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Zach Stapleton-Jones

Blender. Unity3D. GameMaker: Studio. Khan Academy. Shapeways. Squarespace. Square Register. Stripe. GitHub.

United States Patent and Trademark Office. Bplans. CamelCamelCamel. PCPartPicker. Crowd Content. Smart Passive Income Podcasts. 99designs. MOO. Kickstarter.

U.S. Small Business Administration. Google Analytics. Adobe Stock. Packlane. BuzzSumo. SEMrush. Entrepreneur Magazine.

Entrepreneur magazine is a resource, both online and in print, that offers helpful and inspirational articles for entrepreneurs to read. They feature many leading entrepreneurs, who give advice and insight into how they succeed. Most of their articles are short and easy to digest, but they also offer longer, more in-depth, articles on subjects within the world of entrepreneurship. – zdstapletonj


Namecheap offers entrepreneurs a solution to their domain registration needs. From personal experience, they have great customer service, and an easy and affordable system for domain registration and management. Most businesses in modern times will need an internet presence and Namecheap is a great place to do business. – zdstapletonj


Alibaba is a great resource for an entrepreneur looking to import products because of its large network, online communication and payment systems and its huge catalog of products. Entrepreneurs who want their own branded products can talk directly to manufacturers in order to create a custom product. The company is growing worldwide and allows importers and exporters to find each other and make deals in a way that was not possible 20 years ago. – zdstapletonj


Entrepreneur Ride Along is an in-depth case study of how a business is formed. The author discusses each step that was taken; from how the original idea was conceived, to the first acquired clients. Another useful part of this resource is the discussion that goes along with each post. People commented their questions and concerns while localcasestudy was building his startup, and you can see how he takes advice into his business in real time. – zdstapletonj


Launch 27 provides a simple solution for service businesses looking to allow clients to schedule appointments online. The system is plug and play with any existing website and doesn’t require any coding knowledge for it to work. It is useful because it makes a potentially complicated system easy to use. – zdstapletonj