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Beautiful 3D Embroidery Art That “Leaps Off The Page” By Sheena Liam. Artist and fashion model Sheena Liam creates beautiful embroidery art with a three-dimensional touch.

Beautiful 3D Embroidery Art That “Leaps Off The Page” By Sheena Liam

Show Full Text Using embroidery hoops and a black thread as a substitute for her subject’s long locks, Liam’s embroidered art features women with flowing locks of hair. Sometimes, she even features locks of hair gracefully flowing out of the embroidery hoop, adding a three-dimensional touch to the piece. From french braids to messy buns to long ponytails – each piece features a different hairstyle that cascades on the canvas in the most graceful way. Keep on scrolling to check them out!

More info: Instagram (h/t: mmm) Embroidered Pumpkins. Oof.

Embroidered Pumpkins

This DIY was a doozy. I started by embroidering a mini-pumpkin using traditional embroidery thread and needle. But the flesh of the pumpkin just broke and fell apart as I cross-stitched – the holes were too tiny and fragile. So much for Pumpkin #1. Then I did a larger pattern using a tapestry needle and yarn. *grumble* Finally, Pumpkin #3 and #4 yielded better results. And man, now my fingers are sore. You can find simple, free Halloween cross-stitch patterns here. A Brief History of Embroidery Samplers - Pintangle. Many new hands to embroidery are not aware of the rich history of embroidery samplers.

A Brief History of Embroidery Samplers - Pintangle

Samplers are often percieved as nostalgic decorative pieces associated with interior decoration. In the past they have been a method of recording information about stitches, a way of learning stitches and before paper was plentiful a way of recording patterns. This brief history of Embroidery Samplers touches on the rich history of embroidery samplers that is hinted at in commercially produced patterns. Many stitchers enjoy working antique reproduction samplers, others work some samplers that depict Family trees, and commemorate events, such as weddings or births. Alphabet samplers and growth charts are also popular or samplers that record an life event, a right of passage, or some aspect of lived history.

The word exampler or sampler is derived from the French éxamplair, meaning a kind of model or pattern to copy or imitate. Jane Bostock sampler held in the collections of the V&A. Alicia Sivert: Monthly Makers augusti: växttryck och broderi på textil. Efter att de två senaste månaderna känt att jag inte direkt utmanat mig själv konstnärligt med mina Monthly Makers-bidrag var det viktigt att jag i augusti tog mig tid att verkligen experimentera med temat, och prova någonting nytt.

Alicia Sivert: Monthly Makers augusti: växttryck och broderi på textil

Jag fiskade fram en idé som väckts för ganska precis ett år sen då de nya eleverna på Södra Stockholms Folkhögskola, varifrån jag själv precis hade tagit examen, tryckte på textil genom att hamra in växter, blommor och blad i tyget. Efter att ha nosat lite i arkivet hos Tyg och otyg visade det sig att Ida nyligen provat samma teknik och jag sparade idén för framtida bruk. Så när augustitemat textil annonserades var jag ganska klar med i vilken teknik jag ville jobba, om än ej med vilket motiv. Men det som är så frigörande och fiffigt med att prova någonting nytt är att en har utrymme att leka och testa, vilket ju inte alltid behöver betyda att en gör misstag.

Jag broderade franska knutar som pistiller. Och AMS för farmors föräldrar, Albertina och Martin. 19 Artists Creatively Pushing the Boundaries of Embroidery. The art of embroidery has existed throughout time, dating as far back as 5th century BC.

19 Artists Creatively Pushing the Boundaries of Embroidery

Despite its centuries-old origins, this timeless craft has continually been reenergized by visionary artists who push the boundaries of its meaning and limits. From hyperrealistic embroidered portraits to cross stitching on cars, creatives have taken the field to new and exciting places with their artwork. Scroll down to see some of our favorite artists who take the art of embroidery to the next level.

Ana Teresa Barboza Textile enthusiast Ana Teresa Barboza doesn't allow her art to be confined by the boundaries of her embroidery hoop. (See more: Website) Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė Lithuanian artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė applies floral and decorative patterns to unconventional objects. (See more: Website) Art of Silk US- and China-based company Art of Silk produces breathtakingly gorgeous works of hand-designed silk embroidery art. (See more: Website) Meredith Woulnough.