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German company NICI has released some information and images on their new plushies and various other things coming out in March. The big two are the Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle decked out in the whole princess thing.. Fluttershy in particular comes in a few different sizes, including a keychain, 20cm, 30cm, and whopping 50cm variants. Aside from these two, they have a few new pillow designs on the way, and a snow globe. Equestria Daily

Equestria Daily

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Granny Smith papercraft pattern by ~Kna on deviantART recommended paper: 140 Grs A4 finally, the Apple Family (the one that matters) is now complete! i got to say, granny Smith scares me a little XD she is so energetic!. her mouth is a little hard to make so i added a classic type of mouth too. if you do the more hard one, be careful of were you glue it to the face, if you glue it too loow she will totally look like a duck. have fun! Granny Smith papercraft pattern by ~Kna on deviantART
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Edit: 5-5-13FOR SALEThis is THE Luna, the custom that put me on the map, my most popular work, and one of my earliest triumphs as a custom maker. You and tens of thousands of other pony fans have seen her around the internet over the past two years. I swore I would only make two Lunas, one for her S2 debut (which was sold on eBay), and this one I've kept for myself. Custom Pony - Luna by *Modern-Warmare on deviantART Custom Pony - Luna by *Modern-Warmare on deviantART


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