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Water energy

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Revolutionary New Discoveries about Water! - Interview with David Sereda - Full. Dan Winter - Life-Force Design and Sacred Geometry in Architecture. Video:Water as Fuel (via ZPE) From PESWiki Video produced by PES Network, Inc. / PESWiki While academia has been spurning the topic, hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists and independent investigators worldwide are working on various electrolysis-like projects which put out more energy than was required to run the electrolysis unit.

Video:Water as Fuel (via ZPE)

Video 3 mins. (click right arrow in the image to play) Transcript While academia has been spurning the topic, hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists and independent investigators worldwide are working on various electrolysis-like projects which put out more energy than was required to run the electrolysis unit. The famous 19th century scientist, Michael Faraday, defined a limit of output energy possible in any standard electrolysis scenario. Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

Johann Grander. Leben[Bearbeiten] Grander wurde als zweites von fünf Kindern geboren und hatte eine karge Kindheit.

Johann Grander

Swirling Water Unit - Vortex water nozzle - Water Dome version by Palmiga. DUE TO AN ALLEGED PATENT BREACH THE STL-FILES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE, check out Presenting the Water Dome version... original version here: (or a funnel-version if the center piece is not assembled) Use teflon tape (Thread seal tape / PTFE tape / plumber's tape) on all threads...

Swirling Water Unit - Vortex water nozzle - Water Dome version by Palmiga

Dead trout in flowing water. Water Vortex - experimenting with different holesizes. Vortex Based Mathematics - Marko Rodin (napisy PL) Log into Facebook. Facebook. THRIVE Movie — An unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream. THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.

THRIVE Movie — An unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream

Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. INTERVIEWS in THRIVE Duane Elgin, Nassim Haramein, Steven Greer, Jack Kasher, Daniel Sheehan, Adam Trombly, Brian O'Leary, Vandana Shiva, John Gatto, Deepak Chopra, David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts, G.  GLOBAL BEM VOICES. The Hutchison Effect, The Mahabharata, and Acoustic Levitation. There’s a war going on; a war of which you may not be aware.

The Hutchison Effect, The Mahabharata, and Acoustic Levitation

No, I’m not talking about Iran, or Syria, or North Korea. I’m not even talking about the Illuminati or the New World Order. And I’m not talking about the war on drugs, either. I’m talking about the war between fans of the fathers of electromagnetic theory: Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Experiments. Obnovitelné zdroje energie. Aktuálně nejméně žádaným programem (v počtu podaných žádostí) v rámci operačního programu Podnikání a inovace pro konkurenceschopnost je dotační titul Obnovitelé zdroje energie (dále jen OZE) určený na výrobu a distribuci energie.

Obnovitelné zdroje energie

Ke dni 19. 2. 2016 v něm zatím nebyla podána jediná žádost o podporu. Archimedes Windmill with airfoil design and generator by Parkinbot. Update: 2nd design fixed a bug in sweep() and solved the problem of blade termination by introducing a wedge-shape.

Archimedes Windmill with airfoil design and generator by Parkinbot

Hidden airfoil design is demonstrated in cross sectional view. added an airfoil-shaped 50 magnet ring to harvest electric energy. Stator coils will be fixed to bracket (not shown yet) after magnet delivery and 1st print. Intended practical uses: wind light, or charger. Physics is Awesome. Le Tao de la physique. Security Check Required. Security Check Required. Security Check Required. JAY HARMAN: The Inventor of the Lily Impeller. Helical Resonant Cavity (Impeller) - 200 Watts Moving 80 Million Pounds of Weight - Implosion. Motion of Charged Water Particles around the Spiral Charge Collector - Free Energy from Nature. Motion of Charged Water Particles around the Spiral Charge Collector Photo from the Swedish Biotechnical Research Institute 10 Tractive force: This refers to the force described hydraulically as 'Shear force' — the force that acts to 'shear off or to dredge and dislodge sediment.

Motion of Charged Water Particles around the Spiral Charge Collector - Free Energy from Nature

In German the term for shear force is'Schubkraft', meaning 'to push, to shove' as well as 'to shear', whereas Viktor Schauberger uses the word 'Schleppkraft'. The verb 'schleppen' means to drag, draw or pull. Viktor Schauberger's choice of 'Schleppkraft' here is quite specific, since in his view the movement of sediment is due to the sucking action of fast flowing, dense cold water downstream, rather than to the mechanical impact of the water coming from upstream.

