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The Use and Abuse of Drugs in Nineteenth-Century Tennessee History. PROBABLY the earliest source of information on narcotics’ abuse in Tennessee history was Dr.

The Use and Abuse of Drugs in Nineteenth-Century Tennessee History

John C. Gunn’s book Domestic Medicine, or Poor Man’s Friend. In the hours of Affliction, Pain and Sickness (1830). Gunn’s book provided counsel about many topics, including opium, the use and abuse of which was neither ordinary nor extraordinary. DR. OPIUM wrote the Tennessee physician, had from colonial times been used in America as the main ingredient in Bateman’s Drops and Godfrey’s Cordial. BESIDES being a medicinal option Gunn sanctioned opium for its pleasurable and consciousness-altering effects. Charmed with this potent drug, the exalted mind All sense of woe delivers to the wind It clears the cloudy font of wrinkled care And soothes the bosom of despair! OPIUM was better than alcohol he wrote.

MANY believe that America’s drug problem originated in the Civil War. RECORDS relating to the use of opium by the Confederacy are nonexistent, but that does not mean opiates were unknown. My Parent Is An Idiot - Buzz Inn. We all know that parent’s love is the strongest filling in the world.

My Parent Is An Idiot - Buzz Inn

And that’s a scientifically proven. But everything on the world have a good and a bad side… These shocking pictures are proving the bad side of parent’s love. After these photos what we can say is: poor children and reconsider the sentence “The Heart of Parents Rises Above Time and Space…” Bewerkte geldbiljetten. 16 Steampunk Guns Plucked From One Era For Another - Gizmo Watch. Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, And More Funny Stuff. English Russia » The Sausage Admin. When Russian system administrators stay at night hacking their systems they might have an urge for some hot food, so the most fast way to get a hot sausage is to… plug it into the wall electric outlet.

English Russia » The Sausage Admin

Just 219 volts of pure energy makes the sausage ready in a few seconds with the LED lamps indicating how is the process going. And yes, don’t do this at home, that’s not safe! Via dlinnij. English Russia » Who lost a wheel? English Russia » Some Russian Car Parking. Copyright © 2014 English Russia The popular blog about 1/6 part- of the land.

English Russia » Some Russian Car Parking

Welcome and stay comforted. Powered by WordPress Главная контора Copyright © 2013 English Russia All the materials on this site are submitted by the read- ers trough feedback form or acqulred thru the open sources like, but not limited to, etc. Powered by WordPress RSS Subscribers 25012 Twitter Followers 4054 Facebook Likes 42486 Monday, 14 April, 2014 Posted on August 8, 2007 by Some guys in Russia hunt for the wrongly parked cars and put a yellow sticker on that cars with something like “I Park Like an Idiot” then make photos of them.

Next page » Pages: 1 2 3 4 Loading... 37 Responses to “Some Russian Car Parking” English Russia » Don’t Park Cars Here. English Russia » Once Again Submitted Photos. Once again we release photos submitted by our visitors.

English Russia » Once Again Submitted Photos

By the way, if you live in Russia you can submit too via our forum or feedback form. But first of all a small animation of a thunderstorm that took place in Moscow several days ago (above). The sign reads “Parking is forbidden”. Looking at this car one can realize why it is forbidden. Don’t steal this soil! Just another victim of Russian roads. English Russia » How to Become Famous. Awful Sci-Fi Books! There's a lot of debate about science-fiction and fantasy novels in Something Awful's Book Barn forum, whether it's fans discussing plot points and themes or detractors asserting that people's reading time would be better spent with higher-brow literature.

Awful Sci-Fi Books!

Such objections aside, even the most dubious-looking genre fare attracts followings rabid enough to sustain lengthy series, so MikeTheGreat figured he'd throw his pseudonym "S.G. Melvar" into the fray. Other SA Forum Goons then contributed their own covers and book-jacket summaries, and while all these creations are intentionally bad, it's easy to imagine any of them attracting real, pathetic supporters. MikeTheGreat Plight of the Doom Planet is a four-part series in the greater Omicron Sunrider saga. The sons of the once-mighty kings have been at war for years with the radical freedom fighters, led by the charismatic mercenary captain Omicron Sunrider.

Hats for Birds! Do you like birds?

Hats for Birds!

I love birds! I had a budgie when I was a kid and she was just the cutest little critter! But do you know what's even better than regular birds? Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery! Something Awful Media > Comedy Goldmine Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery!

Spider-Man: The Oyster Mystery!

Tuesday, Sep 07, 2010 by Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller Thunderbeard Previous More Comedy Goldmine Next This Week on Something Awful... Peculiar Panels: The Gritty Reboot 04-16-2014 by Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell Prepare yourself for quite possibly the most effective use of "BOWL" as a sound effect. About This Column. Picture Is Unrelated - WTF Pictures and Videos.