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Terrorists control The White House. Ron Paul Videos - Ron Paul Flix - 2012. Boycott SOPA for Android Scans Products, Warns You If the Manufacturer Supports SOPA. Buddy Roemer Interview - Rachel Maddow 9-06-2011. "Washington is bought and sold like a sack of potatoes" Gov. Buddy Roemer, Dylan Ratigan Show. Baton Rouge, LA –Governor Buddy Roemer issued the following statement regarding the suspension of his Presidential Campaign: After 17 months of a wonderful campaign, the lack of ballot access in all 50 states makes the quest impossible for now.

"Washington is bought and sold like a sack of potatoes" Gov. Buddy Roemer, Dylan Ratigan Show

I want to thank my family, particularly my wife Scarlett, and my three children Caroline, Chas, and Dakota. I’d also like to thank my three sisters, Margaret, Melinda, Melanie, and my brother Danny for all of their efforts. I could not have done this without the guidance and brilliance of my campaign manager, Carlos Sierra of El Paso, and without the new media expertise of Jill Sherman and Morgan Martinez, the volunteer efforts of Joshua Chavers, the start-up assistance of a great leader, Skardon Baker of Los Angeles, the courage of my New England director, Jim Knowlton of Worchester, and the scheduling patience of William Pierce of Rhode Island.

A special thank you to Bill Klotz of Louisiana who never faltered— not once. "Stand Up Mr. President and Practice What You Preach"- Gov. Buddy Roemer MSNBC. America Needs Buddy for President 2012. The Terrible Truth About Facebook. Evelyn De Rothschild Warning Masses - Too Late (Holding Bonds, Oil, Gold)

The Rothschilds 500 TRILLION DOLLARS. Ron Paul - Watch this presentation to see why so many people are endorsing Ron Paul for President. ONE OF THE GREATEST POSTS ON YOUTUBE SO FAR! Anonymous: SOPA passed. We are displeased. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on SOPA: 'Bring in the Nerds'

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