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House. We love the global cool design sensibility of Casamidy products.


50 Ceiling Design Ideas. Home design DIY Kids Weddings Fashion and Style FOOD Cool stuff 50 Ceiling Design Ideas A lot of people prefer simple white ceilings.

50 Ceiling Design Ideas

The Best Couch Ideas For Your Home. 35 Amazing Uses For Old Pallets. Furniture and Furnishings. A Canal Home in Bruges, Belgium - Slide Show. DIY Doily Light: Simple Suspended-Sphere Lace Lamp Shade. So simple a child could make it – and have fun in the process, too.

DIY Doily Light: Simple Suspended-Sphere Lace Lamp Shade

And the result? A shining example of how light and shadow can work together to brighten up a room. Swedish craftswoman Isabelle Dos started with a simple party-shop balloon, blown up big and wrapped in white lace place settings painted with wallpaper glue. The soaked material sticks readily to the sides of the inflated sphere, overlapping to form a contiguous shell, suspended and left to dry overnight like a plaster cast. Cool Finds: Chalk It Up! There are three places I’ve been dreaming about coating with chalkboard paint.

Cool Finds: Chalk It Up!

The first is my kitchen… the wall behind my stove and the wall where my counters/sink sits. Home Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 24. The Beauty of Collecting Vintage Bottles. Vintage bottles are so interesting to collect because of their unique imperfections unknown history beautiful detailing Each bottle has a distinct character, color, and shape, which represent a little piece of history from the “good ol’ days”. I have a neighbor who has a huge vintage bottle collection, which was amassed when working as a Clam Digger in the Long Island Sound. His assortment includes everything from Jameson Whiskey bottles, medicine pill bottles, and Ballantine Brewery beer bottles. The characteristics of each bottle is so unique and the weight in your hand seems to tell it’s history. Decorating with rope.

Smiley did a post a while back on using rope in interior design – so here’s an update with some new pics!

decorating with rope

I posted this on Hello Giggles today and here’s what i wrote… “I love decorating with rustic materials (cue link to DIY burlap upholstered chairs) and rope totally ties into that… ha, get it, ties? Okay, let’s not get tangled in the silly stuff – the point is, rope is an easy and accessible item to use in interior decorating. Just visit your local hardware store and pick up a nice bundle for on-the-cheap! The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World. Search. #d9e8c3 #ced181 #7c8f50 #555e32 #bf867c #d4b9b9.


20 Sensational Bookshelves  Mismatched. Mismatched chairs around the dining table certainly isn't anything new but it's a design trend I really admire.


And with so many chairs available at yard sales for cheap, it's an easy way to add great style and personality to your table without the extra cost... 4239_db08.jpeg (JPEG Image, 853 × 1280 pixels) - Scaled (64%) Reader request - bookshelves. My ideal home. Bookshelf Porn: Archive. RECYCLED SHIPPING PALLET FURNITURE - recycled, eco, sustainable, design, redesign, reused, lifestyle, diy, eco on budget, sustainable lifestyle, do-it-yourself, creative environmental options, craft, organics, gardening, planting, flow. Above: Chairs by StudioMama.

RECYCLED SHIPPING PALLET FURNITURE - recycled, eco, sustainable, design, redesign, reused, lifestyle, diy, eco on budget, sustainable lifestyle, do-it-yourself, creative environmental options, craft, organics, gardening, planting, flow

Renovating. Let ‘er Rip: Cool New Home Wallpaper for DIY Room Decor. This is do-it-yourself decor at its best: wallpapers that provide a framework to let children get creative and adults customize their interior design.

Let ‘er Rip: Cool New Home Wallpaper for DIY Room Decor

More like peal-away borders than traditional wallpaper per say, this idea lets home owners blend the best of stylish professional design with unique, personal and artistic decorative touches. So easy a kid could do it (and does in the photos at the bottom of this page). Tired of watching the paint peal (metaphorically or otherwise)? This is a bit like wallpapering in reverse. Sound complexThe concept is simple: add the peal-away paper elements to a selected wall surface, decorate with paint on the in-between spaces and pull back the sticky tape-like material to reveal the final design.

15 Unique and Creative Staircases. Stylish modern stairs and creative staircase designs from all over the world. Helical Stairs The gradual upward rotation if this staircase is extremely elegant and the user is almost unaware of the change in elevation. [link] Spiral Staircase Slide Creative spiral staircase design with incorporated slide for kids. Stairway to heaven. Posted by victoria //// 69 Comments.

stairway to heaven

Côté Sud, le magazine de l'art de vivre dans le Sud - Canapé, fauteuil 30 fauteuils au tapis Si les tapis ont tendance à imiter le carrelage, les fauteuils, eux, redessinent les lignes... effets réussis ! Temptation. Every so often an email lands in my inbox from perhaps the cruelest man I know. Chris from Welcome Beyond dangles dream designs in front of me and it is all I can do to stop myself from hocking everything I own, jumping a plane and escaping to the hand picked boutique vacation properties that litter the pages of their website. Beach stalking 1. Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!

Hello there! It’s been a busy week with a trip to Seattle for the Picasso exhibition and a drive out to the coast but I knew I had to share this amazing remodel with you before the week came to a close. Everyone loves good makeovers and the ones involving tiny spaces, creative design and ingenious solutions are my all time favorites! Check out how Seattle artist, designer and welder, Michelle de la Vega, created this beautiful little 250 sq. ft. haven… The before… 20 Insanely Creative Bookshelves. DIY: Wine Bottle Light. November 3rd, 2009 This past spring Daniel and I went on a road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon.

Along the way we stopped at Chateau Julien for a wine tasting. I wanted to do something with the empty bottle instead of throwing it in the recycling bin. 10 The Most Cool Floating Staircase Designs. There are usually two kinds of people, ones that likes floating staircases and want to have them at their homes, and ones that think that such staircases are dangerous.

Floating staircases are usually very elegant, stylish and minimalist. They are perfect for modern interiors and for those people who like to live on the edge. Dear Italy, I love you... ♥ Мила Италия, обичам те... My first project. “Tear Off” Wallpaper by ZNAK. Applying wallpaper to walls has never been so fun. With this perforated “tear off” wallpaper from ZNAK, you can customize the appearance of your space by tearing off the pieces as you please. The wallpaper is created out of non-woven material and the shapes are inspired by the the transformation process of snakes. Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie. 21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture. Charming Apartment with Surprising Design Elements.

Have a look at this fascinating apartment in case you are curious how 64 square meters can be turned into a spacious, chic living space. The hall that welcomes you is wide, featuring high ceilings and light walls, introducing you to the typical 20′s style with tight stucco and decorative parquet. The living room is large enough to accommodate a large sofa, a coffee table, a reading corner and a few lockers for storage. The open floor plan allows the light to flow freely in the apartment. We are certain your attention was caught by the highly original wall drawing, which gives the room a dynamic, yet stylish touch.

Design for kids and the home. Desire to inspire - jo's page. A small room off the dining room serves as my husband's office. Color - Live Like You & Marmalade Interiors. Bookshelves + Staircase = Bookstairs. Bathroom Design 01 Mixed Media by Benjamin Bullins - Bathroom Design 01 Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale. Blog favourites of late. Hanging Boat Bed. Pictures - 41 Most spectacular dream bedrooms ever - San Diego interior decorating.