Copper tube evolving. Welcome to Institute of Ecological Technology. Watreco. Watreco is a market driven research and innovation company in cleantech.


With an innovative and sustainable approach under the principle "from Nature to Industy", Biomimetic, the company develop and sell energy efficient products and systems for water treatment on a global market. The solutions are based on the patented Vortex Generator and the technology platform VPT - Vortex Process Technology. Energy savings with Realice Watreco focus is to deliver energy-saving and sustainable solutions. We start with the customer needs, combined with the patented vortex generator. Vibrant Vital Water® - Vortex Magnetic Energizer. As water spirals through the field-reversing array of the VME, groupings of unorganized water molecules break apart and realign again and again, generating the repeating matrix known as structured/liquid crystalline water.

Vibrant Vital Water® - Vortex Magnetic Energizer

Each time the water spins through the magnetic array, a greater degree of coherence is established, it also takes many ORMUS elements to a higher spin state. A variety of rare-earth elements and minerals such as; Anchi Crystals, Shungite, Blue Ocean Minerals, light and sound energies (vibrations) will amplify the structure-generating process. Vibrant Vital Water® has been tested by alternative health care combines such as the Bio-Energetic Screening Team (B.E.S.T.), located in Seattle WA. B.E.S.T. specializes in Energy Medicine (EM) using diagnostic screening devices to measure the diverse electromagnetic frequencies emanating from the body which identify imbalances that may be the source of present ailments. These improvements may result in: Another scientist, Dr. Autodesk Knowledge Network. Space warps create "force fields" that deform other objects, creating the effect of ripples, waves, blowing wind, and so on. Space warps are nonrenderable objects that affect the appearance of other objects.

Space warps behave somewhat like modifiers, except that space warps influence world space rather than object space, as geometric modifiers do. 3IN Intuice Instinkt inspirace. KeelyNet News 2012 - Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science - 01/23/13. Visit Keelynet DVD - the Physics of Crystals, Pyramids and Tetrahedrons This is a wonderful duel DVD set lasting 2 hours and which presents one man's lifelong study of pyramids, crystals and their effects. Several of his original and very creative experiments are explained and diagramed out for experimenters.

These experiments include; Patent US7380348 - Material dewatering apparatus - Google Patents. This is a nationalization of PCT/IE03/00062 filed Apr. 29, 2003 and published in English. The present invention relates to a pneumatic dewatering apparatus for wet product comprising a cyclone chamber connected to a fan with blades, each blade causing individual flow vortices to be formed downstream of the fan which in turn combine to form cyclonic flow within the cyclone chamber. It further relates to a pneumatic method of dewatering wet product.

Basic Hyperbel knowledge - Wytor Schauberger-Trichter. How does water want to be moved? Certainly not in straightened rivers or in straight, cylindrical pipes. The Austrian water scientist Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958) was already convinced of this. In the 1950s he designed with his son Walter uniquely wound water pipes (Wendel tubes). Walter Schauberger, a physicist and formerly an environmental activist, was particularly interested in the teachings of Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler in his further research. They were convinced that our world and the universe are based on principles of harmony. Wytor Schauberger Hyperbel funnel We have managed to produce such hyperbolic Schauberger funnels for personal use. Atomic Vortices. A dash of uncommon sense. Just let’s leap into the vortex where the laws of space-time are very bent & unpredictable: where magic delights us within the dance of matter.

This article aims to toss you mish mash into the toroidal nature of atomic & subatomic particles (electron, proton, neutron, neutrino & photon). These have been perceived & pictured by gifted men who were eccentric genius, talented men often highly educated who were perhaps ahead of their time. Firstly there are Charles Leadbeater & Annie Besant who were Occult scientists, who with their clairvoyant vision studied the atoms of all the known elements in great detail over 40yrs.

Christian Lange. Traduzione italianaThe golden angleObserving the nature we recognize its inner harmony everywhere. This harmony we meet even in music.If we take the half lenght of a chord double frequence, if we take a third of the chord, we get the triple frequence ecc.. In this way we get the acustic –law where l is the lenght of the chord and f the frequence: l * f = 1 Mathematically this is the hyperbolic Y=1/X with his grafic rapresentation : Walter Schauberger , based on the acustic law, discovered the hyperbolic cone.

