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Geo. Promotion. Images. Advertising. 62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business. Most of you know that Twitter can be used for much more than just announcing what you ate for breakfast.

62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Many of you already know Twitter’s value in business, but you can still take it further and use it to land gigs, market your business, grow your network and gain free publicity — all in 140 characters or less. It’s true that Twitter is what you make of it. Some people publicize their daily activities, some make it about link love, some share quotes all day long. 100+ Twitter Tips & Tricks You May Not Know. Every month I receive around 100,000 visitors to my websites just from Twitter alone and so can every single one of you!

100+ Twitter Tips & Tricks You May Not Know

I know a lot of you enjoyed the tips I shared in my FREE eCourse about making money online blogging and driving traffic to your blog from Twitter so today I decided to do an updated twitter guide so you can benefit more from Twitter like myself. The great thing with Twitter is the people using it are so diverse, whatever your business is about, you can find people related to your business. The Social Media Side Order. Six Key Benefits of Using Social Media for Small Business. Building Your Business One Tweet at a Time. “You want me to use Twitter to market my business?”

Building Your Business One Tweet at a Time

I hear you asking. “How do I generate leads and promote my business by telling my friends what I had for lunch?” Yes, many people just use Twitter to share their day with their friends. Friends who may live 2,000 miles away. And some people use it to broadcast a breaking news story as it happens. “That’s certainly dramatic,” you say. How To Build Your Own Wordpress Theme. You don’t need to be a PHP whizz to be able to put together your very own custom WordPress theme.

How To Build Your Own Wordpress Theme

If you’re clued up with your general web design and development skills and can easily put together a HTML/CSS based website, you’re ready to move onto WordPress theme development to give your blog its very own design. For this walkthrough, we’ll be using a theme I recently built as an example. If you were around last week, you’ll have seen how the design was built from a concept PSD right through to a coded mockup in HTML/CSS.

Now, let’s take the static code and inject some simple PHP template tags to give that dynamic functionality of a WordPress theme. Before getting stuck in, it’s useful to spend a few moments familiarising yourself with how WordPress themes work. Create a new folder and give it the name of your theme. In your style.css file, add the following code to the very top of your file. Stop Squandering Your Social Media Opportunities. Can Social Media Help Small Business Overtake Corporate America? A movement is brewing across the internet.

Can Social Media Help Small Business Overtake Corporate America?

The hard costs of marketing are plummeting. Money's role in marketing success, while still important, is now secondary to time, expertise and agility. To succeed, companies able to make quick decisions, share openly and create remarkable content fast will win, regardless of size. Perception is Reality - Can Social Media make your Business Stand Taller? Before the internet leveled the playing field for marketers, targeted marketing and advertising were the realm of large companies with big budgets. In the wild of nature, many animals use spines, fur and feathers to create the optical illusion of size and ferocity.

Secrets of Social Media Buzz Marketing from CMO of Virgin America. 6 Do's and Don'ts for Your Company's Twitter Account. 7 Tips to Get More ReTweets. Three Ways To Ensure Your Social Media Efforts Create Profitable Growth. Recently, I ranted about how blogging and tweeting are often incompatible with generating qualified leads or closed sales (" To Tweet or to March 11, 2010 Recently, I ranted about how blogging and tweeting are often incompatible with generating qualified leads or closed sales (“To Tweet or to Sell”).

Three Ways To Ensure Your Social Media Efforts Create Profitable Growth

But if you run a business, how do you know if your tweeting and blogging are making you money? Or simply enabling the endless chattering among masses who have no need of your services or product, nor means of paying you for anything? 7 Insanely Useful Ways to Search Twitter for Marketing. The Secret To A Better Social Media Strategy: Demographics. What social network should you be using to grow your business?

The Secret To A Better Social Media Strategy: Demographics

It depends on who your customers are. Compare your target audience with the February 18, 2010. 4 Simple Ways to Integrate Analytics into Your Daily Internet Marketing Efforts. Have you ever been confused about how to use your website analytics and how to maximize the value you get from them? You're not alone, as many Internet marketers are often baffled about how to best utilize the data they glean from their analytics. Sure, you're looking at traffic and hopefully seeing those numbers go up as much as possible. Still, I wanted to point out some other very practical things you can be doing with your analytics that don't take very much effort and can greatly benefit your inbound marketing strategy . 1. Determine how you're getting found through organic search. These analytics are incredibly helpful in terms of seeing how effective your SEO strategies have been.

R site, measure and determine how your efforts are actually working. 48 Guerrilla Marketing Tips from Top PR Pros. A Different Thing Entirely: How to Distinguish Yourself From the Mass Market. Douglas Rushkoff, filmmaker, scholar, media wunderkind and author of Life Inc., a manifesto of changing our culture of corporate-run consumption, spoke at Etsy headquarters recently.

