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How to Make a Necklace Display Stand in 10 Minutes. This is an inexpensive and fast way to make a cloth covered necklace holder to show off your paper jewelry. I was inspired after reading a post from the Stella + Hodge blog. She made really pretty necklace holders with decorative paper. I decided to cover mine with fabric to make it a little sturdier. Since I used iron-on adhesive, there is no wait time for anything to dry. It’s literally iron, cut out, and use! 123BEAD - Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Tutorials, Projects & Kits. The jewelry you make from this design is yours do with as you please.

123BEAD - Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Tutorials, Projects & Kits

You may make it as often as you like without any restrictions. For example, you can make this jewelry for yourself, for friends, or to sell. Stepping Thru Crazy: Rolled Fabric Rings. Happen to have some scrap fabric laying around?

Stepping Thru Crazy: Rolled Fabric Rings

I know I do. LOTS of it. Bound Earth - Contemporary Jewelry Design by Andrea Williams. African earrings – crochet tutorial. Today we offer you to create yourself a new fixture – the so-called African earrings! They are knitted very quickly and easily. And most importantly – earrings perfectly fit in your beach wardrobe. So, get started! Scarf Knit With Comb ∙ How To by Zydonia on Cut Out. Find the Latest News on Tribal Jewellery at Tiger Tem's Fashion Bites. Splenderosa: August 2009. Colorblock Thread Wrapped Belt.

I was browsing Polyvore a while back, and came across a $52 J.

Colorblock Thread Wrapped Belt

Crew belt. It was super cute, but I knew it could easily be DIY'd - and I happened to have all of the supplies on hand. It's really simple, and can easily be done within an hour or so. Heron's Crafts: Olympic Countdown - 11 Weeks to go - Olympic Keyrings. Just 11 weeks to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympics.

Heron's Crafts: Olympic Countdown - 11 Weeks to go - Olympic Keyrings

This week I made some London keyrings inspired by these over at Sarah Ortega. I have never had Jenga so couldn't use Jenga blocks to make these key rings. Instead, I used 7 x 2 x 1.2 cm blocks of wood. I bought a 1.5m long piece of 2cm wide, 1.2cm deep wood from B&Q and used a saw to make the 7 cm blocks. The Imagination Tree: Salt Dough Olympic Medals! We made some salt dough medals with number imprints ready to celebrate the Olympics which are being held in our home city of London this year!

The Imagination Tree: Salt Dough Olympic Medals!

Salt Dough Recipe: 1 cup salt1 cup plain (all purpose) flour3/4 cup water Simply combine the flour and salt in a bowl, then add the water gradually. Knead the mixture until it becomes a dough-like consistency. It will feel very grainy because of the high salt content, but that’s fine. Handmade Friendship Bracelets. Quiet Lion Creations: Chan Luu Single Wrap Macrame Bracelet.

Chan Luu bracelets are just so cool!

Quiet Lion Creations: Chan Luu Single Wrap Macrame Bracelet

What's great about them is that they use simple macrame techniques to produce different results, this time with the addition of beads! This tutorial adds on to my previous Square Knot Friendship Bracelets, but utilizes the beads in a different way; on the outside of the knots as opposed to the inside. What you get is a totally different result! Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are 3mm glass gemstone beads, cotton thread for knotting, scissors, tape, and a bead and crimp for closure. Step 2: Start the knots. Once you have a couple of square knots, take either side of the thread and add beads to these threads. Take two beads right up to the last knot. DIY Colorblock Earrings. This is such a fun and easy way to spruce up those old boring silver hoop earrings that you may laying around.

DIY Colorblock Earrings

Does anyone even wear silver hoop earrings anymore? Quiet Lion Creations: All the Rage's Rainbowlicious Hoops. This newest tutorial is full of color!

Quiet Lion Creations: All the Rage's Rainbowlicious Hoops

Rainbowlicious, in fact. Inspired by All the Rage's Day Bright Rainbowlicious Hoops, these simple earrings come together quickly. Around Wire: Metal Etching - My First Try. I never thought I would do anything with metal etching.

Around Wire: Metal Etching - My First Try

Well, never say "never", right? Shrinky Bracelet. If you grew up in the 80's, like I did, you're probably already familiar with the awesomeness that is Shrinky Dinks...but did you know that you can still buy Shrinky Dinks?

