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Anglo Far-East Bullion Company, Gold Silver Bullion Accounts. {*style:<b> </b>*} For over 20 years, AFE’s clients have been able to buy gold and buy silver with proven rock solid and uninterrupted service. AFE provides for handling the private purchase, secure vaulting, and liquidation of good delivery gold and silver bullion bars . This track-record has earned the company international recognition, not only from the quality and integrity of its products and services, but also from its dealings within these markets. AFE is the gold and silver bullion custodial provider of choice for the sophisticated investor, families, and institutions that require the highest level of discretion, competence, safety, and service. Allocated gold accounts and silver accounts provide 100% ownership in “good delivery ” gold and silver bullion bars.

AFE Clients enjoy these benefits: The private custodian with the longest track record in the industry. The highest level of discretion and privacy amongst similar providers. Highly personalized, white glove service. Read More... Gold Dealers: February 2008. - The Contrary Market View - For Independent Financia. Local real estate news, statistics, and comment. Let’s check in again on the cheapest homes around Seattle proper.

local real estate news, statistics, and comment

Here’s our methodology: I search the listings for the cheapest homes currently on the market, excluding short sales, in the city of Seattle proper. Any properties that are in obvious states of extreme disrepair based on listing photos and descriptions will be excluded. This includes any listing that uses the phrases “fixer,” “rehab loan,” or “value in land.” I post the top (bottom) three, along with some overall stats on the low end of the market.

Please note: These posts should not be construed to be an advertisement or endorsement of any specific home for sale. Here are this month’s three cheapest single-family homes in the city limits of Seattle (according to Redfin): The #1 home from last month has sold, while the #2 and #3 homes are reruns. 3038 S Holden St did move up one space thanks to a price drop. Inventory of cheap homes slipped back down in April after starting to climb in March. The Bank Implode-O-Meter - Your play-by-play for the end game of. Ubuntu stock market programs « UbuntuGuru. Over the past few years I’ve been using Ubuntu, one of the types of programs I found ‘lacking’ in synaptic was stock market programs to help manage your portfolio, and stock charting programs.

ubuntu stock market programs « UbuntuGuru

After taking another look around this week, I’m pleased to report back that I’ve found a few worth mentioning, that others may wish to also check out. Happy trading! Visit and try out their java program. All I needed to do was download the zip file and extract it, and right click on the file aiotrade in the bin folder to set the properties, permissions , execute checkbox to ‘allow’. My first glance at it leaves me quite impressed at the quality of the program. SMTM is found in synaptic, and is launched with ALT-f2 smtm command. Grism is quite promising, user friendly, attractive to look at, but I’ve often found it buggy and a work in progress being only at version 0.81. Like this: Like Loading...