A Different Thing Entirely: How to Distinguish Yourself From the Mass Market

In addition to telling the tale of how corporate culture came to be, Rushkoff debunked the myth that industrialized production is more cost-effective than local production and trade, addressed how specialization is the territory of the handcrafter (not the worker on the assembly line), and emphasized the importance of the peer-to-peer exchange. Etsy is one of the few organizations that is changing the way people buy and sell things in our culture. We are returning the value of what is created back to the hands of the creators.

9 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid. Blogging a way to share your thoughts, knowledge and information like never before.

9 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

We blog for many reasons which are uique to us as a person but yet share a community that is a part of us. 4 Myths About Social Media and Business. 25% of small business owners said they plan to spend more on social networking in 2010, according to the Ad-ology Small Business Market January 14, 2010 25% of small business owners said they plan to spend more on social networking in 2010, according to the Ad-ology Small Business Marketing Forecast.

4 Myths About Social Media and Business

Facebook ranked as the most beneficial social network for small businesses, followed by LinkedIn and Twitter, according to the November 2009 report. The 1,100 small business owners surveyed said the biggest benefits of social networking were the abilities to generate leads, keep up with their industry, and monitor the online conversation about their business.

Want to Make Money on Twitter? Take a Look at How Dell Does It. CES Presentation: How to Demo Twitter. 4 Simple Social Media Suggestions for Small Businesses in 2010. 2010 is upon us, bringing new opportunities to jump ahead of the competition using social media. The web is evolving rapidly and those smal January 06, 2010 2010 is upon us, bringing new opportunities to jump ahead of the competition using social media. The web is evolving rapidly and those small businesses that identify trends first will be able to stay ahead. Here are four super-simple social media suggestions to kick start your business this year. 1. Small businesses are often local businesses. Why Twitter Will Endure. 5 Trends That Will Shape Small Business in 2010 : Marketing. How to Promote Your Business on Flickr.

Twitter For Business: The 7 Things That Will Surprise You Most About Twitter. 9 Top Twitter Techniques from Inc. Magazine. Using a mobile device? Go to for our mobile version. Debunking Social Media Myths. By David Armano | 9:52 AM June 29, 2009 I recently spoke at and attended the Conversational Marketing Summit in NYC. On day two, I heard something from Brian Wallace of Blackberry that echoed thoughts I’ve been preaching for a while. He said “I was selling in the idea that social media is free, until the community manager headcount came in.” This underscores a fundamental truth to social media that many organizations underestimate–being social means having real live people who actively participate in your initiatives. It’s difficult to automate and a challenge to scale, but it can also help move your business forward in ways that produce leveraged outcomes such as new/better products or services.

Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself. Social Media Reality Check. Twitter handle? Registered -- and tweeting who knows what. Revitalize Your Blog: 31 Days to Build a Better Blog' Workbook. 5 Ways to Share Images on Twitter. Josh Catone is a writer, editor, and entrepreneur from Providence, Rhode Island. He is a social media enthusiast and the founder of the web's largest Ruby on Rails community, Rails Forum.

You can follow him on . As the web moves toward its real-time future, Twitter is clearly becoming one of the most important ways for people to share content. From celebrity gossip to customer complaints, from blog post links to breaking news, Twitter is an amazing platform for sharing short bursts of information, both meaningful and mundane. All You Need to Know to Tweet on Twitter. 10 Ways to Launch a New Blog with a ‘Bang’ Highlights Four Ways in Which Enterprises Are Using Twitter. STAMFORD, Conn., March 26, 2009 View All Press Releases By 2011, Enterprise Microblogging Will Be a Standard Feature on 80 Percent of Social Software Platforms As businesses struggle to consider the uses of microblogging platforms such as Twitter in the workplace, Gartner, Inc. has highlighted the four ways in which organizations are using Twitter.

Nine Twitter tips for business. Twitter is so red-hot right now that it’s united Shaq and Oprah. It’s also so good at attracting buzzwords that I can’t decide whether to call it a microblogging service or a social-networking Web site. 25 Smart Ways to Spice Up your Blogging Experience. Twitter And Other Social Media: Strategies That Generate Income And Savings.

Expert Tips for a Tweeting Business. It's easy enough to use Twitter, but businesses have to use social media marketing in the same way they use any form of marketing — with a business plan and knowledge — to be successful. Blogger, social media strategy consultant and sought-after corporate speaker B.L. Ochman heads the creative team of She also is the co-founder of, the custom photo t-shirt site for pet lovers and most recently authored "Debunking Six Social Media Myths" which offers an excellent overview of what social media — and isn't. In an e-mail interview with, Ochman says that mistakes are easily made when it comes to using Twitter for business. Groundswell book blog. Digital Disruption is on everyone's mind.

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