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Learn English, German, French and Spanish online with native speaking teachers in interactive live group and private classes. We offer classes from A1 to C2. 5 Startups Transforming Online Education. Zev Gotkin is an entrepreneur and founder of L'Mala, a writing firm specializing in website content development, blogs, branding, and social media promotion.

5 Startups Transforming Online Education

He can be reached at As the global economy continues to shift, there's an increased demand for services in higher education. This fact, coupled with the rise of technology, is bringing many of these options online. These services are only being spurred on by the more than one billion people who have joined the middle class in the last decade. In fact, in the next eight years, 150 million people will seek higher education. This leaves entrepreneurs with the opportunity to create exciting new ways for individuals to learn online. 1. 2tor 2tor is the first startup of its kind to offer full degree programs online at top-tier universities. 2tor partners with universities across the country to help them build and market their own online degree programs. 2.

The basic premise is to crowdsource education. 3. 4. 5. Startup List: Language Learning - Global. After a quiet period, the language learning vertical within education technology is on the upswing once again with young, innovative startups entering the arena attracting a new generation of language learners.

Startup List: Language Learning - Global

Certainly, it’s the established players that are only too willing to satisfy the growing demand. However, there is now a plethora of new and hungry startups in the language learning space coming in the market whose offers go beyond digitized textbooks and English training only. And it’s startups we specialize in at EDUKWEST. Overall, the online language market is doing well and growing at a CAGR of 10.04 over the period of 2014-2019. Language Learning Startups. Learning a new language? 10 EU startups that want to help. There are a number of reasons why people decide to learn a new language.

Learning a new language? 10 EU startups that want to help

Whether you’ve moved to a new country, want to improve employability or impress your friends, one thing’s certain, for most people, it’s not going to be an easy journey – especially when you factor in work and maintaining interaction with other members of the human race. Personally, I’ve been learning German on and off through traditional classes as well as online apps for about a year and a half now, but for me, it’s still a challenge to form smooth-sounding sentences with these grammar tables clouding my brain. One time, I went to the dry cleaner’s (“Chemische Reinigung”) and conducted the whole transaction in German and I walked away with a spring in my step and a smile so big it bordered on creepy.

But, I digress. The good news for learners is that there are more and more digital language-learning services available these days that can cater to your individual learning style, goals and daily schedule. 1) busuu. I Will Teach You A Language - Study Hacks and Mind Tools for Independent Language Learners. Learn English Online. English Language Lessons at LingQ. Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free. Learn English Online, Free English Lessons, English Classes, Business English. Connect With Students and Parents in Your Paperless Classroom. Learn French Online - from 13 euros/hour - French Skype Lessons - French tutor - French tuition - French classes - French lessons - Free Trial.

Spanology - Skype Spanish Lessons one-on-one with teachers from Madrid. Worldwide French Lessons via Phone & Skype. Customized French lessons for all levels No matter whether your French lesson is on the phone or via Skype, we make extensive use of Instant Messaging to write the words or sentences we talk about so that you not only hear them but also read them as your French lesson progresses.

Worldwide French Lessons via Phone & Skype

If you don’t have IM, we’ll send you an email after the lesson. Cost: 50 Euros (about 65 USD) for each 55 minute lesson. Griechisch lernen in Griechenland. Using Skype, we w.

Griechisch lernen in Griechenland

GERMAN TUTOR ONLINE. Online Language Education with Private Teachers. Learn German online. Skype English Lessons with the London School of English - London School of English. If you cannot join us in London, you can still benefit from the teaching expertise we have here by learning online.

Skype English Lessons with the London School of English - London School of English

You will be able to learn at your own speed and in your own time. With Skype lessons you get a completely individualised learning programme that allows you to focus on the language that you need at a time that suits you best. It also gives you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses in English, so we can work on them together. You may want to work on your speaking and/or writing for a number of reasons: work related (business reports, letters, emails etc.)academic work (essays, dissertations etc.)exam related (Cambridge First Certificate etc.)any other reason Price: £60/hour How it works. VOILÀ ; ) French lessons on Skype & in London - PRICES. 1 lesson means: I will prepare a tailor-made lesson (sometimes it will take me 30 minutes, sometimes hours, depending on your request) and teach you French on Skype for 60 minutes.

VOILÀ ; ) French lessons on Skype & in London - PRICES

Unless you don’t wish to have homework, I will send you homework to complete before our next lesson, often written exercises or online exercises and ask you to do a few. The homework’s purpose is to allow you to practice the new elements taught during the lesson as well as to acquire new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Again, everything is personalized to your level and pace of learning but not doing homework would slow down your progress so I strongly recommend you to do at least one or two exercises. I will correct your homework before our next lesson and there is no extra fee for this service. If you have any question or difficulty between lessons, you can always contact me via email, Skype or just call me. - To book a trial lesson, click here.

Skype English lessons. Qualified native English teacher provides: Depending on the type of package, the student can expect to see the following features in my online classroom: A clear theme Correction throughout the lesson Topic-based vocabulary building Topic-based conversation practice Videos MP3 files Interactive links Course book support Whiteboard presentations A fun and relaxed teaching style.

Skype English lessons

English Skype Lessons online. Take a trial lesson FREE! How to prepare for your first Skype language lessons. Skype language lessons are the future!

How to prepare for your first Skype language lessons

For almost three years now, I’ve no longer been going to a specific country to learn its language, and instead I use spoken sessions on Skype (or other video/audio tools that I’ll discuss later) to bring up speaking skills up a notch, so that when I do reach the country I can use my time there to enjoy the culture and get more practice, without being bogged down with studying. Professional Native Speaker. Learn a Language Online - Transparent Language Online. Lindsay Does Languages - Blogging, vlogging, and teaching all things language. Online Education & Teacher Training Courses.