Shrinky Bracelet

Yep, they're still out there - in craft stores, hobby shops, and even on Amazon. But you don't have to buy a Shrinky Dink kit to have all the fun. Just look for #6 plastic containers and you can make your own! The DIY: FASTEST FRIENDSHIP BRACELET EVER. We were super excited to share the Fishtail Friendship bracelet tutorial with you and we are even more excited to share that we've found an easier way to do it. Don't get me wrong, I will still use the original technique to create more intricate designs but, this new tutorial is so quick you will end up wanting to make one in every color combination possible (like we did!)

This tutorial is very similar to the other one so I will just share with you the differences. 1. You will only need to choose three colors of embroidery/friendship thread. Cut two pieces of each color at around 3 feet each. Ball And Chain Stackable Rings « Rachel McAdams, Nicole Richie, Rose Gold Beaded Stackable Rings I had an accessories ah-ha moment this week while sitting in traffic… I need to add a few simple and dainty rings to my jewelry box.

I know it’s like a compete 180 from the blinged out, statement making Kristen that you guys have grown to know and love ;-) but every once and awhile it’s good to switch it up. Stackable rings it the perfect addition to the stackable bracelets that already dress up my arm. This DIY project is simple, easy, chic and SUPER CHEAP (…like $2 cheap)! Makeover Hoop Earrings. I have a lot of earrings. I never throw them out. Even the cheap ones that start to wear. At least they don't take up space. Recently we were at Disney and I was watching a girl wrap hair with thread. Beaded Bracelets. 469 I recently read over at ikatbag about her daughters' love for Perler beads and it brought back childhood memories. As a child I especially loved a coaster at my grandpa's house that was woven from beads the same size as Perler (or Hama or IKEA PYSSLA) but they were made form ceramic or glass, not plastic.

Armband av smälta pärlor – Melted bead bracelet. Under mitt letande efter en beskrivning hur man väver de armband av plastpärlor som jag skrev om härom dagen så snubblade jag över det här roliga tipset hos Tedags hos Tant Ninette. Sätt ugnen på 200°C. Ställ upp ett antal plastpärlor (så kallade hama-pärlor / nabbipärlor, pärlplattepärlor / strykpärlor) på en plåt med bakplåtspapper. 11 Eureka: Techni-Color Bracelet DIY. DIY Friendship Necklace. As soon as Lauren and I saw this editorial in Flare Magazine, we knew we had to recreate these awesome, friendship bracelet-like necklaces. We promise they are super easy to make and the perfect way to pass the time during those long summer roadtrips. The Lulu Bird: Yarn and Pipe Cleaner Jewelry. Painted Fabric Beads. There are currently no images from other crafters. DIY Macrame Bracelet.

Growing up by the beach in Southern California, the ability to knot a macrame bracelet was practically a right of passage. Although those days are long behind us, we’ve never forgotten the ever-so-simple square knot technique. This time, however, we’re replacing hemp and wooden beads for more updated elements like colorful nylon cord and glossy metal charms.

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Google Image Result for. Recycled crafts. Zipper Bracelet. Flashback: Wire Wrap Jewelry. I was first introduced to the wildly talented “wire wrapstress” Dev Khan through my dear friend (and talented artist who shot all the images in this DIY) Sara K. Woll. Sara had commissioned Dev to come over and do a wire wrapping workshop for a crew of us crafty ladies. Dev embodies the true artisan, completely at one with her medium. She cuts and polishes her own stones (as evidenced by her beautifully worked hands) and does some of the most amazing wire wrap jewelry I’ve ever seen.

Further, she is all about sharing her love and technique with anyone who is interested. Materials A stone at least 1½” in diameter with a flat back48″ of 24-gauge half-hard square wire sterling silver or gold fill24″ of 22-gauge half-hard half-round wire sterling silver or gold fillChain-nose pliers no teethFlush cutter or wire cutter Round-nose pliers Pin viseNote:Tools and wire are available from or

Directions Step 1: Measure wire for the pendant. Goli Mohammadi Related. Zipper & Felt Leaf Brooches so clever. Banphrionsa so clever...Place a fresh leaf in between a sheet of paper and a paper towel. Tap it with a hammer and it leaves the outline of the leaf. A handstitched Friday – Zipper Rosettes.

Raw materials for jewellery

Popsicle Stick Bracelets. So I was looking through my vintage craft book collection and ran across a 1970 Pack O’ Fun magazine. Creative Torbay / events / Yvonne Temple / Events / Thu 3rd Mar 2011 / Button Jewellery Workshop, Totnes. Button Jewellery - Necklace & Rings - Jet Designs. DIY copper etching tutorial « Rings and Things.

DIY Crafts I <3 - Bracelets to Make. DIY Wrap Bracelet. Il_430xn-156987278.jpg (430×626) Do it jewelry. Do it jewelry.