This is the hyperbolic function rotated around the Y-axis rapresenting the three dimensional acustic law. Autodesk Inventor 2010 - Import Points Excel. Kupfer-Anton - LebensEnergie für Mensch, Haus, Garten, Teich, Feld, Firma. Implosion e.V. - Anwendungen des Wirbelprinzips. Anwendungen des Wirbelprinzips Hier werden unterschiedlichste Anwendungen der Wirbeltechnik vorgestellt. Pythagoras Kepler System. Pythagoras Kepler System. Implosion e.V. - Literaturliste. Literaturliste Viktor und Walter Schauberger Stand 01/2009. Implosion e.V. - Start. Schauberger Doppeldrallrohr - Presswangenherstellung. Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature.

Implosion e.V. - Start. New Energy Technology: Clean energy developments: Advances with Viktor Schauberger's implosion system. This following confines the presentation at the 1st International Symposium on Non-Conventional Energy Technology held in Toronto in 1981. At that time I emphasized the implosion theory and some advances made by the Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger. Now I am focusing on one of his designs - a water cleansing device, which has since been successfully developed. When Viktor Schauberger died in 1958, at the age of 73, it was after a bitter fight against his contemporary scientific community. His ideas about the structure and function of nature were seen as controversial and difficult to comprehend. He advanced new ideas and theories about the essence of water, about plants, about agriculture and forestry and about the energy supply.

Literature about Schauberger's inventions and theories is now available. Schauberger noted that everything in nature has bipolarity: light and darkness; warm and cold; male and female; pressure and draw, etc.. Natural modes of motions Figure 4. Figure 5. A Formula for the nth Fibonacci number. Радикал-Фото: Страничка пользователя: Самоделкин. Permakultura: Suchá země. Miroslav Provod - NÁBOJ VODNÍCH TOKŮ. Z mého mnohaletého výzkumu vzájemných vztahů mezi živou i neživou hmotou a různorodými energetickými náboji vyplynuly čtyři poznatky statické elektřiny, o jejichž existenci jsem se v žádné „fyzice“ nedočetl. SUPERIMPLODER: Magnetic Water Treatment IS Proven Effective: More Evidence.

The Importance Of Spin - Energized Water Products. By drinking living water, the cells in the body's systems, specifically, the nervous, cardiovascular and the gastrointestinal, become properly ordered to fulfill the functions of life. Drinking living water allows the utilization of nutrients from foods and supplements to become dramatically improved. About Dimensions, Holograms, Reality and Energy. Using an Egg-Shaped Water Vessel - Dancing with Water. The egg is a primordial structure. It is Nature’s gestation vessel. The Science of Imploder Tech. Dr Thorsten Ludwig - Zero point energy, The view point of modern physics on the sea of energy. The Fourth Phase of Water - Professor Gerald Pollack. Science of Structurized Water with Gerald Pollack - Part 1 of 2.

INDIRECT EXTRACTION OF ZERO-POINT ENERGY FROM THE QUANTUM VACUUM: PATENT 7,379,286 - Part 1. Implosion Water Flowforms Flowform - Kotuku. Implosion Water Flowforms Flow Form. Structured Water. Magnetic Water and Fuel Treatment: Myth, Magic, or Mainstream Science? Magnetic and electric effects on water. Adam Abraham - iOS Photos. Sacred Geometry in Water In nature, we... - Structured Water Unit. Structured Water units by Clayton Nolte for the shower, kitchen, home, garden. Products - Lime scale. Security Check Required. Hexagonal Water, Hexagonal Water Crystals, Hexagonal Water Production.

Compost Tea Brewing System. How to Structure Water, Make Structured Water, Green Frontiers. Vibrant Vital Water - Water Education. The Structure of Liquid Water. Pythagoras Kepler System. PKS BRONZE - Gartengeräte aus Kupferlegierung nach Viktor Schauberger - PKS Bronze - Gartengeräte aus Kupferlegierung Viktor Schauberger.

Genossenschaft Wasserwirbelkraftwerke Schweiz. Structured Water. The Authors - Dancing with Water. The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU.