with the aim to invest as little capital as possible.

Live Smart - Insulate Your Home and Save

The problem with this mindset is that design aspects such as insulation are often neglected. Building in this way does not necessarily mean that the home will remain sustainable from a cost perspective in the long run. With electricity costs on the rise, this attitude towards home building needs to change. Insulation is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of a home, and its operating costs based on electricity usage. As explained above, it is commonly omitted in building plans.

Why Insulation Is Needed? The diagram below illustrates what happens to a typical South African home in warm, summer months and cool, winter months. The goal of insulation is to reduce heat transfer, which occurs when two different temperature zones are next to each other. Geyser Efficiency to Suit Your Budget. The time for jerseys, fireside chats and hot chocolate is here.

Geyser Efficiency to Suit Your Budget

Winter and its crisp air have snuck up on us, alerting us not only to an impending wardrobe change, but also a more desperate need for hot showers!